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Ju, S.X. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Gesture And Actionin Technical Talks For Video Indexing
* Skin And Bones: Multi-Layer, Locally Affine, Optical Flow And Regularization With Transparency

Juan, R. Co Author Listing * Object Representation By Means Of Nonminimal Division Quadtrees And Octrees

Juday, R.D. Co Author Listing * Digital And Optical Shape Representation And Pattern Recognition (Orlando, Fl, April 4-6
* Real-Time Image Processing Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 16-18
* Visual Information Processing (Orlando, Fl, April 20-22
* Visual Information Processing Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16
* Visual Information Processing Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 4-5
* Visual Information Processing Iv (Orlando, Fl, April 17-18
* Visual Information Processing V (Orlando, Fl, April 9
* Visual Information Processing Vi (Orlando, Fl, April 21-22
* Visual Information Processing Vii (Orlando, Fl, April 13-14
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Judd, D. Co Author Listing * Parallel Implementation Of Vision Algorithms On Workstation Clusters

Judd, J.S. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Design And The Complexity Of Learning, Mit Press, Cambridge

Judell, N. Co Author Listing * Simple Derivation Of Lloyd'S Classical Result For The Optimum Scalar Quantizer, A

Judice, C. Co Author Listing * Image Database For Benchmarking Of Automatic Face Detection And Recognition Algorithms, An

Juditski, A. Co Author Listing * Determination Of Singular Points In 2d Deformable Flow Fields

Juell, P. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Neural Network For Human Face Detection, A

Juhola, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Algorithms For Standard Median Filtering
* Syntactic Method For The Analysis Of Saccadic Eye Movements, A

Julesz, B. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Computer Graphics To The Visualization Of Meteorological Data
* Dialogues On Perception, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Rapid Discrimination Of Visual Patterns
* Texton Gradients: The Texton Theory Revisited

Jumarie, G. Co Author Listing * Contour Detection By Using Information Theory Of Deterministic Functions
* Image Processing Via Entropies Of Deterministic Functions
* Informational Similarity Of Graphs In Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Path Entropies Of Brightness Functions And Fractional Brownian Motions

Jump, J.R. Co Author Listing * Report Of The Purdue Workshop On Grand Challenges In Computer Architecture For The Support Of High Performance Computing (W. Lafayette, In, December 12-13, 1991)

Jumpertz, J.L. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of P$^3$I, A Parallel Architecture For Video Real-Time Processing: A Case Study, The

Jun, S. Co Author Listing * Shortest Path Planning In Discretized Workspaces Using Dominance Relation

Jung, E. Co Author Listing * On The Fast Shape Recovery Technique Using Multiple Ring Lights
* Recovery Of 3-D Shape Using Hybrid Reflectance Model

Jung, G.S. Co Author Listing * Architecture For And Query Processing In Distributed Content-Based Image Retrieval, An

Jung, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation Of Lips In Pronouncing Korean Vowels Based On Fuzzy Constraint Line Clustering

Jung, K.K. Co Author Listing * Fine Grain Parallel Processors And Real-Time Applications: Mimd Controller/Simd Array

Jung, S. Co Author Listing * Tracking And Motion Estimation Of (The) Articulated Object[S]: A Hierarchical Kalman Filter Approach

Jung, S.K. Co Author Listing * A) Model-Based 3-D Tracking Of Rigid Objects From A Sequence Of Multiple Perspective Views
* Efficient 3-D Object Representation And Recognition Based On Cad

Jung, T. Co Author Listing * Algorithm With Logarithmic Time Complexity For Interactive Simulation Of Hierarchically Articulated Bodies Using A Distributed-Memory Architecture, An

Jungert, E. Co Author Listing * Y-Tree-A Symbolic Spatial Data Model, The
* Image Algebra For Pictorial Data Manipulation, An
* Image Processing Language With Icon-Assisted Navigation, An
* Qualitative Spatial Reasoning From The Observer'S Point Of View-Towards A Generalization Of Symbolic Projection
* Symbolic Projection For Image Information Retrieval And Spatial Reasoning, Academic Press, San Diego
* Visual Languages And Applications, Van Nostrand

Jungert, E.R.A. Co Author Listing * Symbolic And Geometric Connectivity Graph Methods For Route Planning In Digitized Maps

Jungthirapanich, C. Co Author Listing * Invariants Of Three-Dimensional Contours

Jupp, D.L.B. Co Author Listing * Smoothed Histogram Modification For Image Processing

Jurczyk, J. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Transforms And Correlation Techniques For Object Recognition Using Tactile Data

Jurie, F. Co Author Listing * Hypothesis Verification In Model-Based Object Recognition With A Gaussian Error Model
* Tracking Objects With A Recognition Algorithm

Juriev, D. Co Author Listing * Anomalous Color Spaces And Their Structure

Jurrand, P. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence--Methodology, Systems, Applications (Aimsa '94: 6th International Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 21-24, 1994), World Scientific

Jury, E.I. Co Author Listing * Criteria For The Absence Of Limit Cycles In Two-Dimensional Discrete Systems
* On The Evaluation Of Double Square Integral In The (S(1), S(
* Optimal Digitization Of 2-D Images

Jutamulia, S. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Optical Information Processing
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Optical Information Processing. Part 2: Applications--Nonimage Signal Processing
* Optical Neural Networks, Spie, Bellingham

Jutard, A. Co Author Listing * Spatial Contours For Vision And Cad Model Matching

Jutier, P. Co Author Listing * Parallel Image Processing: Uni- Or Bidimensional? Example: Romauld

Juvin, D. Co Author Listing * Local Method For Contour Matching And Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Low And Intermediate Level Image Processing On Sympatix, A Simd Parallel Computer
* Optimal Estimation Of 3d Structures Using Visual Servoing
* Structure From Controlled Motion

Juvvadi, R. Co Author Listing * Generalized Comparison Of Quadtree And Bintree Storage Requirements

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