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Royal( Vol No. ) * *Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

Royal(128) * On Some Remarkable, and Hitherto Unobserved, Phenomena of Binocular Vision

Royal(356) * Pictorial Relief
* Projective Subgroups for Grouping

Royal(A-247) * On the Assessment of Optical Images

Royal(A-249) * Statistical Analysis of a Random Moving Surface, The

Royal(A-250) * Statistical Properties of an Isotropic Random Surface

Royal(A-324) * Building Knowledge-Based Systems for Detecting Man-Made Structures from Remotely Sensed Imagery

Royal(A-350) * Rejecting Outliers and Esitmating Errors in an Orthogonal Regression Framework

Royal(A-354) * information theory of visual communication, An

Royal(A-356) * Resolving Ambiguities in Auto-Calibration
* Statistical Models of Visual Shape and Motion

Royal(A-401) * Angular Velocity Associated with the Optical Flowfield Arising from Motion Through a Rigid Environment, The

Royal(A-418) * Multiple Interpretations of a Pair of Images of a Surface

Royal(A: 332) * projective geometry of ambiguous surfaces, The

Royal(A: 354) * Finite-dimensional filters

Royal(A: 379) * An overview of) Synergistic reconstruction for multimodality/multichannel imaging methods
* Core Imaging Library - Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imaging
* Core Imaging Library - Part II: multichannel reconstruction for dynamic and spectral tomography
* Enhanced diffuse optical tomographic reconstruction using concurrent ultrasound information
* Evaluation of synergistic image registration for motion-corrected coronary NaF-PET-MR
* Fusing electrical and elasticity imaging
* Improved identification of abdominal aortic aneurysm using the Kernelized Expectation Maximization algorithm
* Modified kernel MLAA using autoencoder for PET-enabled dual-energy CT
* Motion estimation and correction for simultaneous PET/MR using SIRF and CIL
* Musiré: multimodal simulation and reconstruction framework for the radiological imaging sciences
* Physics-based reconstruction methods for magnetic resonance imaging
* Regularization by denoising sub-sampled Newton method for spectral CT multi-material decomposition
* Synergistic motion compensation strategies for positron emission tomography when acquired simultaneously with magnetic resonance imaging
* Synergistic multi-contrast cardiac magnetic resonance image reconstruction
* Synergistic Multi-Spectral CT Reconstruction with Directional Total Variation
* Synergistic Tomographic Image Reconstruction: Part 1
* Synergistic Tomographic Image Reconstruction: Part 2
* Which GAN? A comparative study of generative adversarial network-based fast MRI reconstruction
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Royal(A356) * Visual Motion of Curves and Surfaces, The

Royal(B-264) * Families of Stationary Patterns Producing Illusory Movement: Insights into the Visual System

Royal(B-275) * Early Processing of Visual Information

Royal(B-290) * Optical Flow Field: The Foundation of Vision, The
* Psychology of Vision, The
* Spatial Nonlinearities in the Instantaneous Perception of Textures with Identical Power Spectra
* Visual Information Processing: The Structure and Creation of Visual Representations

Royal(B-292) * Computer Implementation of a Theory of Human Stereo Vision, A

Royal(B-298) * Computational Theory of Visual Surface Interpolation, A

Royal(B-337) * Visual Interpretation of Known Objects in Constrained Scenes

Royal(B-352) * Movement, Activity, and Action: The Role of Knowledge in the Perception of Motion

RoyalE( Vol No. ) * *Proceedings of Royal Society of Edinburgh

RoyalE(151) * Stress-Calculation if Frameworks by the Method of Systematic Relaxation of Constraints, I and II

RoyalP( Vol No. ) * *Proceedings of Royal Society of London

RoyalP(A: 441) * filter with a guaranteed asymptotic performance, A

RoyalP(B-197) * Analysis of Occluding Contour

RoyalP(B-198) * Functional architecture of macaque monkey visual cortex

RoyalP(B-200) * Representation and Recognition of the Spatial Organization of Three-Dimensional Shapes

RoyalP(B-203) * Interpretation of Structure from Motion, The

RoyalP(B-204) * Computational Theory of Human Stereo Vision, A

RoyalP(B-207) * Theory of Edge Detection

RoyalP(B-208) * Interpretation of a Moving Retinal Image, The

RoyalP(B-211) * Directional Selectivity and its Use in Early Visual Processing

RoyalP(B-218) * Monocular Depth Perception from Optical Flow by Space Time Signal Processing

RoyalP(B-221) * Computation of the Velocity Field, The

RoyalP(B-223) * Visual Ambiguity of a Moving Plane, The

RoyalP(B-233) * Non-) Rigid Motion Interpretation: A Regularized Approach

RoyalP(B-235) * Feature Detection in Human Vision: A Phase Dependent Energy Model

RoyalP(B-238) * Unifying Shading and Texture Through an Active Observer

RoyalP(B-244) * Algorithm for Associating the Features of Two Images, An

RoyalP(B-259) * Perception of age in adult caucasian male faces: computer graphic manipulation of shape and colour information

RoyalP(B-265) * Linear and nonlinear transparency in binocular vision

RoyalStat( Vol No. ) * *Journal Royal Statistical Society

RoyalStat(B-20) * On Direct Probabilities

RoyalStat(B-36) * Spatial Interaction and the Statistical Analysis of Lattice Systems

RoyalStat(B-39) * Maximum Likelihood from Incomplete Data via the EM Algorithm
* Modelling spatial patterns

RoyalStat(B-41) * Tests of randomness for spatial point patterns

RoyalStat(B-42) * Bayes factors and choice criteria for linear models

RoyalStat(B-48) * On the Statistical Analysis of Dirty Pictures

RoyalStat(B-49) * Stochastic Complexity (with discussion)

RoyalStat(B-51) * Exact Maximum a Posterori Estimation for Binary Images

RoyalStat(B-56) * Representation of Knowledge in Complex Systems

RoyalStat(B-57) * Wavelet Shrinkage: Asymptopia?

RoyalStat(B-60) * Boundary Detection through Dynamic Polygons

RoyalStat(B 63) * Estimating the number of clusters in a data set via the gap statistic

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