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Soundar, K.R.[K. Ruba] Co Author Listing * Preserving global and local information: A combined approach for recognising face image
* Texture classification with combined rotation and scale invariant wavelet features
* Texture image segmentation using combined features from spatial and spectral distribution

Soundaralakshmi, S. Co Author Listing * Fast parallel algorithm for distance transform

Soundararaj, B.[Balamurugan] Co Author Listing * Usefulness of an Urban Growth Model in Creating Scenarios for City Resilience Planning: An End-User Perspective
* Using Eye-tracking to Support Big Data Driven Property Valuation Tools
Includes: Soundararaj, B.[Balamurugan] Soundararaj, B.

Soundararaj, V. Co Author Listing * Review of Communication, Driver Characteristics, and Controls Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC), A

Soundararajan, E. Co Author Listing * Fast fractal image compression with triangular multiresolution block matching

Soundararajan, P.[Padmanabhan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of MinCut, Average Cut, and Normalized Cut Measures
* Empirical evaluation of graph partitioning measures for perceptual organization
* Evaluation Framework for Video OCR
* Framework for Performance Evaluation of Face, Text, and Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Video: Data, Metrics, and Protocol
* in-depth study of graph partitioning measures for perceptual organization, An
* Investigation of Measures for Grouping by Graph Partitioning
* Performance Evaluation of Object Detection and Tracking in Video
* Performance Evaluation of Text Detection and Tracking in Video
* Supervised Learning of Large Perceptual Organization: Graph Spectral Partitioning and Learning Automata
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Soundararajan, R. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Multiexposure Fusion Using Image Information
* Generalized Gaussian scale mixtures: A model for wavelet coefficients of natural images
* Image Denoising for Image Retrieval by Cascading a Deep Quality Assessment Network
* Llrnet: A Multiscale Subband Learning Approach for Low Light Image Restoration
* low light natural image statistical model for joint contrast enhancement and denoising, A
* Machine vision quality assessment for robust face detection
* Making a Completely Blind Image Quality Analyzer
* Model Learning Approach For Low Light Image Restoration, A
* No Reference Opinion Unaware Quality Assessment of Authentically Distorted Images
* Predicting Spatio-Temporal Entropic Differences for Robust No Reference Video Quality Assessment
* Revealing Disocclusions in Temporal View Synthesis through Infilling Vector Prediction
* Robust image retrieval by cascading a deep quality assessment network
* RRED Indices: Reduced Reference Entropic Differencing for Image Quality Assessment
* Semi-Supervised Learning for Low-light Image Restoration through Quality Assisted Pseudo-Labeling
* SpEED-QA: Spatial Efficient Entropic Differencing for Image and Video Quality
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Video
* Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Stitched Images for Virtual Reality
* Survey of information theory in visual quality assessment
* Understanding the perceived quality of video predictions
* Video Quality Assessment by Reduced Reference Spatio-Temporal Entropic Differencing
* Wireless Video Quality Assessment: A Study of Subjective Scores and Objective Algorithms
Includes: Soundararajan, R. Soundararajan, R.[Rajiv]
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Soundirarajan, M.[Mirra] Co Author Listing * Analysis of brain-facial muscle connection in the static fractal visual stimulation

Soundrapandiyan, R.[Rajkumar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pedestrian detection in infrared images using fuzzy enhancement and top-hat transform
* Efficient DWT and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Based Multimodality Medical Image Fusion, An
* Semantic Segmentation With Multi Scale Spatial Attention For Self Driving Cars
Includes: Soundrapandiyan, R.[Rajkumar] Soundrapandiyan, R.[RajKumar]

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