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8207 * Apparatus and method for generating a dispersed dot half tone picture from a continuous tone picture
* Arrangement for determining the optimum scan angle for printed documents
* Boundary Detection in Scintigraphic Images
* Computational Cost of Image Registration with a Parallel Binary Array Processor
* Extracting Linear Features from Images Using Pyramids
* Fast Edge Thinning Operator, A
* Graph-Theoretic Method for Decomposing Two-Dimensional Polygonal Shapes into Meaningful Parts, A
* Medial Axis Transformation for Grayscale Pictures, A
* Medial Axis Transformation of A Planar Shape
* On Cubics: a Survey
* On the topology preservation property of local parallel operations
* On-Line Procedure for Recognition of Handprinted Alphanumeric Characters, An
* Optimization Approach to Edge Reinforcement, An
* Performance Evaluations of Correlations of Digital Images Using Different Separability Measures
* Polygonal Approximation by the Minimax Method
* Random screen generator apparatus for producing halftone images
* Representation and Display of Scenes with a Wide Range of Detail, The
* Rule-Based Learning for More Accurate ECG Analysis
* Segmentation of FLIR Images: A Comparative Study
* Segmentation of Images Having Unimodal Distributions
* Sketching: Estimating Object Positions from Relational Descriptions
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