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9303 * Applying Human Knowledge to Improve Machine Recognition of Confusing Handwritten Numerals
* Approximate General Sweep Boundary Of A 2d Curved Object
* Auto-Calibration by Direct Observation of Objects
* Bayesian Block-Wise Segmentation of Interframe Differences in Video Sequences
* Component Labelling on a MIMD Multiprocessor
* Decision Boundary Feature Extraction for Non-Parametric Classification
* Detecting the Dominant Points by the Curvature-Based Polygonal Approximation
* Distortion Invariant Object Recognition in the Dynamic Link Architecture
* Extraction of Vanishing Points from Images of Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Facsimile device with skew correction and text line direction detection
* Finding Road Seeds in Aerial Images
* Grouping Edgels into Structural Entities Using Circular Symmetry, the Distributed Hough Transform, and Probabilistic Non-Accidentalness
* High speed halftone detection technique
* Integration, Inference, and Management of Spatial Information Using Bayesian Networks: Perceptual Organization
* Intensity-Based, Coarse-to-Fine Approach to Reliably Measure Binocular Disparity, An
* Interpretation of Line-Drawings of Complex Objects
* Knowledge-Based Approach to Integration of Image Processing Procedures, A
* Local Reproducible Smoothing without Shrinkage
* Locating and Modelling a Flat Symmetric Object from a Single Perspective Image
* Machine vision three dimensional profiling system
* Mirroring and Rotating Images in Linear Quadtree Form with Few Machine Instructions
* Model-Based Object Recognition in Dense Range Images
* Motion Analysis and Image Sequence Processing
* Multiresolution Texture Segmentation Approach with Application to Diagnostic Ultrasound Images, A
* Nonlinear Prefiltering and Differences of Estimates Approaches to Edge Detection: Applications of Stack Filters, The
* Normalizing and Restoring On-Line Handwriting
* On the Use of Level Curves in Image Analysis
* Perception Stereoscopique de Courbes et de Surfaces Tridimensionnelles. Applications a la Robotique Mobile
* Quasi-Circular Splines: A Shape-Preserving Approximation
* Randomized Hough Transform (RHT): Basic Mechanisms, Algorithms, and Computational Complexities
* Recognition Experiments of Cursive Dynamic Handwriting with Self-Organizing Networks
* Shape offsets via level sets
* Special Issue: Wavelet Theory and Application
* System and method for determining picture element values
* Topological Connectedness and 8-Connectedness in Digital Pictures
* Using Stroke or Character-Based Self-Organizing Maps in the Recognition of On-Line, Connected Cursive Script
* VLSI Neuroprocessors for Video Motion Detection
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