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VNBA08 * *Workshop on Vision Networks for Behavior Analysis
* Active-GNG: model acquisition and tracking in cluttered backgrounds
* Categorizing bi-object video activities using bag of segments and causality features
* Enabling technologies on hybrid camera networks for behavioral analysis of unattended indoor environments and their surroundings
* Enhancing change detection in low-quality surveillance footage using markov random fields
* Example based learning for object detection in images
* Gaze-based interaction in various environments
* novel fitting algorithm using the ICP and the particle filters for robust 3d human body motion tracking, A
* People detection in image and video data
* People tracking and segmentation using spatiotemporal shape constraints
* Pose robust human detection using multiple oriented 2d elliptical filters
* Real-time 3d arm pose estimation from monocular video for enhanced HCI
* Unsupervised approach for building non-parametric background and foreground models of scenes with significant foreground activity
* Video measurement of resident-on-resident physical aggression in nursing homes
* ViHASi: Virtual human action silhouette data for the performance evaluation of silhouette-based action recognition methods
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