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Sirmacek, B. Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of building point clouds automatically generated from iphone images
* Automated Large Scale Parameter Extraction of Road-Side Trees Sampled by a Laser Mobile Mapping System
* Automatic crowd density and motion analysis in airborne image sequences based on a probabilistic framework
* Autonomous UAV-Based 3D-Reconstruction of Structures for Aerial Physical Interaction
* Cest Analysis: Automated Change Detection From Very-high-resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Gestalt Grouping On Fašade Textures From IR Image Sequences: Comparing Different Production Systems
* Integrating pedestrian simulation, tracking and event detection for crowd analysis
* Iqmulus Urban Showcase: Automatic Tree Classification And Identification In Huge Mobile Mapping Point Clouds, The
* IQPC 2015 Track: Tree Separation and Classification in Mobile Mapping LIDAR Data
* Kalman Filter Based Feature Analysis for Tracking People from Airborne Images
* Low Dimensional State Representation Learning with Reward-shaped Priors
* Novel 3d City Modelling Approach For Satellite Stereo Data Using 3d Active Shape Models On Dsms, A
* Performance Assessment Of Fully Automatic Three-dimensional City Model Reconstruction Methods
* Probabilistic Framework to Detect Buildings in Aerial and Satellite Images, A
* Quality Assessment And Comparison Of Smartphone And Leica C10 Laser Scanner Based Point Clouds
* Reinforcement Learning Helps SLAM: Learning to Build Maps
* Road Network Detection Using Probabilistic and Graph Theoretical Methods
* Road Network Extraction Using Edge Detection and Spatial Voting
* Semi-Automatic Procedure for Texturing of Laser Scanning Point Clouds with Google Streetview Images, A
* Towards Continuous Control for Mobile Robot Navigation: A Reinforcement Learning and Slam Based Approach
* Urban-Area and Building Detection Using SIFT Keypoints and Graph Theory
* Using local features to measure land development in urban regions
Includes: Sirmacek, B. Sirmacek, B.[Beril]
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Sirmatel, I.I. Co Author Listing * Economic Model Predictive Control of Large-Scale Urban Road Networks via Perimeter Control and Regional Route Guidance
* Nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks

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