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Ikehara, M.[Masaaki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Directional Wavelet Transform Based on Directional Prefiltering
* Adaptive Directional-Wavelet Transform Using Pre-Directional Filtering
* Blind image deconvolution using specified HPF for feature extraction and conjugate gradient method in frequency domain
* Block-lifting factorization of M-channel biorthogonal filter banks with an arbitrary McMillan degree
* Color-line vector field and local color component decomposition for smoothing and denoising of color images
* Content aspect ratio preserving mesh-based image resizing
* Content Aware Image Resizing with Constraint of Object Aspect Ratio Preservation
* direction-adaptive image coding using two-dimensional direct lifting wavelet transform, A
* Edge-adaptive image interpolation using constrained least squares
* Efficient Lifting Structure of Biorthogonal Filter Banks for Lossless Image Coding, An
* Fast Edge Preserving 2D Smoothing Filter Using Indicator Function
* Fractional cycle spinning via modulated lapped transform for overcomplete image representation
* GAN-Based Image Deblurring Using DCT Discriminator
* Generalized Block-Lifting Factorization of M-Channel Biorthogonal Filter Banks for Lossy-to-Lossless Image Coding
* Generalized lapped biorthogonal transforms with integer coefficients
* HMM-based surface reconstruction from single images
* Image Coding using wavelets based on two-channel linear phase orthogonal IIR filter banks
* Image Interpolation Using Edge-Directed Smoothness Measure Filter
* Improved Seam Merging for Content-Aware Image Resizing
* Integer DCT Based on Direct-Lifting of DCT-IDCT for Lossless-to-Lossy Image Coding
* Integer fast lapped transforms based on direct-lifting of DCTs for lossy-to-lossless image coding
* Linear Phase Paraunitary Filter Banks with Unequal-Length Filters
* Linear-phase Paraunitary Filter Banks with Unequal Length
* Local Covariance Filtering for Color Images
* Multi-Stage Feature Alignment Network for Video Super-Resolution
* Multiresolution Image Representation Using Combined 2-D and 1-D Directional Filter Banks
* new combination of 1D and 2D filter banks for effective multiresolution image representation, A
* New Resolution Progressive Coding Scheme Using a Sorting Algorithm, A
* Noiseless no-flash photo creation by color transform of flash image
* novel design of criticially sampled contourlet transform and its application to image coding, A
* On lattice structure and design of orthogonal and biorthogonal multifilter banks
* Organization of optimal nonuniform lapped biorthogonal transforms based on coding efficiency
* Quasi-equiripple approximation of minimum phase FIR filters by updating desired response
* quick and high quality image interpolation for single image using multi-filtering and weighted mean, The
* Realization of lossless-to-lossy image coding compatible with JPEG standard by direct-lifting of DCT-IDCT
* Residual Learning of Video Frame Interpolation Using Convolutional LSTM
* Reversible non-expansive symmetric convolution for M-channel lifting based linear-phase filter banks
* Reversible Symmetric Nonexpansive Convolution: An Effective Image Boundary Processing for M-Channel Lifting-Based Linear-Phase Filter Banks
* Seam carving in wavelet transform domain
* Simplified DCT-lifting-based reversible lapped transforms using parallel processing of two same type lapped transforms
* simplified lattice structure of two-dimensional generalized lapped orthogonal transform (2-D GenLOT) for image coding, A
* Single-Image Rain Removal Using Residual Deep Learning
* Smooth signal extension for M-channel paraunitary filterbanks and its application to image coding
* Time-varying Wavelet Transforms with Lifting Steps for Lossless Image Compression
* Unequal Length First-Order Linear-Phase Filter Banks for Efficient Image Coding
* Wavelet-based content-aware image coding with rate-dependent seam carving
Includes: Ikehara, M.[Masaaki] Ikehara, M.
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Ikehata, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * 360 Single Image Super Resolution via Distortion-Aware Network and Distorted Perspective Images
* CNN-PS: CNN-Based Photometric Stereo for General Non-convex Surfaces
* Coarse-to-fine strategy for efficient cost-volume filtering
* Depth map inpainting and super-resolution based on internal statistics of geometry and appearance
* Does Physical Interpretability of Observation Map Improve Photometric Stereo Networks?
* Dual-ERP Representation for Object Detection in 360 Images
* Photometric Stereo Using Constrained Bivariate Regression for General Isotropic Surfaces
* Photometric Stereo Using Sparse Bayesian Regression for General Diffuse Surfaces
* Robust photometric stereo using sparse regression
* Scale Drift Correction of Camera Geo-Localization Using Geo-Tagged Images
* Structured Indoor Modeling
* Universal Photometric Stereo Network using Global Lighting Contexts
Includes: Ikehata, S.[Satoshi] Ikehata, S.
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Ikehira, K.[Kimimasa] Co Author Listing * Image processing system having skew correcting means

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