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Aghdaie, N. Co Author Listing * Building Placements In Urban Modeling Using Conditional Generative Latent Optimization

Aghdaie, P.[Poorya] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Perturbed Wavelet-based Morphed Face Generation
* Differential Morph Face Detection using Discriminative Wavelet Sub-bands
* Morph Detection Enhanced by Structured Group Sparsity

Aghdam, A.H.[Arash Hazeghi] Co Author Listing * Predicting the future location of cars on urban street network by chaining spatial web services

Aghdam, E.K.[Ehsan Khodapanah] Co Author Listing * HiFormer: Hierarchical Multi-scale Representations Using Transformers for Medical Image Segmentation

Aghdam, H.H. Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Deep Detection Neural Networks
* Adaptive Probabilistic Thresholding Method for Accurate Breast Region Segmentation in Mammograms
* FA3D: Fast and Accurate 3d Object Detection
* Fusing Convolutional Neural Networks with a Restoration Network for Increasing Accuracy and Stability
* New One Class Classifier Based on Ensemble of Binary Classifiers, A
* novel corner detector with integrated corner angle computation, A
* Novel Framework for Selecting the Optimal Feature Vector from Large Feature Spaces
* optimized convolutional neural network with bottleneck and spatial pyramid pooling layers for classification of foods, An
* Practical and Highly Optimized Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Traffic Signs in Real-Time, A
* RAD: Realtime and Accurate 3D Object Detection on Embedded Systems
* Training a Mentee Network by Transferring Knowledge from a Mentor Network
Includes: Aghdam, H.H. Aghdam, H.H.[Hamed Habibi] Aghdam, H.H.[Hamed H.]
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Aghdam, M.M. Co Author Listing * Polygonal shape reconstruction in the plane
* Sub-Surface Geotechnical Data Visualization of Inaccessible Sites Using GIS
Includes: Aghdam, M.M. Aghdam, M.M.[Mirsina Mousavi]

Aghdami Nia, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Active Fire Detection from Landsat-8 Imagery Using Deep Multiple Kernel Learning
Includes: Aghdami Nia, M.[Mohammad] Aghdami-Nia, M.[Mohammad]

Aghdasi, F. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Representation and Grouping in Building Detection
* Reduction of Boundary Artifacts in Image Restoration

Aghdasi, H.S.[Hadi S.] Co Author Listing * Overlapping community detection in rating-based social networks through analyzing topics, ratings and links

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