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Matz, K.D. Co Author Listing * Mars Express HRSC Data Processing: Methods and Operational Aspects

Matz, S.C.[Sean C.] Co Author Listing * Localized Nonlinear Method for the Contrast Enhancement of Images, A
* nonlinear image contrast sharpening approach based on Munsell's scale, A

Matzen, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * BubbLeNet: Foveated Imaging for Visual Discovery
* Deep Burst Denoising
* DeepMVS: Learning Multi-view Stereopsis
* NYC3DCars: A Dataset of 3D Vehicles in Geographic Context
* Scene Chronology
Includes: Matzen, K.[Kevin] Matzen, K.

Matzen, L.E.[Laura E.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Human Comprehension of Data Visualizations

Matzka, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Determining Efficient Scan-Patterns for 3-D Object Recognition Using Spin Images
* Effcient Resource Allocation using a Multiobjective Utility Optimisation Method
* Efficient Resource Allocation for Attentive Automotive Vision Systems
* Fast Motion Estimation on Range Image Sequences acquired with a 3-D Camera
Includes: Matzka, S.[Stephan] Matzka, S.

Matzler, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * 10-Year Cloud Fraction Climatology of Liquid Water Clouds over Bern Observed by a Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer, A
* Calibration Scheme for Microwave Radiometers Using Tipping Curves and Kalman Filtering, A
* Comparison of Two Bare-Soil Reflectivity Models and Validation With L-Band Radiometer Measurements
* Davos-Laret Remote Sensing Field Laboratory: 2016/2017 Winter Season L-Band Measurements Data-Processing and Analysis
* Deriving Winds at Cloud-Base Height With an Infrared Camera
* Detection of Cirrus Clouds Using Infrared Radiometry
* Diurnal Cycle in Atmospheric Water over Switzerland
* Relief Effects on the L-Band Emission of a Bare Soil
* Tau-Omega- and Two-Stream Emission Models Used for Passive L-Band Retrievals: Application to Close-Range Measurements over a Forest
Includes: Matzler, C.[Christian] Mätzler, C.[Christian] Matzler, C.
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Matzler, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometry for Surface Deformation Monitoring in Low-Land Permafrost Areas
Includes: Matzler, E.[Eva] Mätzler, E.[Eva]

Matzner, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Signature-Based Video Browser
* Signature-Based Video Browser

Matzner, R.[Rolf] Co Author Listing * On MPEG-2 Decoding of Noisy Input Data

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