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Carscadden, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Disease Cardiac Segmentation: The M &Ms Challenge

Carse, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Multiple marker tracking in a single-camera system for gait analysis

Carson, C.[Chad] Co Author Listing * Blobworld: A System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Blobworld: Image Segmentation Using Expectation-Maximization and Its Application to Image Querying
* Color- and Texture-Based Image Segmentation Using the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm and its Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Finding Objects in Image Databases by Grouping
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* Region-Based Image Querying
Includes: Carson, C.[Chad] Carson, C.

Carson, C.A.[C. Andrew] Co Author Listing * Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Pattern Recognition of Bacterial DNA: A Systemic Approach

Carson, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Segmentation Framework for Tissue Images Containing Gene Expression Data

Carson, J.P.[James P.] Co Author Listing * Landmark/image-based deformable registration of gene expression data
* Markov Random Field-based fitting of a subdivision-based geometric atlas

Carson, M.B.[Matthew B.] Co Author Listing * Concept decompositions for short text clustering by identifying word communities

Carson, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Feature Coincidence Trees for Registration of Ultrasound Breast Images
* Image registration methods in high-dimensional space

Carson, P.L. Co Author Listing * Multiple Delay and Sum With Enveloping Beamforming Algorithm for Photoacoustic Imaging
* Rapid elastic image registration for 3-D ultrasound

Carson, R.E. Co Author Listing * Direct 4-D PET List Mode Parametric Reconstruction With a Novel EM Algorithm
* Direct List Mode Parametric Reconstruction for Dynamic Cardiac SPECT
* Effects of time delay in cardiac blood flow measurements by bolus H2 ^15 O
* Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for a Small Animal PET Camera
* List-Mode PET Motion Correction Using Markerless Head Tracking: Proof-of-Concept With Scans of Human Subject
* Multimodality Bayesian Algorithm for Image-Reconstruction in Positron-Emission-Tomography: A Tissue Composition Model
* Non-Rigid Event-by-Event Continuous Respiratory Motion Compensated List-Mode Reconstruction for PET
* Noninvasive estimation of the aorta input function for measurement of tumor blood flow with O15 water
* Performance characteristics of the 3-D OSEM algorithm in the reconstruction of small animal PET images
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Carson, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Topographic Mapping in the Equatorial Belt Using Dualfrequency Airborne Ifsar (geosar)

Carson, W.R.[William R.] Co Author Listing * Communications-Inspired Projection Design with Application to Compressive Sensing

Carstairs, H.[Harry] Co Author Listing * Effective Method for InSAR Mapping of Tropical Forest Degradation in Hilly Areas, An
* Sentinel-1 Shadows Used to Quantify Canopy Loss from Selective Logging in Gabon

Carsten, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Infrastructure-related challenges in implementing connected and automated vehicles on urban roads: Insights from experts and stakeholders

Carstensen, J.M. Co Author Listing * Active Lattice Model in a Bayesian Framework, An
* Analysis of Seed Sorting Process by Estimation of Seed Motion Trajectories
* Automated Visual Inspection of Textile
* Automatic change detection and quantification of dermatological diseases with an application to psoriasis images
* Bayesian grid matching
* Bimodal histogram transformation based on maximum likelihood parameter estimates in univariate Gaussian mixtures
* Building an Image-Based System to Automatically Score Psoriasis
* Collecting highly reproducible images to support dermatological medical diagnosis
* Color-Based Image Retrieval from High-Similarity Image Databases
* Density-based retrieval from high-similarity image databases
* Design of a Vision-Based Sensor for Autonomous Pig House Cleaning
* Factorization with Erroneous Data
* Fast, versatile, and non-destructive biscuit inspection system using spectral imaging
* General Scheme for Training and Optimization of the Grenander Deformable Template Model, A
* Initialization and Optimization of Deformable Models
* On Parameter Estimation in Deformable Models
* Precise acquisition and unsupervised segmentation of multi-spectral images
* Robust Factorization
* State Estimation of the Performance of Gravity Tables Using Multispectral Image Analysis
* Supercontinuum Light Sources for Hyperspectral Subsurface Laser Scattering: Applications for Food Inspection
* Unwrapping ground displacement signals in satellite radar interferograms with aid of GPS data and MRF regularization
Includes: Carstensen, J.M. Carstensen, J.M.[Jens Michael] Carstensen, J.M.[Jens M.]
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Carstensen, L.C.[Lucas C.] Co Author Listing * Animal Pose Tracking: 3D Multimodal Dataset and Token-based Pose Optimization

Carswell, B. Co Author Listing * Automated recognition of drunk driving on highways from video sequences
* Pattern-Recognition Using Invariants Defined from Higher-Order Spectra: 2-D Image Inputs

Carswell, J. Co Author Listing * Airborne Co-polarization and Cross-Polarization Observations of the Ocean-Surface NRCS at C-Band
* NASA High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler, The
* Spatial Search Techniques for Mobile 3D Queries in Sensor Web Environments
* Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer Wind-Speed Retrieval Improvements
Includes: Carswell, J. Carswell, J.[James]

Carswell, J.D.[James D.] Co Author Listing * environment for content-based image retrieval from large spatial databases, An
* Indoor Positioning for Smartphones Using Asynchronous Ultrasound Trilateration
* SAMATS: Texture extraction explained
* Sketch-Based Image Queries in Topographic Databases
* Spatial Search Techniques for Mobile 3D Queries in Sensor Web Environments
Includes: Carswell, J.D.[James D.] Carswell, J.D.

Carswell, M. Co Author Listing * Endoscopic Video Texture Mapping on Pre-Built 3-D Anatomical Objects Without Camera Tracking

Carswell, T.[Tyson] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of MODIS-Aqua Atmospheric Correction and Chlorophyll Products of Western North American Coastal Waters Based on 13 Years of Data

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