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Menten, M.J.[Martin J.] Co Author Listing * Statistical Motion Mask and Sliding Registration

Menter, A. Co Author Listing * novel classification system for dysplastic nevus and malignant melanoma, A

Mentz, H.J. Co Author Listing * Assisting Multimodal Travelers: Design and Prototypical Implementation of a Personal Travel Companion

Mentzafou, A.[Angeliki] Co Author Listing * Multi-Platform Hydrometeorological Analysis of the Flash Flood Event of 15 November 2017 in Attica, Greece, A

Mentzelopoulos, M.[Markos] Co Author Listing * Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation Using Microsoft Kinect
* Performance evaluation of a statistical and a neural network model for nonrigid shape-based registration
Includes: Mentzelopoulos, M.[Markos] Mentzelopoulos, M.

Mentzer, F. Co Author Listing * Conditional Probability Models for Deep Image Compression
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Extreme Learned Image Compression
* Practical Full Resolution Learned Lossless Image Compression
Includes: Mentzer, F. Mentzer, F.[Fabian]

Mentzer, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * ASEV: Automatic situation assessment for event-driven video analysis

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