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An, B. Co Author Listing * Image Representation Using Voronoi Tessellation

An, M.H. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision Based On Algebraic Curves

Anagnostou, G. Co Author Listing * Geometry-Defining Processors For Engineering Design And Analysis

Anand, J. Co Author Listing * Robust Edge Detection In Noisy Images Using An Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Technique

Anand, V.B. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics And Geometric Modeling For Engineers, Wiley

Anandan, P. Co Author Listing * Accurate Computation Of Optical Flow By Using Layered Motion Representations
* Adaptive-Complexity Registration Of Images
* Coarse-To-Fine Control Strategy For Stereo And Motion On A Mesh-Connected Computer, A
* Computational Framework And An Algorithm For The Measurement Of Structure From Motion, A
* Computing Dense Displacement Fields With Confidence Measures In Scenes Containing Occlusion
* Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance
* Direct Recovery Of Shape From Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Framework For The Robust Estimation Of Optical Flow, A
* From Reference Frames To Reference Planes: Multi-View Parallax Geometry And Applications
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Image Stabilization By Registration To A Reference Mosaic
* Introducing A Smoothness Constraint In A Matching Approach For The Computation Of Displacement Fields
* Introducing A Smoothness Constraint In A Matching Approach For The Computation Of Optical Flow Fields
* Layered Approach To Stereo Reconstruction, A
* Measurement Of Non-Rigid Motion Using Contour Shape Descriptors
* Model For The Detection Of Motion Over Time, A
* Mosaic Based Representations Of Video Sequences And Their Applications
* Parallax Geometry Of Pairs Of Points For 3d Scene Analysis
* Real-Time Scene Stabilization And Mosaic Construction
* Robust Dynamic Motion Estimation Over Time
* Robust Estimation Of Multiple Motions: Parametric And Piecewise-Smooth Flow Fields, The
* Robust Multi-Sensor Image Alignment
* Robust Multi-Sensor Image Alignment
* Shape Recovery From Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Spacial And Temporal Mechanisms In Target Cueing
* Structure And Motion In Two Dimensions From Multiple Images: A Least Squares Approach
* Trilinear Constraints Revisited: Generalized Trilinear Constraints And The Tensor Brightness Constraint
* Unified Approach To Moving Object Detection In 2d And 3d Scenes, A
* Unified Approach To Moving Object Detection In 2d And 3d Scenes, A
* Unified Approach To Moving Object Detection In 2d And 3d Scenes, A
* Unified Perspective On Computational Techniques For The Measurement Of Visual Motion, A
* Unified Perspective On Computational Techniques For The Measurement Of Visual Motion, A
* Video As An Image Data Source: Efficient Representations And Applications
* Video Indexing Based On Mosaic Representations
* Video Processing For Security, Surveillance And Monitoring
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Anantakrishnan, N. Co Author Listing * Integer Subdivision Algorithm For Rendering Nurbs Curves

Anarim, E. Co Author Listing * Multiband And Multiscale Edge Detection Via M-Band Wavelet Transform

Anastassiou, D. Co Author Listing * Subpixel Edge Localization And The Interpolation Of Still Images
* Theoretical Study On An Accurate Reconstruction Of Multiview Images Based On The Viterbi Algorithm, A
* Unified Neural Network Approach To Digital Image Halftoning, A

Anbalagan, R.S. Co Author Listing * Segmentation And Object Extraction Algorithm With Linear Memory And Time Constraints, A

Ancona, F. Co Author Listing * Image-Recognition System Implemented On Hierarchical Parallel Architectures, An

Ancona, H. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Vision System For Bin-Picking, A

Ancona, N. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition Based On A Viewpoint Analysis
* Fast Obstacle Detection Method Based On Optical Flow, A
* Optical Flow From 1-D Correlation: Application To A Simple Time-To-Crash Detector
* Optical Flow From 1d Correlation: Application To A Simple Time-To-Crash Detector
* Optical Flow From 1d Correlation: Application To A Simple Time-To-Crash Detector

Andersen, J.D. Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Characterization Of Perspective Projections From Polyhedral Object Scenes
* Representing Signals By Their Toppoints In Scale Space

Anderson, C.H. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Optical Flow Using Basis Functions
* Learning Texture Discrimination Rules In A Multiresolution System
* Overcomplete Steerable Pyramid Filters And Rotation Invariance
* Pipelined Pyramid Machine, A

Anderson, C.W. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approach To Indexing, A

Anderson, D.B. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision For Interactive Computer Graphics

Anderson, D.C. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reasoning In Feature-Based Design And Process Planning
* Implicit Representation Of Parametric Curves And Surfaces
* Ray Tracing Of Steiner Patches
* Steiner Surface Patches
* Vision-Based Rendering: Image Synthesis For Vision Feature Extraction

Anderson, D.J. Co Author Listing * Optimal Estimation Of Contour Properties By Cross-Validated Regularization
* Optimal Smoothing Of Digitized Contours
* Parallel Algorithm For Determining Two-Dimensional Object Positions Using Incomplete Information About Their Boundaries, A
* Uniform Resampling Of Digitized Contours

Anderson, D.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms For Automatic Viewer Orientation

Anderson, D.Z. Co Author Listing * Neural Information Processing Systems (Denver, Co, November 8-12, 1987)

Anderson, I.M. Co Author Listing * Application Of The C-Varieties Clustering Algorithm To Polygonal Curve Fitting, An
* Curvature And Tangential Deflection Of Discrete Arcs: A Theory Based On The Commutator Of Scatter Matrix Pairs And Its Application To Vertex Detection In Planar Shape Data

Anderson, J.A. Co Author Listing * Introduction To Neural Networks, Mit Press, Cambridge, An
* Neurocomputing 2, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Neurocomputing-Foundations Of Research, Mit Press, Cambridge

Anderson, J.A.D.W. Co Author Listing * Analogy Between Model-Based Vision And Diagnostic Expert Systems, An
* Cad-Based Computer Vision System, A
* Use Of Multiple Difference-Of-Gaussian Filters To Verify Geometric Models
* ``Model'': A Poplog Package To Support Model-Based Vision

Anderson, J.D. Co Author Listing * Understanding The Hough Transform: Hough Cell Support And Its Utilisation

Anderson, J.M.M. Co Author Listing * Image Motion Estimation Algorithms Using Cumulants

Anderson, K.R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Waveform Matching

Anderson, L. Co Author Listing * Parameter Estimation And Restoration Of Noisy Images Using Gibbs Distributions In Hidden Markov Models

Anderson, M. Co Author Listing * Point Reconstruction From Noisy Images

Anderson, S.E. Co Author Listing * Computer-Generated Watercolor

Anderson, T.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Disks And A Digital Compactness Measure
* Digital Disks And A Digital Compactness Measure
* Representation Of Digital Line Segments And Their Preimages
* Representation Of Digital Line Segments And Their Preimages

Andersson, R.L. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Gray-Scale Video Processing Using A Moment-Generating Chip
* Robot Ping-Pong Player, Mit Press, Cambridge, A

Anderton, P.J. Co Author Listing * Photoreceptor Contributions To Contrast Sensitivity: Applications In Radiological Diagnosis

Andexer, W. Co Author Listing * Robust Adaptive Window Matching By Homogeneity Constraint And Integration Of Descriptions

Ando, H. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Reconstruction Of 3d Structure And 3d Motion
* Geometric Constraints And Reasoning For Geometrical Cad Systems

Ando, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Optical Inspection Of Plated Through-Holes For Ultrahigh Density Printed Wiring Boards

Andraitis, A.A. Co Author Listing * Airborne Reconnaissance Xix (San Diego, Ca, July 11-12
* Airborne Reconnaissance Xx (Denver, Co, August 6-7
* Airborne Reconnaissance Xxii (San Diego, Ca, July 21-22

Andre, D. Co Author Listing * Obstacle Avoidance Via Depth From Focus

Andre, F. Co Author Listing * Hypercube And Distributed Computers (Proceedings Of The First European Workshop, Rennes, France, October 4-6, 1989), North-Holland

Andreadis, A. Co Author Listing * Edge-Preserving Classification Of Multifrequency Multipolarization Sar Images

Andreadis, I. Co Author Listing * Analog Computation Of Image Chromaticity
* Cellular Automaton Model For The Determination Of The Mean Velocity Of Moving Objects And Its Vlsi Implementation, A
* Image Pixel Classification By Chromaticity Analysis
* New Asic For Real-Time Linear Color Space Transforms, A
* Parallel Architecture For Implementation Of Filters Based On Order Statistics, A

Andreou, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision And Sensing Systems At Boston University

Andreou, A.G. Co Author Listing * Liquid Crystal Polarization Camera
* Polarization Camera Sensors

Andres, E. Co Author Listing * Discrete Analytical Hypersphere, The
* Discrete Circles, Rings And Spheres
* Disrete Analytical Hyperplanes
* Rational Bitmap Scaling

Andresen, P. Co Author Listing * Feature Displacement Interpolation

Andress, K.M. Co Author Listing * Evidence Accumulation And Flow Of Control In A Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning System
* Production System Environment For Integrating Knowledge With Vision Data, A

Andreu, J. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Spatial Reasoning To Infer The Camera Position In Generic Object Recognition

Andrews, S.E. Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments And Fourier Descriptors
* Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments And Fourier Descriptors

Andrey, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using A Distributed Genetic Algorithm
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Markov Random Field Modeled Textured Images Using Selectionist Relaxation
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Selectionist Relaxation

Andriole, K.P. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Semantic And Parametric Model Matching For Image Analysis, The

Andrisani II., D. Co Author Listing * Intelligent $Varepsilon$-Optimal Path Prediction For Vehicular Travel

Andrisani, D. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Path Prediction For Vehicular Travel
Includes: Andrisani, D. Andrisani II, D.

Andronico, A. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of A Digital Filter Having Transfer Function Sinc U

Androutsellis Theotokis, S. Co Author Listing * Bandpass Optical Flow For Tagged Mr Imaging
Includes: Androutsellis Theotokis, S. Androutsellis-Theotokis, S.

Androutsos, D. Co Author Listing * Distance Measures For Color Image Retrieval

Anelli, G. Co Author Listing * Decomposition Of Arbitrarily Shaped Binary Morphological Structuring Elements Using Genetic Algorithms

Ang, C.H. Co Author Listing * Fast Quadtree Normalization Algorithm, A
* New Region Expansion For Quadtrees, A
* Retrieving Similar Pictures From A Pictorial Database By An Improved Hashing Table

Ang, M.H. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Techniques For Producing Sugarcane Seedeyes
Includes: Ang, M.H. Ang Jr., M.H.

Ang, Y.H. Co Author Listing * Image Processing '92 (Icip '92; Proceedings Of The Second Singapore International Conference On Image Processing, September 7-11, 1992), World Scientific

Angel, E. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Speeding Up Bresenham'S Algorithm

Angelikaki, C. Co Author Listing * Spatial Database Manager For A Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Angell, I.O. Co Author Listing * On The Construction And Display Of A Polytopal Mesh For The N-Dimensional Hypercube And (N+1) Simplex
* Polygonal Mesh And Quad-Tree Display Algorithms For Nonconvex Crystal Structures

Angella, F. Co Author Listing * Deformable And Expansible Tree For Structure Recovery, A

Angelopoulos, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Stereo Using Photometric Ratios

Angelopoulos, G. Co Author Listing * Fast Implementation Of Two-Dimensional Weighted Median Filters, A
* Two-Dimensional Vector Median Filters On Mesh Connected Computers

Angelopoulou, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Stereo Using Photometric Ratios
* Curvature Based Descriptor Invariant To Pose And Albedo Derived From Photometric Data, A
* Curvature-Based Signatures For Object Description And Recognition
* Photometric Computation Of The Sign Of Gaussian Curvature Using A Curve-Orientation Invariant
* Photometric Computation Of The Sign Of Gaussian Curvature Using A Curve-Orientation Invariant
* Sign Of Gaussian Curvature From Curve Orientation In Photometric Space

Anger, F.D. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Spatial And Temporal Reasoning
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Artificial Neural Networks

Anguita, D. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous And Reconfigurable Machine-Vision System, A
* Neural Structures For Visual Motion Tracking

Anh, V. Co Author Listing * Scaling Theorems For Zero Crossings Of Bandlimited Signals

Anh, V.V. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Local Fractal Dimension And Boundary Edge In Segmenting Natural Images

Anisimov, V.A. Co Author Listing * Fast Hierarchical Matching Of An Arbitrarily Oriented Template

Anjyo, K. Co Author Listing * Bilinear Interpolation For Facial Expression And Metamorphosis In Real-Time Animation
* Fourier Principles For Emotion-Based Human Figure Animation
* Practical Method Of Constructing Surfaces In Three-Dimensional Digitized Space, A
* Semi-Globalization Of Stochastic Spectral Synthesis
* Simple Method For Extracting The Natural Beauty Of Hair, A

Ankenbrandt, C.A. Co Author Listing * Scene Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms With Semantic Nets

Ankeney, L.A. Co Author Listing * Cellular Topology And Its Applications In Image Processing

Ann, S. Co Author Listing * Directed Graph Representation For Root-Signal Set Of Median Filters
* Upper Bound On Run-Length Coding Entropy, An

Annaratone, M. Co Author Listing * Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, And Performance, The

Ansaldi, S. Co Author Listing * Edge-Face Graph Representations Of Solid Objects
* Geometric Modeling Of Solid Objects By Using A Face Adjacency Graph Representation

Ansari, A. Co Author Listing * Robot Vision System Based On Two-Dimensional Object-Oriented Models, A

Ansari, N. Co Author Listing * Landmark-Based Shape Recognition By A Modified Hopfield Neural Network
* Non-Parametric Dominant Point Detection
* Note On Two-Dimensional Landmark-Based Object Recognition, A
* On Detecting Dominant Points
* On The Distribution Of A Deforming Triangle
* Partial Shape Recognition: A Landmark-Based Approach
* Steering A Robot With Vanishing Points
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Ansari, R. Co Author Listing * Visual Communications And Image Processing '96 (Orlando, Fl, March 17-20

Ansoult, M.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Basin Delineation From Digital Elevation Models Using Mathematical Morphology

Anstis, S. Co Author Listing * Motion Aftereffect|A Modern Perspective, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Antani, S. Co Author Listing * Performance Characterization And Comparison Of Video Indexing Algorithms
* Vadis: A Video Analysis, Display And Indexing System

Antoine, J.P. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Shape Analysis Using The Continuous Wavelet Transform

Antola, A. Co Author Listing * Window-Based Dedicated Parallel Architectures For Image Processing

Antonacopoulos, A. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Airfield Runways In Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Antonsson, E.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic High-Resolution Optoelectronic Photogrammetric 3d Surface Geometry Acquisition System

Antony, D. Co Author Listing * Spatial Reasoning Using An Object-Oriented Spatial Dbms

Antoszczyszyn, P. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Detailed Automatic Wire-Frame Fitting Methods, A

Antoszczyszyn, P.M. Co Author Listing * Accurate Automatic Frame Fitting For Semantic-Based Moving Image Coding Using A Facial Code-Book

Antoy, S. Co Author Listing * Address Location On Envelopes
* Recursive Algorithm For Quick And Efficient Bit Reversing, A

Antzoulatos, D.G. Co Author Listing * Hypermatrix Algebra: Applications In Parallel Image Processing
* Hypermatrix Algebra: Theory

Anyiwo, A.O. Co Author Listing * Integrated Optical Processors In Pattern Recognition

Anzai, Y. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning, Academic Press, San Diego

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