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Bibi, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * 3D Part-Based Sparse Tracker with Automatic Synchronization and Registration
* Analytic Expressions for Probabilistic Moments of PL-DNN with Gaussian Input
* Computationally Budgeted Continual Learning: What Does Matter?
* Diversified Dynamic Routing for Vision Tasks
* Don't FREAK Out: A Frequency-Inspired Approach to Detecting Backdoor Poisoned Samples in DNNs
* FFTLasso: Large-Scale LASSO in the Fourier Domain
* Gabor Layers Enhance Network Robustness
* High Order Tensor Formulation for Convolutional Sparse Coding
* In Defense of Sparse Tracking: Circulant Sparse Tracker
* Local Color Mapping Combined with Color Transfer for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Multi-template Scale-Adaptive Kernelized Correlation Filters
* On the Decision Boundaries of Neural Networks: A Tropical Geometry Perspective
* RANCER: Non-Axis Aligned Anisotropic Certification with Randomized Smoothing
* Rapid Adaptation in Online Continual Learning: Are We Evaluating It Right?
* Real-Time Evaluation in Online Continual Learning: A New Hope
* Target Response Adaptation for Correlation Filter Tracking
* TrackingNet: A Large-Scale Dataset and Benchmark for Object Tracking in the Wild
Includes: Bibi, A.[Adel] Bibi, A.
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Bibi, I.[Irfana] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning for Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Maximum mean discrepancy regularized sparse reconstruction for robust salient regions detection

Bibi, K.[Khalida] Co Author Listing * Shape Preserving Properties with Constraints on the Tension Parameter of Binary Three-Point Approximating Subdivision Scheme

Bibi, M.[Maryum] Co Author Listing * novel unsupervised ensemble framework using concept-based linguistic methods and machine learning for twitter sentiment analysis, A

Bibi, N. Co Author Listing * Digital image watermarking using partial pivoting lower and upper triangular decomposition into the wavelet domain

Bibi, O.[Ofir] Co Author Listing * Temporally stable video segmentation without video annotations

Bibi, S. Co Author Listing * Hierarchized Block Wise Image Approximation by Greedy Pursuit Strategies
* Review Analysis of Irrigation and Application of Remote Sensing in the Lower Mekong River Basin
Includes: Bibi, S. Bibi, S.[Sadia]

Bibi, T. Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Assessment Using Participatory Approach and Weighted Overlay Methods
* Flood Risk Assessment of River Kabul And Swat Catchment Area: District Charsadda, Pakistan
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Through Fuzzy Logic Inference System (FLIS)
* Review of Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment (MHRA) Using 4D Dynamic Models, A
* Spatio Temporal Detection and Virtual Mapping of Landslide Using High-Resolution Airborne Laser Altimetry (LIDAR) in Densely Vegetated Areas of Tropics

Bibikov, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of deblurring techniques for Fresnel lens computational imaging
* Correcting color and hyperspectral images with identification of distortion model
* Deep Learning-Based Imaging using Single-Lens and Multi-Aperture Diffractive Optical Systems
* Fresnel lens imaging with post-capture image processing
Includes: Bibikov, S.[Sergey] Bibikov, S.

Bibiloni, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Model Regularisation for Skin Lesion Symmetry Classification: Symderm v2.0
* real-time fuzzy morphological algorithm for retinal vessel segmentation, A
* Soft Color Morphology: A Fuzzy Approach for Multivariate Images
* survey on curvilinear object segmentation in multiple applications, A
Includes: Bibiloni, P.[Pedro] Bibiloni, P.

Bibitchev, A.E. Co Author Listing * Building Extraction at the State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS)

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