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Asner, G. Co Author Listing * Biological Diversity Mapping Comes of Age
* Hyperspectral Time Series Analysis of Native and Invasive Species in Hawaiian Rainforests
* Indirect Estimation of Structural Parameters in South African Forests Using MISR-HR and LiDAR Remote Sensing Data
* Savannah woody structure modelling and mapping using multi-frequency (X-, C- and L-band) Synthetic Aperture Radar data
* Use of Landsat and SRTM Data to Detect Broad-Scale Biodiversity Patterns in Northwestern Amazonia
Includes: Asner, G. Asner, G.[Gregory]

Asner, G.P.[Gregory P.] Co Author Listing * Approach for Foliar Trait Retrieval from Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy of Tropical Forests, An
* Approach for High-Resolution Mapping of Hawaiian Metrosideros Forest Mortality Using Laser-Guided Imaging Spectroscopy, An
* Automated Global Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping Using Google Earth Engine
* Challenges in Estimating Tropical Forest Canopy Height from Planet Dove Imagery
* Classification of savanna tree species, in the Greater Kruger National Park region, by integrating hyperspectral and LiDAR data in a Random Forest data mining environment
* Coral Bleaching Detection in the Hawaiian Islands Using Spatio-Temporal Standardized Bottom Reflectance and Planet Dove Satellites
* Density-Based Approach for Leaf Area Index Assessment in a Complex Forest Environment Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, A
* Determining Subcanopy Psidium cattleianum Invasion in Hawaiian Forests Using Imaging Spectroscopy
* Estimating Vegetation Beta Diversity from Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy and Unsupervised Clustering
* High-Resolution Mapping of Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Distributions in Three Californian Forests
* High-Resolution Reef Bathymetry and Coral Habitat Complexity from Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Hyper-Temporal C-Band SAR for Baseline Woody Structural Assessments in Deciduous Savannas
* Hyperspectral shape-based unmixing to improve intra- and interclass variability for forest and agro-ecosystem monitoring
* Imaging Spectroscopy for Conservation Applications
* Improving Discrimination of Savanna Tree Species Through a Multiple-Endmember Spectral Angle Mapper Approach: Canopy-Level Analysis
* Improving Remote Species Identification through Efficient Training Data Collection
* Mapping Savanna Tree Species at Ecosystem Scales Using Support Vector Machine Classification and BRDF Correction on Airborne Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Object-Based Mapping of Coral Reef Habitats Using Planet Dove Satellites
* Object-Based Time-Constrained Dynamic Time Warping Classification of Crops Using Sentinel-2
* Organismic-Scale Remote Sensing of Canopy Foliar Traits in Lowland Tropical Forests
* Phylogenetic Structure of Foliar Spectral Traits in Tropical Forest Canopies
* Quantifying the Variation in Reflectance Spectra of Metrosideros polymorpha Canopies across Environmental Gradients
* Rapid Assessments of Amazon Forest Structure and Biomass Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Regional High-Resolution Benthic Habitat Data from Planet Dove Imagery for Conservation Decision-Making and Marine Planning
* Semi-Supervised Methods to Identify Individual Crowns of Lowland Tropical Canopy Species Using Imaging Spectroscopy and LiDAR
* Sensitivity of Multi-spectral Satellite Sensors to Benthic Habitat Change, The
* Spatially-Explicit Testing of a General Aboveground Carbon Density Estimation Model in a Western Amazonian Forest Using Airborne LiDAR
* Spectral Mapping Signature for the Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) Pathogen in Hawaiian Forests, A
* Spectral unmixing of vegetation, soil and dry carbon cover in arid regions: comparing multispectral and hyperspectral observations
* Spectroscopic Remote Sensing of Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Forest Canopies
* Tree Species Abundance Predictions in a Tropical Agricultural Landscape with a Supervised Classification Model and Imbalanced Data
* Tree Species Discrimination in Tropical Forests Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
Includes: Asner, G.P.[Gregory P.] Asner, G.P.
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Asner, L. Co Author Listing * Steps Towards Quantification of the Cardiological Stress Exam

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