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Zen, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Wildland Fire Smoke Detection

Zen, G.[Gloria] Co Author Listing * Computational Understanding of Visual Interestingness Beyond Semantics: Literature Survey and Analysis of Covariates
* Daily Living Activities Recognition via Efficient High and Low Level Cues Combination and Fisher Kernel Representation
* Earth mover's prototypes: A convex learning approach for discovering activity patterns in dynamic scenes
* Enhanced semantic descriptors for functional scene categorization
* Enhancing Perceptual Attributes with Bayesian Style Generation
* Exploiting Sparse Representations for Robust Analysis of Noisy Complex Video Scenes
* Learning Pedestrian Trajectories with Kernels
* Learning Personalized Models for Facial Expression Analysis and Gesture Recognition
* Prototype Learning Framework Using EMD: Application to Complex Scenes Analysis, A
* Simultaneous Ground Metric Learning and Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance
* Sorting Atomic Activities for Discovering Spatio-temporal Patterns in Dynamic Scenes
* Tracking Multiple People with Illumination Maps
Includes: Zen, G.[Gloria] Zen, G.
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Zen, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Road Image as Seen from a Vehicle
* color video image quantization method with stable and efficient color selection capability, A
* Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends
* Extraction of the Fair Document from Mixed Mode Manuscript
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Affective Speech and Language Synthesis, Generation, and Conversion
* Moving Object Detection from MPEG Coded Picture
* Speech Synthesis Based on Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Zen, H. Zen, H.[Heiga] Zen, H.[Heitou]
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Zen, K.[Kartinah] Co Author Listing * Analysing the attributes of fiducial markers for robust tracking in augmented reality applications

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