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Afonso, A.[Anabela] Co Author Listing * Learning from Accidents: Spatial Intelligence Applied to Road Accidents with Insights from a Case Study in Setubal District, Portugal

Afonso, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * MoViSys: A Visualization System for Geo-Referenced Information on Mobile Devices

Afonso, B.M. Co Author Listing * Moving-Camera Video Surveillance in Cluttered Environments Using Deep Features

Afonso, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Automatic HyperParameter Estimation in fMRI
* Detection of Carotid Plaque Symptoms Using Ultrasound Imaging
* Robust brain activation detection in functional MRI

Afonso, F. Co Author Listing * From the Symbolic Analysis of Virtual Faces to a Smiles Machine

Afonso, L.C.S.[Luis Claudio Sugi] Co Author Listing * Automatic visual dictionary generation through Optimum-Path Forest clustering
* Hierarchical Learning Using Deep Optimum-Path Forest
* Improving Optimum-Path Forest Classification Using Unsupervised Manifold Learning
* Kernel-Based Optimum-Path Forest Classifier, A
* Quaternionic Flower Pollination Algorithm
* Static Video Summarization through Optimum-Path Forest Clustering
* Swarm-based Descriptor Combination and its Application for Image Classification
Includes: Afonso, L.C.S.[Luis Claudio Sugi] Afonso, L.C.S.[Luis C.S.] Afonso, L.C.S.[Luis C. S.] Afonso, L.C.S.
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Afonso, M.[Mariana] Co Author Listing * Banding vs. Quality: perceptual impact and objective assessment
* Enhanced Video Compression Based on Effective Bit Depth Adaptation
* Experimental Evaluation of the Bag-of-Features Model for Unsupervised Learning of Images
* Low complexity video coding based on spatial resolution adaptation
* Noise Decomposition Using Polynomial Approximation
* Predictive multiple motion fields for trajectory completion: Application to surveillance systems
* Study of compression statistics and prediction of rate-distortion curves for video texture
* Study of Subjective Video Quality at Various Spatial Resolutions, A
* Subjective Comparison of AV1 and HEVC for Adaptive Video Streaming, A
* Video Compression Based on Spatio-Temporal Resolution Adaptation
* ViSTRA2: Video coding using spatial resolution and effective bit depth adaptation
Includes: Afonso, M.[Mariana] Afonso, M. Afonso, M.[Manya]
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Afonso, M.V.[Manya V.] Co Author Listing * augmented Lagrangian approach to linear inverse problems with compound regularization, An
* Augmented Lagrangian Approach to the Constrained Optimization Formulation of Imaging Inverse Problems, An
* Automatic Estimation of Multiple Motion Fields From Video Sequences Using a Region Matching Based Approach
* Fast Image Recovery Using Variable Splitting and Constrained Optimization
* Total Variation Based Reconstruction Algorithm for 3D Ultrasound, A
Includes: Afonso, M.V.[Manya V.] Afonso, M.V.

Afonso, N. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Buildings from Quickbird Imagery for Municipal Planning Purposes: Quality Assessment Considering Existing Mapping Standards
* Hierarchical Object-Based Classification of Dense Urban Areas by Integrating High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images and LIDAR Elevation Data
* Introducing Mapping Standards in the Quality Assessment of Buildings Extracted from Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Afonso, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Interventions in Fuel Management Zones Using Remote Sensing

Afonso, V. Co Author Listing * efficient sub-sample interpolator hardware for VP9-10 standards, An
* Energy-Aware Motion and Disparity Estimation System for 3D-HEVC With Run-Time Adaptive Memory Hierarchy
* multi-standard interpolation hardware solution for H.264 and HEVC, A
Includes: Afonso, V. Afonso, V.[Vladimir]

Afonsoc, N. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings in the City of Lisbon Using Quickbird Images and LIDAR Data

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