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Rohil, M.K.[Mukesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * improved model for no-reference image quality assessment and a no-reference video quality assessment model based on frame analysis, An
* SPRINT: Spectra Preserving Radiance Image Fusion Technique using holistic deep edge spatial attention and Minnaert guided Bayesian probabilistic model

Rohilla, H.[Hrithik] Co Author Listing * Fusion-based simultaneous estimation of reflectance and illumination for low-light image enhancement

Rohilla, M.K.[Mohit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Edge feature enhanced convolutional neural networks for face recognition using IoT devices

Rohilla, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor image pixel segmentation and detection using an aggregation of GAN models with vision transformer
* Spider monkey optimisation assisted particle filter for robust object tracking

Rohini, S.S. Co Author Listing * Documentation Of Architectural Scenes Using A Hierarchical Method

Rohit, F.[Fnu] Co Author Listing * Real-time drowsiness detection using wearable, lightweight brain sensing headbands

Rohith, B.V. Co Author Listing * New Measure of Detail for Triangulated Meshes, A

Rohith, M.V. Co Author Listing * Application of Heterogenous Motion Models towards Structure Recovery from Motion
* Augmenting monocular motion estimation using intermittent 3D models from depth sensors
* camera flash based projector system for true scale metric reconstruction, A
* Can 3D Pose Be Learned from 2D Projections Alone?
* CollisionExplorer: A Tool for Visualizing Droplet Collisions in a Turbulent Flow
* D-Clutter: Building object model library from unsupervised segmentation of cluttered scenes
* Extracting Quantitative Information on Coastal Ice Dynamics and Ice Hazard Events From Marine Radar Digital Imagery
* Fully automatic pose-invariant face recognition via 3D pose normalization
* Iterative Reconstruction of Large Scenes Using Heterogeneous Feature Tracking
* Learning Image Structures for Optimizing Disparity Estimation
* Leveraging geometry and appearance cues for recognizing family photos
* Leveraging multiple cues for recognizing family photos
* Modified Region Growing for Stereo of Slant and Textureless Surfaces
* Motion-Guided Masking for Spatiotemporal Representation Learning
* Shape from stereo and shading by gradient constrained interpolation
* Single Camera Stereo System Using Prism and Mirrors
* Tool for Visualizing Large-Scale Interactions between Turbulence and Particles in 3D Space through 2D Trajectory Visualization, A
* Towards estimation of dense disparities from stereo images containing large textureless regions
* Unsupervised 3D Pose Estimation With Geometric Self-Supervision
* Utilizing image-based features in biomedical document classification
* VADANA: A dense dataset for facial image analysis
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