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CVGIP 40() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Machine Vision Mensuration

CVGIP(20) * Terminal Weighted Grammars And Picture Description
* Threshold Selection Based On A Simple Image Statistic

CVGIP(24) * On The Encoding And Representing Of Images

CVGIP(25) * Approach To The Recognition Of Contours And Line-Shaped Objects, An
* Automatic Chinese Seal Identification
* Automatic Inspection Of The Surface Defects Of Cast Metals
* Automatic Multithreshold Selection
* Classification By Discrete Optimization
* Clipping To The Boundary Of A Circular-Arc Polygon
* Edge Extraction Technique For Noisy Images, An
* Enhancement And Detection Of Convex Objects Using Regression Models
* Experiments In Segmentation Using A Facet Model Region Grower
* High-Order Tensor Product Approximation For Two-And Three- Dimensional Image Blocks With Application To Multiresolution Image Representation
* Hips: A Unix-Based Image Processing System
* Image Enhancement Using The Median And The Interquartile Distance
* Implementation Of The Exponential Pyramid Data Structure With Application To Determination Of Symmetries In Pictures, An
* Metric Bases In Digital Geometry
* New Approach To Removing Cloud Cover From Satellite Imagery, A
* On The Characterization Of Simple Closed Surfaces In Three-Dimensional Digital Images
* Parallel Computer Architectures For Image Processing
* Polyhedral Approximation Of 3-D Objects Without Holes
* Region Extraction Approach To Blood Smear Segmentation, A
* Segmentation Of A High-Resolution Urban Scene Using Texture Operators
* Segmentation Of Blood Smears By Hierarchical Thresholding
* Stochastic Skeleton Modeling Of Objects
* Toward A Data Model For Integrated Pictorial Databases
* Uniqueness Of Solutions To Two-Dimensional Fourier Phase Problems For Localized And Positive Images
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CVGIP(26) * Algorithms For The Conversion Of Quadtrees To Rasters
* Approach To Figure Decomposition Using Width Information, An
* Assessment Of The Intersection Probabilities Of Random Line Segments And Squares
* Connected Pictures Are Not Recognizable By Deterministic Two Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors
* Curvilinear Feature Extraction Using Minimum Spanning Trees
* Determining Vanishing Points From Perspective Images
* Digital Circles
* Efficient Point In Polyhedron Algorithm, An
* Errors Of The Incremental Method For Curves
* Exact Reproduction Of Colored Images
* Fast Recursive Algorithm For Binary-Valued Two Dimensional Filters, A
* File Organization For Geographic Information Systems Based On Spatial Proximity, A
* Image Contrast, Complexity, And Stability
* New Likelihood Test Methods For Change Detection In Image Sequences
* New Measures Of Similarity Between Two Contours Based On Optimal Bivariate Transforms
* Normalized Quadtree Representation, A
* Note On The Modeling Space Of Euler Operators, A
* Octree Representations Of Moving Objects
* Page Composition Of Continuous Tone Imagery
* Picture Processing: 1983
* Principles And Methods Of Histogram Modification Adapted For Visual Perception, The
* Restoration Of Noisy Images Using A Raised Cosine Function Approximation
* Simple Enhancement Techniques In Digital Image Processing
* Smoothed Histogram Modification For Image Processing
* Solving Three-Dimensional Small-Rotation Motion Equations: Uniqueness, Algorithms, And Numerical Results
* Systematic Triangulations
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CVGIP(27) * Accuracy Of Laplacian Edge Detectors
* Atoms With Transparency And Shadows
* B(+) Tree Structure For Large Quadtrees, A
* Deblurring Algorithm Using Edge Gradient For The Walsh-Hadamard Transform Image Coding System, A
* Detection Of Discontinuities In The First Derivatives Of Surfaces
* Distance Transformations In Arbitrary Dimensions
* Dynamical Sets Of Points
* Exponential And Polynomial Methods For Applying Tension To An Interpolating Spline Curve
* Generating Quadtrees Of Cross Sections From Octrees
* Global Shape Recognition Of 3-D Objects Using A Differential Library Storage
* Grayscale Simulation On A Color Display
* Implementation Of Cellular-Logic Operators Using 3*3 Convolution And Table Lookup Hardware
* Learning Complex Structural Descriptions From Examples
* Maintenance Of Sharpness In Magnified Digital Images, The
* Parallel Algorithm For The Optimal Detection Of A Noisy Curve, A
* Progressive Transmission Of News Photos
* Reconstruction Of Two-Directionally Connected Binary Patterns From Their Two Orthogonal Projections, The
* Recovery Of Rigid Structure From Orthographically Projected Optical Flow
* Splines As Embeddings For Generalized Cylinders
* Stationing Guards In Rectilinear Art Galleries
* Structural Matching Of Line Drawings Using The Geometric Relationship Between Line Segments
* Three-Dimensional Skeletonization Of Elongated Solids
* Trajectory Detection And Experimental Designs
* Trapezoidal Approximation Of Digitized Images, The
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CVGIP(28) * Acquiring 3-D Spatial Data Of A Real Object
* Algorithms For The Euler Characteristic And Related Additive Functionals Of Digital Objects
* Binocular Shading And Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Computational Techniques For Processing Parametric Surfaces
* Contour To Rectangular Grid Conversion Using Minimal Curvature
* Detecting Time-Varying Corners
* Document Segmentation And Coding Techniques
* Encoding Pixel Trees
* Evaluation Of Strategies For Segmentation Of Blue-Dyed Pores In Thin Sections Of Reservoir Rocks
* Extraction Of Drainage Networks From Digital Elevation Data, The
* Fast Sequential Method For Polygonal Approximation Of Digitized Curves, A
* Image Restoration In Signal-Dependent Noise Using A Markovian Covariance Model
* Implicit Representation Of Parametric Curves And Surfaces
* Improved Algorithm For The Sequential Extraction Of Boundaries From A Raster Scan, An
* Minimal Rectangular Partitions Of Digitized Blobs
* New Class Of Similarity Measures For Robust Image Registration, A
* Note On Discrete Relaxation, A
* Object Detection Based On Gray Level Cooccurrence
* On Some Properties Of The Generation Of Discrete Circular Arcs On A Square Grid
* Performance Evaluation Of Shape Matching Via Chord Length Distribution
* Physical And Informational Constraints On The Perception Of Transparency And Translucency
* Position Determination Using Generalized Multidirectional Gradient Codes
* Reconstructing Faces On A Polyhedron From Apparent Gradients Of Edges
* Region Representation: Parallel Connected Stripes
* Segmentation And Preprocessing Of Electrical Schematics Using Picture Graphs
* Some Methods Of Computational Geometry Applied To Computer Graphics
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CVGIP(29) * Amplitude Segmentation Method Based On The Distribution Function Of An Image, An
* Automatic Dimensional Inspection Of Machine Part Cross-Section Using Fourier Analysis
* Choosing A Basis For Perceptual Space
* Continuous Analogs Of Axiomatized Digital Surfaces
* Counting Regions, Holes, And Their Nesting Level In Time Proportional To The Border
* Data Reduction Algorithm For Planar Curves, A
* Detecting The Motion Of A Planar Surface By Line And Surface Integrals
* Image Representation Using Voronoi Tessellation
* Image Segmentation Techniques
* Image Space Shading Of 3-Dimensional Objects
* Imaging Problem: Restoration Of Blurred Digital Characters, An
* Matching Shapes: A Case Study In Time-Varying Images
* Moment-Preserving Thresholding: A New Approach
* New Method For Gray-Level Picture Thresholding Using The Entropy Of The Histogram, A
* Note On Duhamel Integrals And Running Average Filters, A
* Note On The Determination Of A Digital Straight Line From Chain Codes
* On Different Methods Based On The Karhunen-Loeve Expansion And Used In Image Analysis
* Reconstruction Of Quadtrees From Quadtree Medial Axis Transforms
* Rectification Of Multichannel Images In Mass Storage Using Image Transposition
* Set Operations On Linear Quadtrees
* Texture Analysis Anno 1983
* Topographic Classification Of Digital Image Intensity Surfaces Using Generalized Splines And The Discrete Cosine Transformation
* Tracing Planar Surface Motion From A Projection Without Knowing The Correspondence
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CVGIP(30) * Counterexamples To A Minimal Circumscription Algorithm
* Determination Of 3d Human Body Postures From A Single View
* Digital Images Of Geometric Pictures
* Discontinuity Detection For Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Efficient Diagram Understanding With Characteristic Pattern Detection
* Fast Algorithm For The Boolean Masking Problem, A
* Gaussian-Weighted Multiresolution Edge Detector, A
* Generalised Digital Contour Coding Scheme, A
* M-Dimensional Grid Point Space, The
* New Iterative Algorithm For Image Restoration, A
* On The Time Complexity For Circumscribing A Convex Polygon
* Picture Processing: 1984
* Representation Of Digital Line Segments And Their Preimages
* Sequential Synthesis Of Natural Textures
* Topological Structural Analysis Of Digitized Binary Images By Border Following
* Two-Dimensional Run-Encoding For Quadtree Representation
* Vectorgraph Coding: Efficient Coding Of Line Drawings
* ``Form-Invariant'' Topological Mapping Strategy For 2d Shape Recognition
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CVGIP(31) * Adaptive Filters For Digital Image Noise Smoothing: An Evaluation
* Approach To The Definition, Description, And Extraction Of Structures In Binary Digital Images, An
* Autonomous Scene Description With Range Imagery
* Codon Constraints On Closed 2d Shapes
* Connectionist Models And Parallelism In High Level Vision
* Detecting The Spatial Structure Of Natural Textures Based On Shape Analysis
* Early Vision: From Computational Structure To Algorithms And Parallel Hardware
* Environment-Centered And Viewer-Centered Perception Of Surface Orientation
* Generative Systems Of Analyzers
* Image Processing Architecture For Real Time Generation Of Scale And Rotation Invariant Patterns, An
* Intelligible Encoding Of Asl Image Sequences At Extremely Low Information Rates
* Perception Of Organization In A Random Stimulus
* Perception Of Transparency In Man And Machine
* Preattentive Processing In Vision
* Segment-Based Stereo Matching
* Toward A Theory Of The Perceived Spatial Layout Of Scenes
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CVGIP(32) * Algorithm For Transformations Of Pictures Represented By Quadtrees, An
* Aspects Of Perception And Computation In Color Vision
* Boundary Conditions For Lightness Computation In Mondrian World
* Convolution With Separable Masks For Early Image Processing
* Delaunay-Based Representation Of Surfaces Defined Over Arbitrarily Shaped Domains
* Describing Surfaces
* Distance Metric For Multidimensional Histograms, A
* Early Orientation Selection: Tangent Fields And The Dimensionality Of Their Support
* Enhancing Real-Time Perception Of Quantum Limited Images From A Doubly Intensified Sit Camera System
* Experiments With The Intensity Ratio Depth Sensor
* Generalized Sloped Facet Models Useful In Multispectral Image Analysis
* Human Image Understanding: Recent Research And A Theory
* Maximum Likelihood Classification Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* On The Generation Of Discrete Circular Objects And Their Properties
* Optical Character Recognition Based On Analog Preprocessing And Automatic Feature Extraction
* Rule-Based Image Segmentation: A Dynamic Control Strategy Approach
* Texture Classification By Local Rank Correlation
* Theory Of Binary Digital Pictures, A
* Tracking Modelled Objects Using Binocular Images
* Using Multisensory Images To Derive The Structure Of Three-Dimensional Objects -- A Review
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CVGIP(33) * Adaptive Gray Scale Mapping To Reduce Registration Noise In Difference Images
* Algorithms For Drawing Anti-Aliased Circles And Ellipses
* Applying Temporal Constraints To The Dynamic Stereo Problem
* Automatic Curve Fitting With Quadratic B-Spline Functions And Its Applications To Computer-Assisted Animation
* Axial Representations Of Shape
* Characterization Of Parametric Surface Sections, The
* Combined Local Color And Texture Analysis Of Stained Cells
* Decomposition And Approximation Of Three-Dimensional Solids
* Edge Detection Using Median Comparisons
* Filling By Quadrants Or Octants
* Geometrical Transformations On Pictures Represented By Leafcodes
* Invariant Surface Characteristics For 3d Object Recognition In Range Images
* Light Diffusion Through Clouds And Haze
* Model-Based Strategies For High-Level Robot Vision
* Note On The Gradient Of A Multi-Image, A
* On Digital Approximation Of Moment Invariants
* Recursive Region Splitting At The Hierarchical Scope Views
* Three Adaptive Discrete Least Squares Cubic Spline Procedures For The Compression Of Data
* Variational Approach To Shape From Shading, The
* Visual Hyperacuity: Representation And Computation Of High Precision Position Information
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CVGIP(34) * Adaptive Asteroid Zonal Filter For Data Compression, An
* Case For Appropriate Architecture, The
* Comment On The Position Paper ``Expert Vision Systems''
* Comments On `` ``Expert'' Vision Systems: Some Issues''
* Computation Of Geometric Properties From The Medial Axis Transform In O(N Log N) Time
* Computing The Visibility Polygon From An Edge
* Determining Motion Of Image Curves From Local Pattern Changes
* Dialog On ``Expert'' Vision Systems: Comments
* Distance Transformations In Digital Images
* Efficient Planar Embedding Of Trees For Vlsi Layouts
* Expert Systems For Vision Based On Bayes' Rule
* Fast Shape Descriptor, A
* Finding Axes Of Skewed Symmetry
* Hierarchical Matching Using Relaxation
* Locating Neuron Boundaries In Electron Micrograph Images Using ``Primal Sketch'' Primitives
* Method For Almost Exact Histogram Matching For Two Digitized Images, A
* New Algorithm For Object Oriented Ray Tracing, A
* New Approach To The Restoration Of An Image Blurred By Linear Uniform Motion, A
* Note On ``Rigid Body Motion From Depth And Optical Flow'', A
* On Compatibility And Support Functions In Probabilistic Relaxation
* Picture Processing: 1985
* Pulse And Staircase Edge Models
* Robust Method For Picture Segmentation Based On A Split-And-Merge Procedure, A
* Space-Economical Plane-Sweep Algorithms
* Toward The Derivation Of Three-Dimensional Descriptions From Image Sequences For Nonconvex Moving Objects
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Models
* Vision Expert Systems Demand Challenging Expert Interactions
* Workshop On Goal-Directed ``Expert'' Vision Systems: My Positions And Comments
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CVGIP(35) * Algorithms For Subpixel Registration
* Analytical Approach To The Determination Of Planar Surface Orientation Using Active-Passive Image Pairs, An
* Application Of Morphological Transformations To The Analysis Of Two-Dimensional Electrophoretic Gels Of Biological Materials
* Automatic Screening Of Cytological Specimens
* Calibration Of A Camera And Light Source By Fitting To A Physical Model
* Efficient Two-Dimensional Filters Using B-Spline Functions
* Grayscale Morphology
* Iconic Indexing Using Generalized Pattern Matching Techniques
* Image Flow Constraint Equation, The
* Introduction To Mathematical Morphology
* Linear Time Algorithm For Minimum Link Paths Inside A Simple Polygon, A
* Morphological Structural Element Decomposition
* Object Recognition Using Oriented Model Points
* Perception Of Transparency In Man And Machine: A Comment On Beck
* Perception Of Transparency: A Reply To Brill, The
* Rank Algorithms For Picture Processing
* Segmentation Of Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Strong Chord Property For 4-Connected Convex Digital Sets, A
* Structure And Motion From Optical Flow Under Orthographic Projection
* Theoretical Basis For Diffrequency Stereo, A
* Theoretical Error Assessments Of Curved Line Digitization Schemes On Graphic Displays
* Vectorizer And Feature Extractor For Document Recognition, A
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CVGIP(36) * Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (No You Can'T) ...
* Closed Form Solutions To Image Flow Equations For Planar Surfaces In Motion
* Computational-Geometric Methods For Polygonal Approximations Of A Curve
* Computer Vision Theory: The Lack Thereof
* Determination Of The Identity, Position And Orientation Of The Topmost Object In A Pile
* Digital Color Reproduction On Color Television Monitors
* Digital Straight Segments
* Distributed System For Analyzing Time-Varying Multiresolution Imagery, A
* Edge Extraction Using Entropy Operator
* Fast Hough Transform: A Hierarchical Approach
* Hypothesis Integration In Image Understanding Systems
* Identification Of 3d Objects From Multiple Silhouettes Using Quadtrees/Octrees
* On The Application Of Massively Parallel Simd Tree Machines To Certain Intermediate-Level Vision Tasks
* On Translating A Set Of Objects In 2- And 3-Dimensional Space
* Recognition And Recovery Of The Three-Dimensional Orientation Of Planar Point Patterns
* Shape And Motion Of Nonrigid Bodies
* Shape From Perspective: A Rule-Based Approach
* Task Frames: Primitives For Sensory-Motor Coordination
* Volume/Surface Octrees For The Representation Of Three-Dimensional Objects
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CVGIP(37) * 3d Objects Recognition By Optimal Matching Search Of Multinary Relations Graphs
* Analyzing Oriented Patterns
* Comparison Of Methods And Computation For Multi-Resolution Low-And Band-Pass Transforms For Image Processing, A
* Contingent Aftereffects And Isoluminance: Psychophysical Effects For Separation Of Color, Orientation, And Motion
* Detecting Structure By Symbolic Constructions On Tokens
* Double-Step Incremental Generation Of Lines And Curves
* From Orientation Selection To Optical Flow
* Machines Should Not See As People Do, But Must Know How People See
* Massively Parallel Architecture For A Self-Organizing Neural Pattern Recognition Machine, A
* Nested Structures Of Control: An Intuitive View
* Neural Dynamics Of Surface Perception: Boundary Webs, Illuminants, And Shape-From-Shading
* Optimal Quadtree Construction Algorithms
* Reconstructing The Third Dimension: Interactions Between Color, Texture, Motion, Binocular Disparity, And Shape
* Selection Of Image Primitives For General-Purpose Visual Processing
* Spatial Frequency Channels And Perceptual Grouping In Texture Segregation
* Theoretical Assessments Of Mean Square Errors Of Antialiasing Filters
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CVGIP(38) * Data Dependent Filters For Edge Enhancement Of Landsat Images
* Deblurring Gaussian Blur
* Derivation Of Optical Flow Using A Spatiotemporal-Frequency Approach
* Dynamic Screen Technique For Shaded Graphics Display Of Slice-Represented Objects, A
* Estimation Of A Circular Arc Center And Its Radius
* Exploiting Reflectance Properties To Analyze Images Of Moving Objects Needs Local Constraints
* Fast Binary-Image Boundary Extraction
* Hough Space Transformations For Discrimination And Distortion Estimation
* Object Centered Hierarchical Representation For 3d Objects: The Prism Tree, An
* Picture Processing: 1986
* Planar Decomposition For Quadtree Data Structure
* Quantitative Evaluation Of Similar Images With Quasi-Gray Levels
* Structure And Motion From Optical Flow Under Perspective Projection
* Symmetry-Curvature Duality
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CVGIP(39) * Accurate Lightpen
* Adaptive Histogram Equalization And Its Variations
* Angular Spline: A New Approach To The Interpolation Problem In Computer Graphics
* Bi-Quadratic B-Spline Surfaces Generated From Arbitrary Polyhedral Meshes: A Constructive Approach
* Camera Rotation Invariance Of Image Characteristics
* Class Of One-To-One Two-Dimensional Transformations, A
* Connect-The-Dots: A New Heuristic
* Corner Detection And Curve Representation Using Cubic B-Splines
* Cortex Transform: Rapid Computation Of Simulated Neural Images, The
* Design And Implementation Of A Colour Vision Model For Computer Vision Applications
* Fast Edge-Only Matching Techniques For Robot Pattern Recognition
* High-Speed 3d Imaging Of The Beating Heart Using Temporal Estimation
* Multiple-Order Derivatives For Detecting Local Image Characteristics
* Multiresolution Object Detection And Delineation
* Octrees Of Objects In Arbitrary Motion: Representation And Efficiency
* Optical Character Recognition By The Method Of Moments
* Parallel Binocular Stereo Algorithm Utilizing Dynamic Programming And Relaxation Labelling, A
* Real-Time Display And Manipulation Of 3-D Medical Objects: The Voxel Processor Architecture
* Reconstruction Of Planar Boundaries From Incomplete Information
* Road Following Using Vanishing Points
* Thinning Algorithm Based On Contours, A
* Using Disparity Functionals For Stereo Correspondence And Surface Reconstruction
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CVGIP(40) * Algorithms And Hardware For Efficient Image Smoothing
* Computing The Euler Characteristic And Related Additive Functionals Of Digital Objects From Their Bintree Representation
* Edgel Aggregation And Edge Description
* Generating Octree Models Of 3d Objects From Their Silhouettes In A Sequence Of Images
* Geometric Approach To Subpixel Registration Accuracy, A
* Length Estimators For Digitized Contours
* Line Connectivity Algorithms For An Asynchronous Pyramid Computer
* Line Detection In Digital Pictures: A Hypothesis Prediction/Verification Paradigm
* Model-Based Recognition Using 3d Shape Alone
* New Algorithms For Special Cases Of The Hidden Line Elimination Problem
* Object Detection And Experimental Designs
* Object Recognition And Localization Via Pose Clustering
* One-Pass Thinning Algorithm And Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Parallel Image Segmentation Algorithm Using Relaxation With Varying Neighborhoods And Its Mapping To Array Processors, A
* Reliability Analysis Of Parameter Estimation In Linear Models With Applications To Mensuration Problems In Computer Vision
* Rough Approximation Of Shapes In Pattern Recognition
* Surface Specific-Line Tracking And Slope Recognition Algorithm, A
* Transform Amplitude Sharpening: A New Method Of Image Enhancement
* Transparent Object Extraction From Regular Textured Backgrounds By Using Binary Parallel Operations
* Width-Independent Algorithm For Character Skeleton Estimation, A
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CVGIP(41) * 3d Shape Representation By Contours
* Approximation Of Displacement Fields Using Wavefront Region Growing
* Automated Visual Inspection: 1981 To 1987
* Constraints On Length And Angle
* Detecting Buildings In Aerial Images
* Efficient Axis-Translation Of Binary Digital Pictures By Blocks In Linear Quadtree Representation
* Hough Transform Algorithms For Mesh-Connected Simd Parallel Processors
* Line Rasterization Algorithms That Satisfy The Subset Line Property
* New Chain-Coding Algorithm For Binary Images Using Run-Length Codes, A
* New Stereo Vision Model Based Upon The Binocular Fusion Concept, A
* Note On Histogram Equalization For Optimal Intensity Range Utilization, A
* Parallel Computation Of Geometric Properties From The Medial Axis Transform
* Restoration Of Binary Images Using Contour Direction Chain Codes Description
* Simple Method For Computing General Position In Displaying Three-Dimensional Objects, A
* Some Algorithms For Approximating Convolutions
* Speeding Up The Marr-Hildreth Edge Operator
* Survey Of Thresholding Techniques, A
* Tape Format For Transferral Of Image Data And Source Programs, A
* Time- And Space-Optimal Algorithm For Boolean Mask Operations For Orthogonal Polygons, A
* Topologically Invariant Texture Descriptors
* Wavelength Selection For Synthetic Image Generation
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CVGIP(42) * 3d Reconstruction: The Registration Problem
* Analyzing Orthographic Projection Of Multiple 3d Velocity Vector Fields In Optical Flow
* Comments On Fingerprints Of Two-Dimensional Edge Models
* Control Point Transforms For Shape Representation And Measurement
* Feature Identification For Hybrid Structural/Statistical Pattern Classification
* Framework For Surface Reconstruction From 3d Contours, A
* Grammar Of Dimensions In Machine Drawings, The
* Histogram Modification Unit For Real-Time Image Enhancement, A
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1987
* Local Shape From Specularity
* Normalized Clutter Measure For Images, A
* Parallel Processing Of Regions Represented By Linear Quadtrees
* Parsing Scale-Space And Spatial Stability Analysis
* Region Filling With The Use Of The Discrete Green Theorem
* Shape From Random Planar Features
* Simplified Linear Optic Flow-Motion Algorithm, A
* Some Location Properties For Robot Navigation Using A Single Camera
* Syntactic/Semantic Technique For Surface Reconstruction From Cross-Sectional Contours, A
* Three-Dimensional Space From Optical Flow Correspondence
* Twisted Cubic And Camera Calibration, The
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CVGIP(43) * Advanced Graphics For Visualization Of Shielding Relations
* Bright-Spot Detection In Pyramids
* Contour Detection Algorithm Based On The Minimum Radial Inertia (Mri) Criterion, A
* Digital Geometry May Not Be Discrete
* Discrimination Vision
* Dual Plane Variation Of The Hough Transform For Detecting Non-Concentric Circles Of Different Radii, A
* Estimation Of Rigid Body Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Finding Local Maxima In A Pseudo-Euclidean Distance Transform
* Gray Level Requantization
* Investigations Of Multigrid Algorithms For The Estimation Of Optical Flow Fields In Image Sequences
* Line-Integration Based Method For Depth Recovery From Surface Normals, A
* Matching Straight Lines
* New Algorithm For Extracting The Interior Of Bounded Regions Based On Chain Coding, A
* Note On ``Distance Transformations In Arbitrary Dimensions'', A
* Note On ``Distance Transformations In Digital Images'', A
* Parallel Computation Of Image Curve Velocity Fields
* Performance Of The Hough Transform And Its Relationship To Statistical Signal Detection Theory
* Picture Generation And Developmental Matrix Systems
* Plang Based Specification Of Patterns With Variations For Pictorial Data Bases
* Shape Of Sar Histograms, The
* Statistical Theory Of Edge Detection
* Survey Of Construction And Manipulation Of Octrees, A
* Texture Information-Directed Region Growing Algorithm For Image Segmentation And Region Classification, A
* Trends In Astronomical Image Processing
* Vlsi Architecture For Computing Scale Space, A
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CVGIP(44) * Existence Of Geometrical Density-Image Transformations Corresponding To Object Motion, The
* Heuristics For Intermediate Level Road Finding Algorithms
* Hierarchical Edge Detection
* Hyperquadrics: Smoothly Deformable Shapes With Convex Polyhedral Bounds
* Image Enhancement Using Sliding Histograms
* Linear Algorithm For Motion Estimation Using Straight Line Correspondences, A
* Mathematical Model For Shape Description Using Minkowski Operators, A
* Multilevel Thresholding Using Edge Matching
* Multiobject Pattern Recognition And Detection In Noisy Backgrounds Using A Hierarchical Approach
* On Shape From Shading
* Recognition And Positioning Of Three-Dimensional Objects By Combining Matchings Of Primitive Local Patterns
* Robustness Of Image Pyramids Under Structural Perturbations
* Shape Reconstruction From Planar Cross Sections
* Split-And-Merge Segmentation Of Aerial Photographs
* Surface Reconstruction Of 3d Objects In Computerized Tomography
* Survey Of The Hough Transform, A
* Topology-Based Component Extractor For Understanding Electronic Circuit Diagrams, A
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CVGIP(45) * Adaptive Multiscale Feature Extraction From Range Data
* Binary Image Algebra And Optical Cellular Logic Processor Design
* Conic B-Splines For Curve Fitting: A Unifying Approach
* Connected Component Labeling Of Binary Images On A Mesh Connected Massively Parallel Processor
* Detecting The Straightness Of Digital Curves In O(N) Steps
* Fast Segmentation Of Range Imagery Into Planar Regions
* Fast Surface Tracking In Three-Dimensional Binary Images
* Framework For Estimation Of Motion Parameters From Range Images, A
* Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Multiple Filter Image Representations
* Large Sample Bias In Least Squares Estimators Of A Circular Arc Center And Its Radius
* Local Matching Of Surfaces Using A Boundary-Centered Radial Decomposition
* Motion Detection In Spatio-Temporal Space
* Multiscale Region Detector, A
* Nonlinear Laplace Operator As Edge Detector In Noisy Images, A
* Note On Graphics Editing Of Curved Line Drawings, A
* On The Intersection Of A Set Of Direction Cones
* Simple Approach For The Estimation Of Circular Arc Center And Its Radius, A
* Stochastic Image Pyramids
* Structured Graph Representation Of A Hierarchical Triangulation
* Texture Description And Segmentation Through Fractal Geometry
* Theorem To Determine The Spatial Containment Of A Point In A Planar Polyhedron, A
* Zero Crossings On Lines Of Curvature
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CVGIP(46) * Automating Knowledge Acquisition For Aerial Image Interpretation
* Comparison At High Spatial Frequencies Of Two-Pass And One-Pass Geometric Transformation Algorithms
* Contrast Enhancement Technique Based On Local Detection Of Edges
* Direct Method For Locating The Focus Of Expansion, A
* Finite Topology As Applied To Image Analysis
* Fractal-Based Analysis Of 3d Natural Surface Shapes And Their Application To Terrain Modeling
* Hough Transform For Line Recognition: Complexity Of Evidence Accumulation And Cluster Detection
* Illumination Independent Change Detection For Real World Image Sequences
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1988
* Local And Semi-Local Shape From Shading For A Simple Perspective Image Of A Smooth Object
* Multiresolution Elastic Matching
* Neighbor Finding In Images Represented By Octrees
* New Method For Image Segmentation, A
* Same-Object Problem For Polyhedral Solids, The
* Simplification To Linear Two-View Motion Algorithms, A
* Using Symmetry For Detecting And Locating Objects In A Picture
* Visual Potential: One Convex Polygon, The
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CVGIP(47) * Analytic Solution For The Perspective 4-Point Problem, An
* Automated Registration Of Dissimilar Images: Application To Medical Imagery
* Automatic Thresholding Of Gray-Level Pictures Using Two-Dimensional Entropy
* Characteristics Of Ednlc-Graph Grammar For Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Comment On A Note On Distance Transformations In Digital Images, A
* Convergence Of Iterated Median Rules
* Correction Of Image Deformation From Lens Distortion Using Bezier Patches
* Counting Straight Lines
* Digital Plane And Grid Point Segments
* Effect Of Spatial Discretization On The Magnitude And Direction Response Of Simple Differential Edge Operators On A Step Edge, The
* Extraction Of Ordered Vector Drainage Networks From Elevation Data, The
* Improved Initial Approximation And Intensity-Guided Discontinuity Detection In Visible-Surface Reconstruction
* Integration Of Synthetic Surface Relief In Range Images
* Lookup Table Loadings For Image Processing With Controlled Knots
* New Interpretation Of The Compass Gradient Edge Operators, A
* Reconstructing An Edge On A Polyhedron Using An Optimization Method
* Shape Matching Using Curvature Processes
* Systolic Algorithm For Extracting Regions From A Planar Graph, A
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CVGIP(48) * Architecture Independent Programming Language For Low-Level Vision, An
* Automatic Recognition And Representation Of Shape-Based Features In A Geometric Modeling System
* Digital Topology: Introduction And Survey
* Expert Systems For Image Processing: Knowledge-Based Composition Of Image Analysis Processes
* Extraction Of Early Perceptual Structure In Dot Patterns: Integrating Region, Boundary, And Component Gestalt
* Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Kernel: A Formal Analysis And Design Procedure For Fast, Accurate Convolution And Full-Frame Output, The
* Machine-Independent Image Processing: Performancy Of Apply On Diverse Architectures
* Mathematical Semantics Of Rendering I: Ideal Rendering, A
* Modeling Sensors: Toward Automatic Generation Of Object Recognition Program
* New Surface Interpolation Technique For Reconstructing 3d Objects From Serial Cross-Sections, A
* Optimal Corner Detector
* Representation, Display, And Manipulation Of 3d Digital Scenes And Their Medical Applications
* Three-Dimensional Boundary Following
* Unified Approach For Image Segmentation Using Exact Statistics, A
* Unsupervised Textured Image Segmentation Using Feature Smoothing And Probabilistic Relaxation Techniques
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CVGIP(49) * Algorithm For Finding The Center Of Circular Fiducials
* Analytic Structure Of Image Flows: Deformation And Segmentation, The
* Digital Squares
* Efficient Histogramming On Hypercube Simd Machines
* Engineering Drawing Processing And Vectorization System
* Establishing Collision Zones For Obstacles Moving With Uncertainty
* Image Algebra: An Overview
* Morphological Transformation For Sharpening Edges Of Features Before Segmentation, A
* O(N) Computation Of Projections And Moments From The Labeled Skeleton
* Octree Generation From Object Silhouettes In Perspective Views
* On Minimal Energy Trajectories
* Peak Detection Algorithm And Its Application To Histogram-Based Image Data Reduction, A
* Pyramid Algorithm For Fast Curve Extraction, A
* Qualitative Depth From Stereo, With Applications
* Rotation Invariance In Gradient And Higher Order Derivative Detectors
* Solution Of Polygon Containment, Spatial Planning, And Other Related Problems Using Minkowski Operations, A
* Texture Analysis And Discrimination In Additive Noise
* Use Of Shadows For Extracting Buildings In Aerial Images
* Variable Pyramid Structures For Image Segmentation
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CVGIP(50) * 3d Curved Object Recognition From Multiple 3d Camera Views
* Algebraic Basis Of Mathematical Morphology I. Dilations And Erosions, The
* Algorithms And Architectures For A Class Of Non-Linear Hybrid Filters
* Analysis Of Morphological Filters With Multiple Structuring Elements, The
* Bounds On Time-To-Collision And Rotational Component From First-Order Derivatives Of Image Flow
* Contour Codes Of Isothetic Polygons
* Efficient Algorithms For Obstacle Detection Using Range Data
* Estimation Of Geometry And Motion Of A Surface From Image Sequences By Means Of Linearization Of A Parametric Model, The
* Fast Algorithm For The Restoration Of Images Based On Chain Codes Description And Its Applications, A
* Image Analysis And Computer Vision: 1989
* Learning A Near-Optimal Estimator For Surface Shape From Shading
* Method Of General Moments For Orienting 2d Projections Of Unknown 3d Objects, A
* Orientation Estimation Of 3d Surface Patches
* Set Operations For Unaligned Linear Quadtrees
* Two Methods Of Image Extension
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CVGIP(51) * Arc Tree: An Approximation Scheme To Represent Arbitrary Curved Shapes, The
* Automatic Fixing Of Ship Position By Simulation-And-Matching
* Boundary And Object Labelling In Three-Dimensional Images
* Calibration Of A Stereo System With Small Relative Angles
* Detecting Runways In Complex Airport Scenes
* Direct Construction Of The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Convex Polyhedra
* Dynamic Strip Algorithm In Curve Fitting
* Edge Contours Using Multiple Scales
* Grey Level Corner Detection: A Generalization And A Robust Real Time Implementation
* K X K Thinning
* Note On The Coefficients Of Compass Mask Convolutions, A
* Object Detection By Step-Wise Analysis Of Spectral, Spatial, And Topographic Features
* Refining Edges Detected By A Log Operator
* Semi-Analytic Method Of Determining Stereo Camera Geometry From Matched Points In A Pair Of Images: Coincident Meridional Planes, Exact Or Noisy Data, A
* Simple Connectivity Is Not Locally Computable For Connected 3d Images
* Structure Feature For Some Image Processing Applications Based On Spiral Functions, A
* Template Quadtrees For Representing Region And Line Data Present In Binary Images
* Texture Descriptors Based On Co-Occurrence Matrices
* Using Probabilistic Domain Knowledge To Reduce The Expected Computational Cost Of Template Matching
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CVGIP(52) * 3d Symmetry-Curvature Duality Theorems
* Automated Stereophotogrammetry
* B-Spline Curves And Surfaces Viewed As Digital Filters
* Color Clustering Technique For Image Segmentation, A
* Comparative Performance Study Of Several Global Thresholding Techniques For Segmentation, A
* Digitization Of Straight Line Segments-Closeness And Convexity
* Exploiting Image-Plane Data In The Interpretation Of Edge-Based Binocular Disparity
* Finding Point Correspondences And Determining Motion Of A Rigid Object From Two Weak Perspective Views
* Hierarchical Approach To Line Extraction Based On The Hough Transform, A
* Hough Transform And Signal Detection Theory Performance For Images With Additive Noise
* Index-Based Object Recognition In Pictorial Data Management
* On Characterizing Ribbons And Finding Skewed Symmetries
* On Topology As Applied To Image Analysis
* Parallel Shrinking Algorithms Using 2-Subfields Approaches
* Polygonal Representation: A Maximum Likelihood Approach
* Pyramidal Algorithms For Iconic Indexing
* Representation And Recognition Of Surface Shapes In Range Images: A Differential Geometry Approach
* Shape From Texture Using The Wigner Distribution
* Simultaneous Fitting Of Several Planes To Point Sets Using Neural Networks
* Symbolic Reasoning In Object Extraction
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation Of The Hough Transform
* Three-Frame Corner Matching And Moving Object Extraction In A Sequence Of Iamges
* Using Feature Probabilities To Reduce The Expected Computational Cost Of Template Matching
* Vector Field Restoration By The Method Of Convex Projections
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