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Bote Lorenzo, M.L.[Miguel L.] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of human-recognizable shape and execution prototypes of handwritten characters
Includes: Bote Lorenzo, M.L.[Miguel L.] Bote-Lorenzo, M.L.[Miguel L.]

Botea, V.[Viorica] Co Author Listing * PIST: An Efficient and Practical Indexing Technique for Historical Spatio-Temporal Point Data

Boteanu, B.[Bogdan] Co Author Listing * 3D Human pose estimation: A review of the literature and analysis of covariates

Botelho, F.[Filipe] Co Author Listing * Wind Speed Retrieval from Simulated RADARSAT Constellation Mission Compact Polarimetry SAR Data for Marine Application

Botelho, G.[Glenda] Co Author Listing * Class-specific metrics for multidimensional data projection applied to CBIR

Botelho, G.M.[Glenda Michele] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of large images based on super-pixels and community detection in graphs

Botelho, S. Co Author Listing * Transmission Estimation in Underwater Single Images

Botelho, S.S.C.[Silvia S. C.] Co Author Listing * Geostatistics for Context-Aware Image Classification

Botelho, S.S.C.C.[Silvia S. C. Costa] Co Author Listing * Achieving Turbidity Robustness on Underwater Images Local Feature Detection

Botella, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Code obfuscation using very long identifiers for FFT motion estimation models in embedded processors
* Fast Image Dehazing Algorithm Using Morphological Reconstruction, A
* Guest Editorial: Real-time motion estimation for image video processing applications
* Portable real-time DCT-based steganography using OpenCL
Includes: Botella, G.[Guillermo] Botella, G.

Botella, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Forensic identification by computer-aided craniofacial superimposition: A survey

Botello, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Bayesian Method for Automatic Segmentation of Brain MRI, An
* Hidden Markov measure field models for image segmentation
* Markov random measure fields for image analysis
* MPM-MAP Algorithm for Image Segmentation, The
* MPM-MAP algorithm for motion segmentation, The
Includes: Botello, S. Botello, S.[Salvador]

Botero, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Multimodal Instance Segmentation Guided by Natural Language Queries

Botey Bassols, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Procedure Based on Stable Areas to Filter the Atmospheric Component, A
Includes: Botey Bassols, J.[Joan] Botey-Bassols, J.[Joan]

Botezatu, N. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision for the Visually Impaired: the Sound of Vision System

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