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Lins, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * WaterMaskAnalyzer (WMA): A User-Friendly Tool to Analyze and Visualize Temporal Dynamics of Inland Water Body Extents

Lins, R.C.[Regina Camara] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Chlorophyll: A Remote Sensing Algorithms in a Productive Tropical Estuarine-Lagoon System
* Atmospheric and sunglint correction for retrieving chlorophyll-a in a productive tropical estuarine-lagoon system using Sentinel-2 MSI imagery
* Multivariate Analysis Framework to Detect Key Environmental Factors Affecting Spatiotemporal Variability of Chlorophyll-a in a Tropical Productive Estuarine-Lagoon System, A

Lins, R.D.[Rafael Dueire] Co Author Listing * Application of Enhanced-2D-CWT in Topographic Images for Mapping Landslide Risk Areas
* Assessing and Improving the Quality of Document Images Acquired with Portable Digital Cameras
* Automatic content recognition of teaching boards in the Tableau platform
* Automatic Method for Enhancing Character Recognition in Degraded Historical Documents, An
* Automatically Detecting Symmetries in Decorative Tiles
* Automatically Discriminating between Digital and Scanned Photographs
* Background Removal of Document Images Acquired Using Portable Digital Cameras
* BigBatch: An Environment for Processing Monochromatic Documents
* Binarizing complex scanned documents
* Color Document Synthesis as a Compression Strategy
* Correcting Book Binding Distortion in Scanned Documents
* Correcting Specular Noise in Multiple Images of Photographed Documents
* Editorial for special issue on Advanced Topics in Document Analysis and Recognition
* Efficient Algorithm for Segmenting Warped Text-Lines in Document Images, An
* Efficient Removal of Noisy Borders from Monochromatic Documents
* Efficient Removal of Noisy Borders of Monochromatic Documents
* Enhancing Document Images Acquired Using Portable Digital Cameras
* Enhancing the Filtering-Out of the Back-to-Front Interference in Color Documents with a Neural Classifier
* Enhancing the Quality of Color Documents with Back-to-Front Interference
* Generalizing Tableau to Any Color of Teaching Boards
* Generating Color Documents from Segmented and Synthetic Elements
* Generation of Images of Historical Documents by Composition of their Components
* HistDoc: A Toolbox for Processing Images of Historical Documents
* ICFHR 2010 Contest: Quantitative Evaluation of Binarization Algorithms
* Image Classification to Improve Printing Quality of Mixed-Type Documents
* Improving the Border Detection and Image Enhancement Algorithms in Tableau
* New Algorithm for Skew Detection in Images of Documents, A
* New File Format for Decorative Tiles, A
* New Method for Text-Line Segmentation for Warped Documents, A
* Removing Shade and Specular Noise in Images of Objects and Documents Acquired with a 3D-Scanner
* Shading Removal of Illustrated Documents
* Taxonomy for Noise in Images of Paper Documents: The Physical Noises, A
* Using Readers' Highlighting on Monochromatic Documents for Automatic Text Transcription and Summarization
Includes: Lins, R.D.[Rafael Dueire] Lins, R.D.[Rafael D.] Lins, R.D.
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Linscott, I.R. Co Author Listing * Smoothing Criteria for Regularized Matrix Inversion of Bistatic Radar Echoes

Linsen, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Fan Clouds: An Alternative to Meshes
* Impact of Activation Sparsity on Overfitting in Convolutional Neural Networks, The
* Novel Morphological Features for Non-mass-like Breast Lesion Classification on DCE-MRI

Linsey, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * Mechanix: A Sketch-Based Tutoring and Grading System for Free-Body Diagrams

Linsinger, S. Co Author Listing * Shadows of Previous Days: A Journey into Digital Reconstruction

Linsker, R. Co Author Listing * Self-organization in a perceptual network

Linsky, E. Co Author Listing * method of H.264 video watermarking robust to attack on I and P frames by removal, A

Linsley, D.[Drew] Co Author Listing * How and What to Learn: Taxonomizing Self-Supervised Learning for 3D Action Recognition
* What are the Visual Features Underlying Human Versus Machine Vision?
Includes: Linsley, D.[Drew] Linsley, D.

Linstead, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Vertical Displacement of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam during Its Filling Using DInSAR Technology and Its Potential Acute Consequences on the Downstream Countries
* Coral Reef Change Detection in Remote Pacific Islands Using Support Vector Machine Classifiers
* Evaluation of Spatial Generalization Characteristics of a Robust Classifier as Applied to Coral Reef Habitats in Remote Islands of the Pacific Ocean
* Machine Learning Approach to Delineating Neighborhoods from Geocoded Appraisal Data, A
* Quantitative Validation of Multi-Modal Image Fusion and Segmentation for Object Detection and Tracking, A

Linstedt, A.D. Co Author Listing * Active Mask Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images

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