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Yachi, K.[Kiyotake] Co Author Listing * Human Head Tracking using Adaptive Appearance Models with a Fixed-Viewpoint Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
* Tracking Human Heads Based on Interaction between Hypotheses with Certainty

Yachi, N. Co Author Listing * Measurement of Large-scale Solar Power Plant by Using Images Acquired by Non-metric Digital Camera on Board UAV
* Some Aspects in Height Measurement by UAV Photogrammetry

Yachida, M.[Masahiko] Co Author Listing * email: Yachida, M.[Masahiko]: yachida AT sys es osaka-u ac jp
* 3D Head Pose Estimation without Feature Tracking
* 3d Line Segment Reconstruction by Using Hyperomni Vision and Omnidirectional Hough Transforming
* 3D Shape and Motion by SVD under Higher-Order Approximation of Perspective Projection
* Active Contour Model for Extracting Human Faces
* Active Contour Road Model for Smart Vehicle
* Active Face Observation System
* Adaptive-Scale Robust Estimator Using Distribution Model Fitting
* Analysis of Three-Dimensional Motions in the Blocks World
* Application of Color Information to Visual Perception
* Automatic Analysis of Moving Images
* Automatic Motion Analysis System of Moving Objects from the Records of Natural Processes
* body-mounted camera system for head-pose estimation and user-view image synthesis, A
* Boundary Detection of Textured Regions
* Calibration Method for Misaligned Catadioptric Camera
* Calibration of Rotating Line Camera for Spherical Imaging
* Computer Vision System for 3-D Measurement and Recognition of Flexible Wire Using Cross-Stripe Light, A
* Description of Homogeneous Regions by a Structural Analysis
* Detecting Human Face and Recognizing Facial Expressions Using Potential Net
* Determining Velocity Map by 3-D Iterative Estimation
* Determining Velocity Maps by Spatio-Temporal Neighborhoods from Image Sequences
* Dual-sensor camera for acquiring image sequences with different spatio-temporal resolution
* Expression Recognition from Time-Sequential Facial Images by Use of Expression Change Model
* Face and facial feature extraction from color image
* Face Detection by Fuzzy Pattern Matching
* Face Detection from Color Images Using a Fuzzy Pattern Matching Method
* Face Recognition Based on Efficient Facial Scale Estimation
* Face Recognition System Using Accurate and Rapid Estimation of Facial Position and Scale
* Facial Contour Extraction Model
* Facial Expression Recognition and its Degree Estimation
* Facial Feature Extraction and Face Verification
* fast algorithm of video super-resolution using dimensionality reduction by DCT and example selection, A
* Flexible Feature Matching for Automatic Face and Facial Feature Points Detection, A
* Fuzzy Theory Based Face Detector, An
* Gesture and Posture Estimation by Using Locally Linear Regression
* Gesture Recognition Using Colored Gloves
* High-resolution Video Generation Using Morphing
* Iconic Memory-Based Omnidirectional Route Panorama Navigation
* Industrial Computer Vision in Japan
* Knowledge Directed Line Finder for Analysis of Complex Scenes, A
* Map-Based Navigation for a Mobile Robot with Omnidirectional Image Sensor COPIS
* Method of Real-Time Gesture Recognition for Interactive Systems, A
* Multiple-Human Tracking Using Multiple Cameras
* Multiple-View-Based Tracking of Multiple Humans
* Novel Wearable System for Capturing User View Images, A
* Object Detection with Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Cross Correlation
* Omindirectional Imaging with Hyperboliodal Projection
* Omnidirectional Sensing and Combined Multiple Sensing
* Omnidirectional sensing for human interaction
* Omnidirectional Vision Sensor with Single View and Constant Resolution, An
* Parallelization between face localization and person identification
* Plan Guided Analysis of Noisy Dynamic Images
* Plan-Guided Analysis of Cineangiograms for Measurement of Dynamic Behavior of Heart Wall, A
* Posture Estimation using Structure and Motion Models
* Real Time Gesture Recognition Using Eigenspace from Multi Input Image Sequence
* Real Time Recognition of Gesture and Gesture Degree Information Using Multi Input Image Sequences
* Real-Time Context-Based Gesture Recognition Using HMM and Automaton
* Real-Time Estimation of Fast Egomotion with Feature Classification Using Compound Omnidirectional Vision Sensor
* Real-Time Generation of Environmental Map and Obstacle Avoidance Using Omnidirectional Image Sensor with Conic Mirror
* Real-Time Omnidirectional Image Sensors
* Recognizing Degree of Continuous Facial Expression Change
* Representation of Motions in Time-Varying Imagery
* Resolution Improving Method from Multi-focal Omnidirectional Images
* Rolling and swaying motion estimation for a mobile robot by using omnidirectional optical flows
* Rolling Motion Estimation for Mobile Robot by Using Omnidirectional Image Sensor Hyperomnivision
* Superresolution modeling using an omnidirectional image sensor
* Three Dimensional Motion Interpretation for the Sequence of Line Drawings
* Three Dimensional Movement Analysis of Dynamic Line Images
* Three-Dimensional Measurements of Terminals of Line-Like Objects from Shadow Information
* Tracking and Segmentation of Moving Objects in Dynamic Line Images
* Trinocular Vision: New Approach for Correspondence Problem
* Versatile Machine Vision System for Complex Industrial Parts, A
* Video Synthesis with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Using Motion Compensation and Image Fusion in Wavelet Domain
* Video Synthesis with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Using Motion Compensation and Spectral Fusion
* Wide-Range Tracking of Hands in Real-Time
* Wiresight: Robot Vision for Determining Three-Dimensional Geometry of Flexible Wires from Shadow Information
Includes: Yachida, M.[Masahiko] Yachida, M.
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Yachida, S.[Shoji] Co Author Listing * Multi Object Tracking Based on Uncertainty-Aware RE-ID
* Online Object Recognition Using CNN-based Algorithm on High-speed Camera Imaging: Framework for fast and robust high-speed camera object recognition based on population data cleansing and data ensemble
* Reducing False Positives in Object Tracking with Siamese Network
* Robust and Fast Object Tracking Method Using a Dynamic Mask and an Adaptive Search, A
* Superimposing Thermal-Infrared Data on 3D Structure Reconstructed by RGB Visual Odometry
Includes: Yachida, S.[Shoji] Yachida, S.

Yachida, Y. Co Author Listing * Model-Guided Monitoring of a Building Environment by a Mobile Robot

Yachide, Y. Co Author Listing * Real-Time 3-D Measurement System Based on Light-Section Method Using Smart Image Sensor

Yachik, T.R.[Theodore R.] Co Author Listing * email: Yachik, T.R.[Theodore R.]: tyachik AT lga-inc com
* Evaluations of Large, Complex Research and Development Programs: Theory and Practice
* User-Centered Evaluation (UCE) Methods and Metrics

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