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Paeth, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Cropping Intensity in the Aral Sea Basin and Its Dependency from the Runoff Formation 2000-2012
* Semi-supervised Learning for Grain Size Distribution Interpolation

Paetzold, F. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Driving Goes Downtown
* Method and system for generating facial animation values based on a combination of visual and audio information
* Road recognition in urban environment
Includes: Paetzold, F. Paetzold, F.[Frank]

Paetzold, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * METGAN: Generative Tumour Inpainting and Modality Synthesis in Light Sheet Microscopy
* Relationformer: A Unified Framework for Image-to-Graph Generation

Paetzold, J.C.[Johannes C.] Co Author Listing * clDice: A Novel Topology-Preserving Loss Function for Tubular Structure Segmentation
* Differentially Private Graph Neural Networks for Whole-Graph Classification
* Geometry-Aware Neural Solver for Fast Bayesian Calibration of Brain Tumor Models

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