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Isaacs, P.M. Co Author Listing * Controlling Dynamic Simulation With Kinematic Constraints, Behavior Functions And Inverse Dynamics
* Mixed Methods For Complex Kinematic Constraints In Dynamic Figure Animation

Isard, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Position, Attitude And Shape Input Using Video Tracking Of Hands And Lips
* Condensation | Conditional Density Propagation For Visual Tracking
* Contour Tracking By Stochastic Propagation Of Conditional Density
* Icondensation: Unifying Low-Level And High-Level Tracking In A Stochastic Framework
* Learning To Track The Visual Motion Of Contours
* Mixed-State Condensation Tracker With Automatic Model-Switching, A
* Smoothing Filter For Condensation, A
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Isard, S.D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scale Filtering: A General Method For Obtaining Shape From Texture

Isenman, M.E. Co Author Listing * Performance And Architectural Issues For String Matching

Isenor, D.K. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Identification Using Graph Matching

Isgro, F. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Interface For Machine Vision Systems

Ishibashi, S. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Automatically Producing Layered Sprites By Detecting Camera Movement

Ishiguro, H. Co Author Listing * Determining Robot Egomotion From Motion Parallax Observed By An Active Camera
* Environment Understanding Of Mobile Robot ``Harunobu-3'' By Picture Interpretation Language Pils V-3
* Estimating Precise Edge Position By Camera Motion
* Mobile Robot Navigation By An Active Control Of The Vision System
* Mobile Robot Strategy Applied To Harunobu-4, A
* Omni-Directional Stereo
* Omni-Directional Stereo For Making Global Map
* Realizing Active Vision By A Mobile Robot
* Representing Environment Through Target-Guided Navigation
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Ishihara, H. Co Author Listing * Eye-In-Hand: A New Scheme Of Real-Time Vision For Intelligent Robots

Ishihara, S. Co Author Listing * Optical Computing (Kobe, Japan, April 8-12

Ishihata, H. Co Author Listing * Fast Image Generation Of Constructive Solid Geometry Using A Cellular Array Processor

Ishii, A. Co Author Listing * Non-Iterative Procedure For Rapid And Precise Camera Calibration, A
* Range And Shape Measurement Using Three-View Stereo Analysis
* Three-Level Checkerboard Pattern (Tcp) Projection Method For Curved Surface Measurement, A
* Three-View Stereo Analysis

Ishii, H. Co Author Listing * Virtual Space Teleconferencing: Real-Time Reproduction Of 3d Human Images

Ishii, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Vehicle Image Extraction Based On Spatio-Temporal Image Analysis
* Direct Estimation Of Structure From Non-Linear Motion By Voting Algorithm Without Tracking And Matching
* Recognizing Human Action In Time-Sequential Images Using Hidden Markov Model
* Recovery Of Hierarchical Part Structure Of 3d Shape From Range Image
* Robust Object Extraction Using Normalized Principal Component Features
* Smoothed Local Generalized Cones: An Axial Representation Of 3d Shapes
* Structure From Image Sequences Captured Through A Monocular Extra-Wide Angle Lens
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Ishii, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Sensor System For Teaching Robot Paths And Environments, A
* Fast Image Generation Of Constructive Solid Geometry Using A Cellular Array Processor
* Recognition Of Freehand Drawings In Chemical Plant Engineering

Ishii, N. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Shape From Shading Images Under Point Light Source Illumination

Ishii, T. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Of Dinophysis Of Oceanic Phytoplankton

Ishii, Y. Co Author Listing * Kanji Recognition Method Which Detects Writing Errors, A

Ishikawa, C. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Natural Images Using An Isotropic Diffusion And Linking Of Boundary Edges

Ishikawa, H. Co Author Listing * Occlusions, Discontinuities, And Epipolar Lines In Stereo
* Segmentation By Grouping Junctions

Ishikawa, M. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multisensor Fusion And Integration

Ishikawa, N. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Face And Speaker Recognition By Subspace Method

Ishikawa, S. Co Author Listing * Associating An Image By Network Constraint Analysis
* Binary Texture Border Extraction On Line Drawings Based On Distance Transform
* Method Of Estimating The Target Position For An Image Tracking System Of Moving Targets, A
* Method Of Image Guided Vehicle Using White Line Recognition, A
* Reconstructible Pairs Of Incomplete Polyhedral Line Drawings Under General Reconstruction Procedure
* Reconstructing An Edge On A Polyhedron Using An Optimization Method
* Reconstructing Faces On A Polyhedron From Apparent Gradients Of Edges
* Symmetry Identification Of A 3-D Object Represented By Octree
* Vectorization And Representation Of Large-Size 2-D Line Drawing Images
* Visual Navigation Of An Autonomous Vehicle Using White Line Recognition
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Ishikawa, T. Co Author Listing * Facial Muscle Parameter Decision From 2d Frontal Image

Ishimatsu, T. Co Author Listing * Range Finder Using Circular Dynamic Stereo

Ishimura, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Fixing Of Ship Position By Simulation-And-Matching

Ishiyama, Y. Co Author Listing * Labeling Board Based On Boundary Tracking
* Stereo Correspondence Using Segment Connectivity

Ishizaka, T. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Local Fractal Dimension And Boundary Edge In Segmenting Natural Images
* Segmentation Of Natural Images Using An Isotropic Diffusion And Linking Of Boundary Edges

Ishizaki, T. Co Author Listing * Compositing Digital Images With Antialiasing And Various Shading Effects

Ishizuka, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Vision System Incorporating Solid Modeler And Geometric Reasoning, A
* Frame-Like Knowledge Representation System For Computer Vision, A
* Pattern Recognition Of Dinophysis Of Oceanic Phytoplankton
* Real-Time Parallel And Cooperative Recognition Of Facial Images For An Interactive Visual Human Interface
* Realistic Image Synthesis Of A Deformable Living Thing Based On Motion Understanding
* Realtime Synthesis Of Moving Human-Like Agent In Response To User'S Moving Image

Isidoro, J. Co Author Listing * Active Blobs
* Head Tracking Via Robust Registration In Texture Map Images

Isik, C. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Pilot For An Intelligent Mobile Autonomous System
* Pilot Level Of A Hierarchical Controller For An Unmanned Mobile Robot

Isler, V. Co Author Listing * Fast Ray Tracing 3d Models

Ismail, M.A. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm For Subgraph Optimal Isomorphism, A

Iso, T. Co Author Listing * Direct Representation And Detection Of Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Fields Using Differentiation Filters
* Human Face Classification For Security System

Isono, K. Co Author Listing * Euclidean Structure From Uncalibrated Images Using Fuzzy Domain Knowledge: Application To Facial Image(S) Synthesis

Israel, L. Co Author Listing * Pixel-Planes 5: A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Graphics System Using Processor-Enhanced Memories

Isukapalli, R. Co Author Listing * Learning To Select Useful Landmarks

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