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Xu, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between The Standard Hough Transform And The Mahalanobis Distance Hough Transform, A
* Gradient Vector Flow: A New External Force For Snakes
* Snakes, Shapes, And Gradient Vector Flow

Xu, D. Co Author Listing * Novel Atr Classifier Exploiting Pose Information, A
* Pose Estimation For Sar Automatic Target Recognition

Xu, G. Co Author Listing * 3d Shape And Motion By Svd Under Higher-Order Approximation Of Perspective Projection
* Automatic Reconstruction Of Surfaces And Scalar Fields From 3d Scans
* Camera Parameter(S) Estimation And Evaluation In Active Vision System
* Coarse-Fine Strategy For Matching Motion Stereo Pairs
* Correspondence And Segmentation Of Multiple Rigid Motions Via Epipolar Geometry
* Description Of 3-D Object In Range Image
* Epipolar Geometry In Stereo, Motion And Object Recognition, Kluwer, Norwell
* Fast Road Classification And Orientation Estimation Using Omni-View Images And Neural Networks
* Inferring Surfaces From Boundaries
* Minimal Region Extraction Using Expanding Active Contours
* Modeling With Cubic A-Patches
* Motion Stereo System Based On Coarse-To-Fine Control Strategy, A
* Qualitative Estimations Of Range And Motion Using Spatio-Temporal Textural Images
* Recovering Epipolar Geometry By Reactive Tabu Search
* Recovering Surface Shape From Boundary
* Region-Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Right Straight Homogeneous Cylinders With Symmetrical Cross-Sections: Recovery Of Pose And Shape From Image Contours
* Rits Eye: A Software-Based System For Realtime Face Detection And Tracking Using Pan-Tilt-Zoom Controllable Camera
* Robust Active Contour Model With Insensitive Parameters, A
* Robust Active Contours With Insensitive Parameters
* Scheme For Intelligent Image Retrieval In Multimedia Databases, A
* Three-Dimensional Interpretation Of Quadrilaterals
* Tracking Human Body Motion Based On A Stick Figure Model
* Understanding Human Motion Patterns
* Unified Theory Of Uncalibrated Stereo For Both Perspective And Affine Cameras, A
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Xu, G.Y. Co Author Listing * Natural Scene Segmentation Based On Multiple Threshold And Textural Measurement

Xu, H. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Radiosity Method For Complex Environments
* Cluster-Based Texture Matching For Image Retrieval
* Fuzzy Homogeneity Approach To Multilevel Thresholding
* Textured Image Segmentation Using Autoregressive Model And Artificial Neural Network

Xu, J. Co Author Listing * Decomposition Of Convex Polygonal Morphological Structuring Elements Into Neighborhood Subsets
* Efficient Morphological Shape Representation Without Searching
* Generalized Multidimensional Orthogonal Polynomials With Applications To Shape Analysis
* Hierarchical Representation Of 2-D Shapes Using Convex Polygons: A Morphological Approach
* Image Analysis And Its Applications, World Scientific
* Labeling Method And Chemical Substructure Isomorphism
* Morphological Decomposition Of 2-D Binary Shapes Into Conditionally Maximal Convex Polygons
* Morphological Decomposition Of 2-D Binary Shapes Into Conditionally Maximal Convex Polygons
* Morphological Decomposition Of 2-D Binary Shapes Into Simpler Shape Parts
* Morphological Skeleton And Shape Decomposition
* New Technique For Shape Analysis Using Orthogonal Polynomials, A
* Optimal Implementation Of Morphological Operations On Neighborhood Connected Array Processors, The
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Xu, J.H. Co Author Listing * New Method For Processing Points, Lines And Regions Uniformly, A
* Weak Structural Texture Analysis Technique To Wave Heights For Ocean Waves Image, A

Xu, L. Co Author Listing * Comparisons Of Probabilistic And Non-Probabilistic Hough Transforms
* Further Developments On Rht: Basic Mechanisms, Algorithms, And Computational Complexities
* Method For Recognizing Configurations Consisting Of Line Sets And Its Application To Discrimination Of Seismic Face Structures, A
* New Curve Detection Method: Randomized Hough Transform, A
* Probabilistic And Non-Probabilistic Hough Transforms: Overview And Comparisons
* Randomized Hough Transform (Rht)
* Randomized Hough Transform (Rht): Basic Mechanisms, Algorithms, And Computational Complexities
* Randomized Hough Transform Applied To Translational And Rotational Motion Analysis
* Some Applications Of Simulated Annealing To Pattern Recognition
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Xu, L.Q. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks In Human Motion Tracking|An Experimental Study

Xu, R. Co Author Listing * Turning Point Preserving Planar Interpolation

Xu, S. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Direction And Wavelength Of Ocean Wave By Power Spectrum Of Ocean Wave Image
* Range Measurement From Defocus Gradient

Xu, S.B. Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction Of 3d Objects In Computerized Tomography

Xu, T. Co Author Listing * Shape And Source From Shading Using Zero Crossings

Xu, W. Co Author Listing * Behavioral Analysis Of Anisotropic Diffusion In Image Processing
* Cgt: A Fast Thinning Algorithm Implemented On A Sequential Computer
* On Ill-Posed Anisotropic Diffusion Models
* Termination Criterion For Subdivision Of The Rational Bezier Curves, The

Xu, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Design Of Anisotropic Diffusion For Image Processing

Xu, Y. Co Author Listing * 2d Image Segmentation Using Minimum Spanning Trees
* Physically Based Simulation Of Water Currents And Waves
* Robotic Exploration Of Surfaces With A Compliant Wrist Sensor
* Segmentation Algorithm For Noisy Images: Design And Evaluation, A

Xu, Y.Y. Co Author Listing * Principal Component Based Probabilistic Dbnn For Face Recognition, A

Xu, Z. Co Author Listing * Further Study On Error Probabilities Of Laplacian-Gaussian Edge Detection, A

Xuan, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition Of Printed Chinese Characters By Four Corner Codes
* Automatic Recognition Of Province Name On The License Plate Of Moving Vehicle
* Intelligent Searching Algorithm For Robot Obstacle Avoidance, An

Xuan, J. Co Author Listing * Deformable Surface-Spine Model For 3-D Surface Registration, A
* Segmentation Of Magnetic Resonance Brain Image: Integrating Region Growing And Edge Detection

Xue, D.H. Co Author Listing * Unique Solution Of Projective Invariants Of Six Points From Four Uncalibrated Images, The

Xue, M. Co Author Listing * Parallel Quadtree Representation And Moment Invariants Computation For Hierarchical Matching On Pyramid Machine

Xue, Q. Co Author Listing * Path Planning For Two Cooperating Robots
* Path Planning For Two Planar Robots Moving In Unknown Environment

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