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Kant, K. Co Author Listing * Multiple Level Representations for Texture Description

Kant, S.[Sonaal] Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Generic Product Detection: A Low Data Baseline for Dense Object Detection
* Effective Source Recognition Algorithm: Extraction of Significant Binary Words, An
* Fusion of Spectral and Structural Information from Aerial Images for Improved Biomass Estimation
* Magnetic optimization algorithm for data clustering
Includes: Kant, S.[Sonaal] Kant, S.[Shri] Kant, S.[Surya]

Kantanen, M. Co Author Listing * Road-Condition Recognition Using 24-GHz Automotive Radar

Kantarci, A. Co Author Listing * Offline Signature Verification on Real-World Documents
* Rate adaptive video streaming under lossy network conditions
Includes: Kantarci, A. Kantarci, A.[Aylin]

Kantarci, B. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in Cardiac Health Monitoring and Decision Support
* Smart City System Design: A Comprehensive Study of the Application and Data Planes
Includes: Kantarci, B. Kantarci, B.[Burak]

Kantarcioglu, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Approximate and exact hybrid algorithms for private nearest-neighbor queries with database protection

Kanter, I.[Irving] Co Author Listing * Confirmed boundary pattern matching II
* Confirmed boundary pattern matching III

Kanter, M. Co Author Listing * gradient based approach for stereoscopic error concealment, A

Kanterakis, S.[Stathis] Co Author Listing * Application of trace-norm and low-rank matrix decomposition for computational anatomy

Kanters, F.M.W.[Frans M.W.] Co Author Listing * Combining Different Types of Scale Space Interest Points Using Canonical Sets
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multiscale Top Points: A Feasibility Study
* Discrete Representation of Top Points via Scale Space Tessellation
* Image Reconstruction from Multiscale Critical Points
* Linear Image Reconstruction Framework Based on Sobolev Type Inner Products, A
* On Image Reconstruction from Multiscale Top Points
* Stability of Top-Points in Scale Space
* Towards a New Paradigm for Motion Extraction
* Using multiscale top points in image matching
Includes: Kanters, F.M.W.[Frans M.W.] Kanters, F.M.W.
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Kanth, K.V.R.[K. V. Ravi] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction for Similarity Searching in Dynamic Databases

Kanth, V.[Vishnu] Co Author Listing * Real time security framework for detecting abnormal events at ATM installations

Kantha, L. Co Author Listing * On the Performance of the Range Imaging Technique Estimated Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles During the ShUREX 2015 Campaign

Kanti Bhowmik, M. Co Author Listing * Ground Truth Annotated Video Dataset for Moving Object Detection in Degraded Atmospheric Outdoor Scenes, A

Kantidakis, A. Co Author Listing * Traffic Monitoring using Multiple Cameras, Homographies and Multi-Hypothesis Tracking

Kantola, T. Co Author Listing * Area-Based Mapping of Defoliation of Scots Pine Stands Using Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Automation Aspects for the Georeferencing of Photogrammetric Aerial Image Archives in Forested Scenes
* Classification of Defoliated Trees Using Tree-Level Airborne Laser Scanning Data Combined with Aerial Images
* Single tree biomass modelling using airborne laser scanning
* Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Hyperspectral Imaging for Mapping Bark Beetle Damage at Tree-Level
Includes: Kantola, T. Kantola, T.[Tuula]

Kantor, G. Co Author Listing * Visual 3D Reconstruction and Dynamic Simulation of Fruit Trees for Robotic Manipulation

Kantor, J.M. Co Author Listing * Polar Format-Based Compressive SAR Image Reconstruction With Integrated Autofocus

Kantor, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * generalized family of fixed-radius distribution-based distance measures for content-based fMRI image retrieval, A

Kantor, S.[Sherwood] Co Author Listing * Spectral imaging method and apparatus

Kantorov, V.[Vadim] Co Author Listing * ContextLocNet: Context-Aware Deep Network Models for Weakly Supervised Localization
* Efficient Feature Extraction, Encoding, and Classification for Action Recognition

Kantorowicz, W. Co Author Listing * UAV and GIS Based Tool For Collection And Propagation Of Seeds Material: First Results

Kantzavelou, I. Co Author Listing * Playing Games with Internal Attackers Repeatedly

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