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Flajolet, P. Co Author Listing * Patterns And Pattern-Matching In Trees: An Analysis

Flamig, D.P. Co Author Listing * Coordinate Transformation In 3d Image Matching By A Physics Based Method--Elastic Body Splines
* Curvature Measurement Of 3d Objects: Evaluation And Comparison Of Three Methods

Flannery, D.L. Co Author Listing * Fourier Optical Signal Processors

Flaquer, J. Co Author Listing * Boolean Operations Based On The Planar Polyhedral Representation

Flash, T. Co Author Listing * Learning Visually Guided Grasping: A Test Case In Sensorimotor Learning
* Near-Minimum-Time Task Planning For Fruit-Picking Robots

Flasinski, M. Co Author Listing * Characteristics Of Ednlc-Graph Grammar For Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Distorted Pattern Analysis With The Help Of Node Label Controlled Graph Languages
* On The Parsing Of Deterministic Graph Languages For Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Parsing Of Ednlc-Graph Grammars For Scene Analysis
* Some Notes On A Problem Of Constructing The Best Matched Graph

Flatland, R.Y. Co Author Listing * Geometric Constraints And Stereo Disparity Computation

Flauton, D. Co Author Listing * Iterative Model-Based Vehicle Tracking

Flavell, A. Co Author Listing * On-Line Shape Recognition With Incremental Training Using Binary Synaptic Weights Algorithm

Fleck, D. Co Author Listing * Shaping Space-A Polyhedral Approach, Birkhauser, Boston

Fleck, M.M. Co Author Listing * Body Plans
* Finding Naked People
* Finding Objects In Image Databases By Grouping
* Finding People And Animals By Guided Assembly
* Local Rotational Symmetries
* Multiple Widths Yield Reliable Finite Differences
* Multiple Widths Yield Reliable Finite Differences
* Practical Edge Finding With A Robust Estimator
* Representing Space For Practical Reasoning
* Representing Space For Practical Reasoning
* Robot Aerobics: Four Easy Steps To A More Flexible Calibration
* Some Defects In Finite-Difference Edge Finders
* Texture: Plus Ca Change
* Topological Stereo Matcher, A
* Topology Of Boundaries, The
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Fleet, D.J. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Component Image Velocity From Local Phase Information
* Computation Of Normal Velocity From Local Phase Information
* Framework For Modeling Appearance Change In Image Sequences, A
* Hierarchical Construction Of Orientation And Velocity Sensitive Filters
* Learning Parameterized Models Of Image Motion
* Measurement Of Image Velocity, Kluwer
* Motion Feature Detection Using Steerable Flow Fields
* Motion Understanding Meets Early Vision: An Introduction
* Multiple Motions From Instantaneous Frequency
* Performance Of Optical Flow Techniques
* Performance Of Optical Flow Techniques
* Phase Singularities In Scale-Space
* Phase-Based Disparity Measurement
* Recursive Filters For Optical Flow
* Scale-Space Singularities
* Stability Of Phase Information
* Stability Of Phase Information
* Stable Estimation Of Image Orientation
* Velocity Extraction Without Form Interpretation
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Fleischer, K. Co Author Listing * Deformable Models
* Elastically Deformable Models
* Energy Constraints On Parameterized Models
* Modeling Inelastic Deformation: Viscoelasticity, Plasticity, Fracture
* Physically Based Modeling For Vision And Graphics

Fleischer, K.W. Co Author Listing * Cellular Texture Generation
* Computer-Generated Watercolor

Fleischer, R. Co Author Listing * Approximate Motion Planning And The Complexity Of The Boundary Of The Union Of Simple Geometric Figures

Fleischmann, G. Co Author Listing * Modeling And Animation Of Facial Expressions Based On B-Splines

Fleming, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Uncertainties In A Structure Of Parts
* Geometric Relationships Between Toleranced Features

Fleming, B. Co Author Listing * 3d Photorealism Toolkit, Wiley

Flesia, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction Of Generalized Cylinders From Biplane Projections

Fletcher, G. Co Author Listing * Following Cusps
* Surface Geometry From Cusps Of Apparent Contours

Fletcher, G.J. Co Author Listing * Class Based Reconstruction Techniques Using Singular Apparent Contours

Fletcher, G.Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Tension Methods For Convexity-Preserving Interpolation, An

Fletcher, L.A. Co Author Listing * Approach For Automatic Recognition Of Graphics, An
* Robust Algorithm For Text String Separation From Mixed Text/Graphics Images, A

Fletcher, M.J. Co Author Listing * Application Of A Hybrid Tracking Algorithm To Motion Analysis, The
* Predicting Multiple Feature Locations For A Class Of Dynamic Image Sequences

Fletcher, P. Co Author Listing * Simd Parallel Colour Quantization Algorithm, A

Fletcher, S. Co Author Listing * Global Alignment Of Mr Images Using A Scale Based Hierarchical Model

Fletcher, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Tension Adjustment For Interpolatory Splines
* Tension-Compatible Patch For Shape-Preserving Surface Interpolation, A

Fleury, M. Co Author Listing * Candidate Functions For A Parallel Multi-Level Thresholding Techniques
* Parallel Entropic Auto-Thresholding
* Performance Prediction For Parallel Reconfigurable Low-Level Image Processing

Flick, T.E. Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Approach For Classification Of Patterns With Missing Information And Random Orientation, A

Flickner, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Color Histogram Indexing For Quadratic Form Distance Functions
* Experimental System For Disk Head Inspection, An
* Indexing For Complex Queries On A Query-By-Content Image Database
* Object-Oriented Language For Image And Vision Execution (Olive), An
* Periodic Quasi-Orthogonal Spline Bases And Applications To Least-Squares Curve Fitting Of Digital Images
* Projection-Based High Accuracy Measurement Of Straight Line Edges
* Query By Image And Video Content: The Qbic System
* Query By Image Content Using Multiple Object And Multiple Features: User Interface Issues
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Flickner, M.D. Co Author Listing * Computing Minima And Maxima Of Digital Images In Pipeline Image Processing Systems Without Hardware Comparators
* Handling Memory Overflow In Connected Component Labeling Applications

Fliess, T. Co Author Listing * Study Of Efficiency And Accuracy In The Transformation From Rgb To Cielab Color Space, A

Flinchbaugh, B. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Research At Ti
* Reliable Video Event Recognition For Network Cameras
* Robust Video Motion Detection And Event Recognition, Iuw, 51-54. 67. C.R. Dyer, Image-Based Scene Rendering And Manipulation Research At The University Of Wisconsin
* Vision Research At Ti: 1994-95 Progress

Flinchbaugh, B.E. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Constraints For Optical Flow Computation

Flocchini, P. Co Author Listing * Combining Image Processing Operators And Neural Networks In A Face Recognition System
* Pattern Growth In Elementary Cellular Automata

Flood, P.R. Co Author Listing * Graph-Directed Modelling From Serial Sections

Florack, L. Co Author Listing * Gaussian Scale-Space Paradigm And The Multiscale Local Jet, The
* Intrinsic Structure Of Optic Flow Incorporating Measurement Duality, The
* Regularization, Scale-Space, And Edge Detection Filters
* Regularization, Scale-Space, And Edge Detection Filters

Florack, L.M.J. Co Author Listing * Cartesian Differential Invariants In Scale-Space
* Complete And Irreducible Set Of Locally Orthogonal Invariant Features Of 2-Dimensional Images, A
* Data, Models, And Images
* Differential Structure Of Images: Accuracy Of Representation
* Families Of Tuned Scale-Space Kernels
* General Framework For Geometry-Driven Evolution Equations, A
* General Intensity Transformations And Differential Invariants
* Higher Order Differential Structure Of Images
* Linear Scale-Space
* Multiscale Approach To Image Sequence Analysis, A
* Nonlinear Diffusion Of Scalar Images Using Well-Posed Differential Operators
* Nonlinear Scale-Space
* Scale And The Differential Structure Of Images
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Floreby, L. Co Author Listing * Boundary Finding Using Fourier Surfaces Of Increasing Order
* Multiscale Algorithm For Closed Contour Matching In Image Sequence, A

Florek, A. Co Author Listing * Edge Tracing In A Priori Known Direction

Floris, R. Co Author Listing * Surface Specific-Line Tracking And Slope Recognition Algorithm, A

Florou, G. Co Author Listing * What Accuracy For 3d Measurements With Cameras

Flory, R.E. Co Author Listing * Image Acquisition Technology

Flouzat, G. Co Author Listing * Speckle Removal On Radar Imagery Based On Arithmetical Morphology

Flowers, J. Co Author Listing * Digital Type Manufacture: An Interactive Approach

Floyd, S. Co Author Listing * Ffd Bin Packing For Item Sizes With Distributions In [0, 1/2]

Flusser, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method For Image Registration, An
* Degraded Image Analysis: An Invariant Approach
* Features For Recognition Of Projectively Deformed Point Sets, The
* Image Features Invariant With Respect To Blur
* Object Matching By Means Of Matching Likelihood Coefficients
* Pattern Recognition By Affine Moment Invariants
* Recognition Of Blurred Images By The Method Of Moments
* Vertex-Based Features For Recognition Of Projectively Deformed Polygons
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Flynn, A. Co Author Listing * Mobile Robots, Jones & Bartlett

Flynn, A.M. Co Author Listing * Combining Sonar And Infrared Sensors For Mobile Robot Navigation
* Object Recognition Using The Connection Machine'S Router
* Recognition Algorithms For The Connection Machine
* Self Calibration Of Motion And Stereo Vision For Mobile Robot Navigation

Flynn, P.J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition With Symmetric Models: Symmetry Extraction And Encoding
* 3d Object Recognition Using Invariant Feature Indexing Of Interpretation Tables
* 3d Object Recognition Using Invariant Feature Indexing Of Interpretation Tables
* Bonsai: 3d Object Recognition Using Constrained Search
* Bonsai: 3-D Object Recognition Using Constrained Search
* Cad-Based Computer Vision: From Cad Models To Relational Graphs
* Experimental Comparison Of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms, An
* Ground-State Texture Patterns For The Second-Order Ising Model
* Guaranteed Geometric Hashing
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Model-Based Vision
* Integration Of Multiple Feature Groups And Multiple Views Into A 3d Object Recognition System
* Model-Based Classification Of Quadric Surfaces
* New Subband Geometries For Image Texture Segmentation
* On Reliable Curvature Estimation
* Parallel Hypothesis Verification
* Parallel Hypothesis Verification
* Range Image Segmentation: The User'S Dilemma
* Realistic Range Rendering
* Realistic Range Rendering For Object Hypothesis Verification
* Robust System For Lineament Analysis Of Aero-Magnetic Imagery Using Orientation Analysis And Edge Linking, A
* Saliencies And Symmetries: Toward 3d Object Recognition From Large Model Databases
* Surface Classification: Hypothesis Testing And Parameter Estimation
* Three Dimensional Object Recognition Systems, Elsevier
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
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