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Vina, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Editorial for Special Issue Remote Sensing for Monitoring Wildlife and Habitat in a Changing World
Includes: Vina, A.[Andres] Viña, A.[Andrés]

Vinacua, A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Recognition and Reconstruction of the Human Heart
* Interactive GPU-based generation of solvent-excluded surfaces
Includes: Vinacua, A. Vinacua, À.[Àlvar]

Vinagre Diaz, J.J. Co Author Listing * Extended Floating Car Data System: Experimental Results and Application for a Hybrid Route Level of Service
* Modeling and Detecting Aggressiveness From Driving Signals

Vinagre, B.M.[Blas M.] Co Author Listing * Boolean-based fractional order SMC for switching systems: Application to a DC-DC buck converter

Vinagre, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Combining usage and content in an online recommendation system for music in the Long Tail
Includes: Vinagre, J.[Joao] Vinagre, J.[João]

Vinals, M.J.[Maria J.] Co Author Listing * AR-Immersive Cinema at the Aula Natura Visitors Center

Vinas, F.[Ferran] Co Author Listing * Kernel alignment for identifying objective criteria from brain MEG recordings in schizophrenia
Includes: Vinas, F.[Ferran] Viñas, F.[Ferran]

Vinasco, D. Co Author Listing * Group Cycling Meets Technology: A Cooperative Cycling Cyber-Physical System

Vinatier, F.[Fabrice] Co Author Listing * Impact of Tree Crown Transmittance on Surface Reflectance Retrieval in the Shade for High Spatial Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy: A Simulation Analysis Based on Tree Modeling Scenarios
* Joining multi-epoch archival aerial images in a single SfM block allows 3-D change detection with almost exclusively image information
* Use of Photogrammetry to Construct Time Series of Vegetation Permeability to Water and Seed Transport in Agricultural Waterways, The
Includes: Vinatier, F.[Fabrice] Vinatier, F.

Vinay, A. Co Author Listing * Affine-scale invariant feature transform and two-dimensional principal component analysis: a novel framework for affine and scale invariant face recognition

Vinay, G.K.[G. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Sparse Representation-Based Human Detection: A Scale-Embedded dictionary approach

Vinay, K. Co Author Listing * Computerized Analysis of Classification of Lung Nodules and Comparison between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Ensemble of Classifier Model

Vinay, K.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient MEG signal decoding of direction in wrist movement using curve fitting (EMDC)

Vinay, P. Co Author Listing * Non Homogeneous Realistic Single Image Dehazing

Vinay, V.[Vishwa] Co Author Listing * GEMS: Scene Expansion using Generative Models of Graphs

Vinayagamoorthy, S. Co Author Listing * Color Image-Processing Using Adaptive Multichannel Filters

Vinayagapriya, S. Co Author Listing * PMD induced broadening on propagation of Chirped Super Gaussian pulse in single mode optical fiber

Vinayak, N.N.[Nandagopal Netrakanti] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection using Facial Action Units

Vinayaka Murthy, M. Co Author Listing * Combined secure approach based on whale optimization to improve the data classification for data analytics

Vinayakaram, N. Co Author Listing * Elimination of grey level distortion using multiscale gradient multiplication

Vinayavekhin, P. Co Author Listing * Focusing on What is Relevant: Time-Series Learning and Understanding using Attention
* Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection for Industrial Robots through Prediction in Unsupervised Feature Space
* Unifying Heterogeneous Classifiers With Distillation
Includes: Vinayavekhin, P. Vinayavekhin, P.[Phongtharin]

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