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Fradella, G. Co Author Listing * Wide-Angle Tissue Doppler Imaging at High Frame Rate Using Multi-Line Transmit Beamforming: An Experimental Validation In Vivo

Fradet, L. Co Author Listing * Head pose estimation using Gabor eigenspace modeling

Fradet, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution Approach for Color Correction of Textured Meshes, A
* Multi-step flow fusion: Towards accurate and dense correspondences in long video shots
* Robust Optical Flow Integration
* Semi-automatic Motion Segmentation with Motion Layer Mosaics
* Time-sequential extraction of motion layers
* Video Inpainting of Complex Scenes
Includes: Fradet, M. Fradet, M.[Matthieu]

Fradette, M.S.[Marie Soleil] Co Author Listing * Method to Reduce the Bias on Digital Terrain Model and Canopy Height Model from LiDAR Data
Includes: Fradette, M.S.[Marie Soleil] Fradette, M.S.[Marie-Soleil]

Fradi, H. Co Author Listing * Crowd Behavior Analysis Using Local Mid-Level Visual Descriptors
* Enhancing human detection using crowd density measures and an adaptive correction filter
* new multiclass SVM algorithm and its application to crowd density analysis using LBP features, A
* Sparse Feature Tracking for Crowd Change Detection and Event Recognition
* Spatio-temporal crowd density model in a human detection and tracking framework
* Thermal Image Enhancement using Generative Adversarial Network for Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Fradi, H. Fradi, H.[Hajer]

Fradj, B.B.[Bilel Ben] Co Author Listing * Scalable video coding using motion-compensated temporal filtering

Fradkin, D. Co Author Listing * Diag2graph: Representing Deep Learning Diagrams In Research Papers As Knowledge Graphs

Fradkin, M. Co Author Listing * Building Detection from Multiple Aerial Images in Dense Urban Areas
* Building Detection from Multiple Views
* Configurable real-time motion estimation for medical imaging: application to X-ray and ultrasound
* Efficient model-based quantification of left ventricular function in 3-D echocardiography
* Segmentation of Thrombus in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms From CTA With Nonparametric Statistical Grey Level Appearance Modeling
* Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Aerial Images in Dense Urban Areas
Includes: Fradkin, M. Fradkin, M.[Maxim]

Frady, K. Co Author Listing * Interactive breadboard activity simulation (IBAS) for psychomotor skills education in electrical circuitry

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