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Anwer, R.M.[Rao Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Binary patterns encoded convolutional neural networks for texture recognition and remote sensing scene classification
* Bottom-Up Attention Guidance for Recurrent Image Recognition
* Color attributes for object detection
* Color Contribution to Part-Based Person Detection in Different Types of Scenarios
* Coloring Action Recognition in Still Images
* Compact color-texture description for texture classification
* Deep Semantic Pyramids for Human Attributes and Action Recognition
* Efficient Featurized Image Pyramid Network for Single Shot Detector
* Multi-stream Convolutional Networks for Indoor Scene Recognition
* Opponent Colors for Human Detection
* Recognizing Actions Through Action-Specific Person Detection
* Scale coding bag of deep features for human attribute and action recognition
* Scale Coding Bag-of-Words for Action Recognition
* Semantic Pyramids for Gender and Action Recognition
* Top-Down Deep Appearance Attention for Action Recognition
Includes: Anwer, R.M.[Rao Muhammad] Anwer, R.M.
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