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Kotra, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Resource aware real-time stream adaptation of MPEG-4 video in constrained bandwidth networks

Kotra, A.M.[Anand Meher] Co Author Listing * Video Codec Using Flexible Block Partitioning and Advanced Prediction, Transform and Loop Filtering Technologies

Kotrbova, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Exosomes in Transmission Electron Microscopy
Includes: Kotrbova, A.[Anna] Kotrbová, A.[Anna]

Kotroni, V.[Vassiliki] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of GNSS ZTD Data Assimilation into the WRF Modeling System during High-Impact Rainfall Events over Greece
* Dead Fuel Moisture Content (DFMC) Estimation Using MODIS and Meteorological Data: The Case of Greece
Includes: Kotroni, V.[Vassiliki] Kotroni, V.[Vasiliki]

Kotropoulos, C.[Constantine] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kotropoulos, C.[Constantine]: costas AT zeus csd auth gr
* Adaptive hypergraph learning with multi-stage optimizations for image and tag recommendation
* Adaptive LMS L-Filters For Noise Suppression In Images
* Age interval and gender prediction using PARAFAC2 and SVMs based on visual and aural features
* Application of support vector machines classifiers to visual speech recognition
* Audio-Assisted Movie Dialogue Detection
* Block Randomized Optimization for Adaptive Hypergraph Learning
* Cellular LMS L-filters for noise suppression in still images and image sequences
* Color image histogram equalization by absolute discounting back-off
* Combining Support Vector Machines for Accurate Face Detection
* Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Comparison of ICA approaches for facial expression recognition
* Cross-lingual transfer learning: A PARAFAC2 approach
* Digit Recognition Applied to Reconstructed Audio Signals Using Deep Learning
* Elastic Net subspace clustering applied to pop/rock music structure analysis
* Enhanced Eigen-Audioframes for Audiovisual Scene Change Detection
* Ensemble Discriminant Sparse Projections Applied to Music Genre Classification
* Face Authentication Based on Morphological Grid Matching
* Face Verification based on Morphological Shape Decomposition
* Face verification using elastic graph matching based on morphological signal decomposition
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Correlation
* Frontal Face Authentication Using Morphological Elastic Graph Matching
* Frontal face authentication using variants of dynamic link matching based on mathematical morphology
* Frontal Face Detection Using Support Vector Machines and Back-Propagation Neural Networks
* Gender classification in two Emotional Speech databases
* ICA and gabor representation for facial expression recognition
* Information Loss of the Mahalanobis Distance in High Dimensions: Application to Feature Selection
* Language identification in web documents using discrete HMMs
* Long distance bigram models applied to word clustering
* M-estimators for robust multidimensional scaling employing L2,1 norm regularization
* Morphological elastic graph matching applied to frontal face authentication under well-controlled and real conditions
* Multichannel adaptive L-filters in color image filtering
* Nonlinear ultrasonic image processing based on signal-adaptive filters and self-organizing neural networks
* On the stability of support vector machines for face detection
* Order-Statistics Learning Vector Quantizer
* PLSA driven image annotation, classification, and tourism recommendation
* Segmentation of ultrasonic images using Support Vector Machines
* Simple Algorithm for Non-Negative Sparse Principal Component Analysis, A
* Special Issue Preface: Ultrasonic Image Processing and Analysis
* Support Vector Machine-Based Dynamic Network for Visual Speech Recognition Applications, A
* texture-based approach to the segmentation of seismic images, A
* Using Support Vector Machines for Face Authentication Based on Elastic Graph Matching
* Using Support Vector Machines to Enhance the Performance of Elastic Graph Matching for Frontal Face Authentication
* variant of learning vector quantizer based on split-merge statistical tests, A
* Variants of Dynamic Link Architecture Based on Mathematical Morphology for Frontal Face Authentication
Includes: Kotropoulos, C.[Constantine] Kotropoulos, C.
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Kotropoulos, C.L.[Constantine L.] Co Author Listing * Source phone identification using sketches of features

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