16.2 Motion Equation Estimation Methods

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Motion, Estimation Equations. Asada, M., and Tsuji, S.,
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Elsevier DOI Three points in 2 frames, directly computing motion parameters with natural parameters. Assumes that 3-D data is given. BibRef 8301

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Earlier: A2, A1, A3:
Representation of Motions in Time-Varying Imagery,
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And: A2, A1, A3:
Automatic Motion Analysis System of Moving Objects from the Records of Natural Processes,
ICPR78(726-730). Use of the gaussian sphere to determine the motions of the objects. This work assumes that the correspondences are already computed! BibRef

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Elsevier DOI 0309
Three Dimensional Motion Interpretation for the Sequence of Line Drawings,
ICPR80(1266-1273). Uses labeled scene to determine correspondences. Then compute the rotation and translation. BibRef

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DOI Link BibRef 9405

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Camera Calibration. BibRef
Understanding the Relationship Between the Optimization Criteria in Two-View Motion Analysis,
IEEE DOI Shows the criteria: Gradient weighted epipolar errors and distances between points and their reprojections are equivalent, when epipoles are at infinity. And the first of these and the criterion: distance between points and their epipolar lines are equivalent only when epipole is at infinity and the scales are the same. Thus the first criterion (gradient ...) is sufficient in practice.
See also Unified Theory of Uncalibrated Stereo for Both Perspective and Affine Cameras. BibRef

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Fundamental Matrix. BibRef

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Structure and motion for calibrated 1-D projections of a 2-D environment. BibRef

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WWW Link. 1805
Earlier: A1, A3, A2:
Motion estimation for non-overlapping cameras by improvement of feature points matching based on urban 3D structure,
SLAM; multi cameras; warping BibRef

Gomes-Neto, S.P.[Severino P.], de Carvalho, B.M.[Bruno M.],
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