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Yalcin, B.[Berna] Co Author Listing * Approximate spectral clustering with utilized similarity information using geodesic based hybrid distance measures
Includes: Yalcin, B.[Berna] Yalçin, B.[Berna]

Yalcin, H.[Hulya] Co Author Listing * Background Estimation under Rapid Gain Change in Thermal Imagery
* Dense Estimation of Motion and Appearance in Layers, The
* Flow-Based Approach to Vehicle Detection and Background Mosaicking in Airborne Video, A
* Implicitization of Parametric Curves by Matrix Annihilation
* Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor: System Description, Issues and Solutions, A
Includes: Yalcin, H.[Hulya] Yalcin, H.[Hakan]

Yalcin, I. Co Author Listing * Radiometric And Geometric Accuracy Analysis Of Rasat Pan Imagery

Yalcin, I.K.[Ilhan Kubilay] Co Author Listing * Integrating Differential Evolution and Condensation Algorithms for License Plate Tracking

Yalcin, M. Co Author Listing * Towards Large-Scale Face Recognition Based on Videos

Yalcin, O. Co Author Listing * Joint quantization and dithering of color images

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