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CVAMIA06 * *Computer Vision Approaches to Medical Image Analysis
* 3-D Ultrasound Probe Calibration for Computer-Guided Diagnosis and Therapy
* Accurate Measurement of Cartilage Morphology Using a 3D Laser Scanner
* Automatic Reconstruction of Dendrite Morphology from Optical Section Stacks
* Bony Structure Suppression in Chest Radiographs
* Comparative Analysis of Kernel Methods for Statistical Shape Learning
* Comparing Ensembles of Learners: Detecting Prostate Cancer from High Resolution MRI
* Consistent and Elastic Registration of Histological Sections Using Vector-Spline Regularization
* Detection of Connective Tissue Disorders from 3D Aortic MR Images Using Independent Component Analysis
* Fast Segmentation of the Mitral Valve Leaflet in Echocardiography
* Framework for Unsupervised Segmentation of Multi-modal Medical Images, A
* Image Registration Accuracy Estimation Without Ground Truth Using Bootstrap
* Integrated Algorithm for MRI Brain Images Segmentation, An
* Melanoma Recognition Using Representative and Discriminative Kernel Classifiers
* Minimally-Interactive Watershed Algorithm Designed for Efficient CTA Bone Removal, A
* Modeling the Activity Pattern of the Constellation of Cardiac Chambers in Echocardiogram Videos
* Quantification of Growth and Motion Using Non-rigid Registration
* Quasi-conformal Flat Representation of Triangulated Surfaces for Computerized Tomography
* Segmentation of Dynamic Emission Tomography Data in Projection Space
* SIFT and Shape Context for Feature-Based Nonlinear Registration of Thoracic CT Images
* Spatial Intensity Correction of Fluorescent Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Images
* Study on the Influence of Image Dynamics and Noise on the JPEG 2000 Compression Performance for Medical Images, A
* Three Dimensional Tissue Classifications in MR Brain Images
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