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8301 * Application of a Multilayer Decision Tree in Computer Recognition of Chinese Characters
* Biomedical Image Processing
* Boundary Location from an Initial Plan: The Bead Chain Algorithm
* Cellular Logic Computers for Pattern Recognition
* Computer Architectures for Image Processing
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure of a Rigid Body Using the Spherical Projection
* Direct Computation of the Focus of Expansion
* Discrete Spatial Representation for Lateral Motion Stereo, A
* Displacement Vectors Derived from Second-Order Intensity Variations in Image Sequences
* Estimation and Choice of Neighbors in Spatial Interaction Models of Images
* Gray Level Image Processing by Cellular Logic Transforms
* Hierarchical Representation of Three-Dimensional Digital Objects
* Hierarchical Structures and Complexities of Parallel Isometric Languages
* Image Processing Machines in Japan
* Image Processing on the Massively Parallel Processor
* Integrated Computer Architectures for Image Processing and Database Management
* Line follower
* Markov Random Field Texture Models
* Measurement of Performance on a Highly Parallel System, The
* On Edge Detection of X-Ray Images
* Optimal Quadtrees for Image Segments
* Packing Volumes by Spheres
* Parallel Image Processing Using Cellular Arrays
* Passive Navigation
* Pyramid Linking is a Special Case of ISODATA
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Motion in Dynamic Scenes
* Restoration of a Feature Closed Class of Two-Dimensional Images
* Segmentation by Texture Using Correlation
* Segmentation by Thresholding
* Segmenting Dot Patterns by Voronoi Diagram Concavity
* Shape and Correspondence
* Spatial Reasoning in Remotely Sensed Data
* Special Issue on Time Varying Imagery: I
* Subgraph Error-Correcting Isomorphisms for Syntatic Pattern Recognition
* Understanding Blood Cell Motion
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