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Tsuji, A.[Atsuhiro] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Remote File System for Multimedia Application
* Robust Detection of Surface Anomaly Using Lidar Point Cloud With Intensity
* Silhouette transformation based on walking speed for gait identification
Includes: Tsuji, A.[Atsuhiro] Tsuji, A. Tsuji, A.[Akira]

Tsuji, H. Co Author Listing * Application Of Vision Metrology To In-orbit Measurement Of Large Reflector Onboard Communication Satellite For Next Generation Mobile Satellite Communication
* Estimating Object Contours from Binary Edge Images
* nonlinear spatio-temporal diffusion and its application to prefiltering in MPEG-4 video coding, A

Tsuji, K.[Kentaro] Co Author Listing * Iconic Memory-Based Omnidirectional Route Panorama Navigation

Tsuji, M. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using 4 Point-Targets, A
* Microscopic vision system with all-in-focus and depth images
* Pigment Mapping for Tomb Murals using Neural Representation and Physics-based Model
Includes: Tsuji, M. Tsuji, M.[Masataka] Tsuji, M.[Mayuka]

Tsuji, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Shape Analysis of a Human Body in Clothing Using Time-Series Part-Labeled Volumes

Tsuji, S. Co Author Listing * Active Camera Controlling for Manipulation
* Analysis of Three-Dimensional Motions in the Blocks World
* Application of Color Information to Visual Perception
* Automatic Analysis of Moving Images
* Automatic Motion Analysis System of Moving Objects from the Records of Natural Processes
* Automatic Recognition of Human Facial Expressions
* Boundary Detection of Textured Regions
* Building Environmental-Models of Man-Made Environments by Panoramic Sensing
* Classification of Textures by Structural Analysis
* Coarse to Fine Control Strategy for Matching Motion Stereo Pairs
* Color-Based Panoramic Representation of Outdoor Environment for a Mobile Robot
* Computer Analysis of Visual Textures
* Computer Vision System for 3-D Measurement and Recognition of Flexible Wire Using Cross-Stripe Light, A
* Continuous Image Interpretation By A Moving Viewer
* Correspondence and segmentation of multiple rigid motions via epipolar geometry
* Description of Homogeneous Regions by a Structural Analysis
* Description of Textures by a Structural Analysis
* Detection and Pose Estimation of Human Face with Synthesized Image Models
* Detection of Ellipses by a Modified Hough Transformation
* Detection of Elliptic and Linear Edges by Searching Two Parameter Spaces
* Determining Camera Rotation from Vanishing Points of Lines on Horizontal Planes
* Determining Motion of Non-Rigid Objects by Active Tubes
* Determining of Surface Properties by Projecting a Stripe Pattern
* Determining Robot Egomotion from Motion Parallax Observed by an Active Camera
* Determining Surface Orientation by Projecting a Stripe Pattern
* Egomotion Determination Through an Intelligent Gaze Control Strategy
* Estimating Precise Edge Position By Camera Motion
* Extraction of the Line Drawing of 3-Dimensional Objects by Sequential Illumination from Several Directions
* Finding Landmarks Autonomously Along a Route
* Finding of Objects Moving in a Pathway by a Moving Observer
* Future Directions of Industrial Applications
* Generating Dynamic Projection Images for Scene Representation and Understanding
* Industrial Computer Vision in Japan
* Inferring Motion of Cylindrical Object from Shading
* Inferring Motion of Cylindrical Object from Shape Information
* Inferring Surfaces from Boundaries
* Introduction: Machine Vision Research at Osaka University
* Knowledge Directed Line Finder for Analysis of Complex Scenes, A
* Making Cognitive Map of Outdoor Environment
* Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On
* Minimal region extraction using expanding active contours
* Mobile Robot Navigation by an Active Control of the Vision System
* Model-Based Matching Using Skewed Symmetry Information
* Model-Guided Monitoring of a Building Environment by a Mobile Robot
* new 2-D world representation system for mobile robots, A
* Occluded Gait Recognition via Silhouette Registration Guided by Automated Occlusion Degree Estimation
* Omni-directional Stereo
* Omni-directional Stereo for Making Global Map
* Panoramic Representation for Route Recognition by a Mobile Robot
* Panoramic Representation of Scenes for Route Understanding
* Parallel Polyhedral Shape Recognition
* Plan Guided Analysis of Noisy Dynamic Images
* Plan-Guided Analysis of Cineangiograms for Measurement of Dynamic Behavior of Heart Wall, A
* Pose estimation of human face using synthesized model images
* Qualitative Representation of Outdoor Enivronment Along Route
* Qualitative representation of scenes along route
* Qualitative Route Scene Description Using Autonomous Landmark Detection
* Real-Time Omnidirectional Image Sensor (COPIS) for Vision-Guided Navigation
* Realizing Active Vision by a Mobile Robot
* Recognition of Human Facial Expressions without Feature Extraction
* Recognizing Human Facial Expressions in a Potential Field
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Motions from Image Sequences
* Recovering Surface Shape from Boundary
* Region-Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Representation of Motions in Time-Varying Imagery
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Motion in Dynamic Scenes
* Representing a Global Map for a Mobile Robot with Relational Local Maps from Sensory Data
* Representing Environment Through Target-Guided Navigation
* Right Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders with Symmetric Cross-Sections: Recovery of Pose and Shape from Image Contours
* robust active contour model with insensitive parameters, A
* Robust Active Contours with Insensitive Parameters
* Stereo Vision of a Mobile Robot: World Constraints for Image Matching and Interpretation
* Structural Analyzer for a Class of Textures, A
* Three Dimensional Motion Interpretation for the Sequence of Line Drawings
* Three Dimensional Movement Analysis of Dynamic Line Images
* Three-Dimensional Interpretation of Quadrilaterals
* Three-Dimensional Measurements of Terminals of Line-Like Objects from Shadow Information
* Toward Generation of 3-Dimensional Models of Objects Using 2-Dimensional Figures and Explanations in Language
* Tracking and Segmentation of Moving Objects in Dynamic Line Images
* Tracking Human Body Motion Based on a Stick Figure Model
* Understanding a Simple Cartoon Film by a Computer Vision System
* Understanding Human Motion Patterns
* Utilization of a Stripe Pattern for Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Versatile Machine Vision System for Complex Industrial Parts, A
* Wiresight: Robot Vision for Determining Three-Dimensional Geometry of Flexible Wires from Shadow Information
Includes: Tsuji, S. Tsuji, S.[Saburo] Tsuji, S.[Shogo]
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Tsuji, T.[Tokuo] Co Author Listing * Angle- and volume-preserving mapping of organ volume model based on modified Self-organizing Deformable Model
* Development of night-vision system
* Estimation of Rice Plant Coverage Using Sentinel-2 Based on UAV-Observed Data
* Extraction of Surface Orientation Using Gray Level Difference Statistics
* Image recognition apparatus
* Levels of detail control based on correlation analysis between surface position and direction
* Mapping Aquifer Storage Properties Using S-Wave Velocity and InSAR-Derived Surface Displacement in the Kumamoto Area, Southwest Japan
* Real-Time Camera-Based Recognition of Characters and Pictograms
* Real-Time Hand and Eye Coordination for Flexible Impedance Control of Robot Manipulator
* Real-time Sound Source Localization Based on Audiovisual Frequency Integration
* Surface models based on face hierarchies and dynamic control of the model LODs
* Unpowered Sensorimotor-Enhancing Suit Reduces Muscle Activation and Improves Force Perception
* Vehicle Active Steering Control System Based on Human Mechanical Impedance Properties of the Arms
* Volume Representation of Parenchymatous Organs by Volumetric Self-organizing Deformable Model
Includes: Tsuji, T.[Tokuo] Tsuji, T. Tsuji, T.[Takeshi] Tsuji, T.[Takayuki] Tsuji, T.[Tomohiko] Tsuji, T.[Toshio]
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Tsuji, Y.[Yoshihisa] Co Author Listing * Border-ownership-dependent tilt after-effect in incomplete figures
* Building-GAN: Graph-Conditioned Architectural Volumetric Design Generation
* Document Image Analysis for Generating Syntactic Structure Description
* Event-Based Camera Simulation Using Monte Carlo Path Tracing with Adaptive Denoising
* Large-Scale Distributed Second-Order Optimization Using Kronecker-Factored Approximate Curvature for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Scalable and Practical Natural Gradient for Large-Scale Deep Learning
Includes: Tsuji, Y.[Yoshihisa] Tsuji, Y.[Yoshito] Tsuji, Y. Tsuji, Y.[Yuta] Tsuji, Y.[Yohei]

Tsujii, J.[Jun'ichi] Co Author Listing * Proximity-Based Frameworks for Generating Embeddings from Multi-Output Data

Tsujii, O. Co Author Listing * Anatomic Region-Based Dynamic-Range Compression for Chest Radiographs Using Warping Transformation of Correlated Distribution
* Classification of microcalcifications in digital mammograms using trend-oriented radial basis function neural network
Includes: Tsujii, O. Tsujii, O.[Osamu]

Tsujimoto, E.M. Co Author Listing * Position-Orientation Masking Approach To Parametric Search For Template Matching, The

Tsujimoto, S.[Shuichi] Co Author Listing * Automatic fixing of ship position by simulation-and-matching
* Image inclination detecting method and apparatus
* Major Components of a Complete Text Reading System
* Resolving Ambiguity in Segmenting Touching Characters
* Understanding Multi-Articled Documents

Tsujimoto, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Precise discrimination of image type

Tsujimoto, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Genetic Algorithm-Based Partial Least Squares Regression for Assessing the Soil Phosphorus Content of Upland and Lowland Rice Fields in Madagascar
* Using a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Improve Soil Phosphorus Prediction in Madagascar
* Vis-NIR Spectroscopy and PLS Regression with Waveband Selection for Estimating the Total C and N of Paddy Soils in Madagascar

Tsujimura, S.I.[Sei Ichi] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear two-stage model for color discrimination
Includes: Tsujimura, S.I.[Sei Ichi] Tsujimura, S.I.[Sei-Ichi]

Tsujimura, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Shape recognition of laser beam trace for human-robot interface

Tsujino, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive habituation detection to build human computer interactive systems using a real-time cross-modal computation

Tsujino, K.[Kousuke] Co Author Listing * Hypothesis Preservation Approach to Scene Text Recognition with Weighted Finite-State Transducer

Tsujino, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Detection of Differential Settlement of Man-Made Structures Coupled with Urban Development by Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI)
* Spotting Where to Read on Pages: Retrieval of Relevant Parts from Page Images
Includes: Tsujino, M.[Masahiro] Tsujino, M.[Masaaki]

Tsujita, M. Co Author Listing * Measurement of shape and refractive index of transparent object

Tsujita, W. Co Author Listing * Cramer-Rao Bounds for a Coupled Mixture of Polynomial Phase and Sinusoidal FM Signals
* Parameter Estimation of Hybrid Sinusoidal FM-Polynomial Phase Signal

Tsujiuchi, J. Co Author Listing * Special Issue on Optical Information-Processing 1. Image-Processing and Vision

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