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Mitianoudis, N. Co Author Listing * Biometric Identification Using Facial Motion Amplification
* Conditional Random Field Model for Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Conditional Random Field Model for Structured Multi-Focus Image Fusion Robust to Noise, A
* Deep Person Identification Using Spatiotemporal Facial Motion Amplification
* Document image binarization using local features and Gaussian mixture modeling
* Multi-spectral document image binarization using image fusion and background subtraction techniques
* Multidimensional directional steerable filters: Theory and application to 3D flow estimation
* Multidimensional steerable filters and 3D flow estimation
* Robust Recognition of Planar Shapes Under Affine Transforms Using Principal Component Analysis
* Simple mixture model for sparse overcomplete ICA
* Spatial kernel K-harmonic means clustering for multi-spectral image segmentation
* Unifying Approach to Moment-Based Shape Orientation and Symmetry Classification, A
Includes: Mitianoudis, N. Mitianoudis, N.[Nikolaos]
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Mitic, V.[Vojislav] Co Author Listing * Fractal Nature of Advanced Ni-Based Superalloys Solidified on Board the International Space Station

Mitiche, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Representation from Range Data Using Intrinsic Surface Properties
* 3D interpretation system based on consistent labeling of a set of propositions. Application to the interpretation of straight line correspondences, A
* Active Curve Recovery of Region Boundary Patterns
* Approximation of Images by Basis Functions for Multiple Region Segmentation with Level Sets
* Bayes Classification of Online Arabic Characters by Gibbs Modeling of Class Conditional Densities
* Biomechanical signal classification of surgical and non-surgical candidates for knee arthroplasty
* Boundary Preserving Variational Image Differentiation
* Classifier Combination for Handprinted Digit Recognition
* Combination of pruned Kohonen maps for on-line Arabic characters recognition
* Computation and Analysis of Image Motion: A Synopsis of Current Problems and Methods
* Computation of Optical Flow and Rigid Motion
* Computation of Surface Orientation and Structure of Objects Using Grid Coding
* Computational Analysis of Time-Varying Images, A
* Computational Analysis of Visual Motion
* Computational Approach to the Fusion of Stereopsis and Kineopsis, A
* Computer-Aided Method for Scoliosis Fusion Level Selection by a Topologicaly Ordered Self Organizing Kohonen Network, A
* Concurrent 3-D Motion Segmentation and 3-D Interpretation of Temporal Sequences of Monocular Images
* Context-independent real-time event recognition: application to key-image extraction
* Continuous Labeling for Multiphase Graph Cut Image Partitioning, A
* Contour Registration by Shape-Specific Points for Shape Matching
* Counting Straight Lines
* Curvature-Based Representation of Objects From Range Data
* Deep Clustering: On the Link Between Discriminative Models and K-Means
* Dense 3D Interpretation of Image Sequences: A Variational Approach Using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Detection of Edges Using Range Information
* Direct Estimation of Dense Scene Flow and Depth from a Monocular Sequence
* Edge Detection in Textures
* Edge Detection in Textures: Maxima Selection
* Effective Level Set Image Segmentation With a Kernel Induced Data Term
* Embedding a Region Merging Prior in Level Set Vector-Valued Image Segmentation
* Estimation of Position and Displacement in Space from Two Images
* Experiments in Combining Intensity and Range Edge Maps
* Experiments in Computing Optical Flow with the Gradient-Based, Multiconstraint Method
* Extraction of road network using amodified active contour approach
* Fast Computation of a Boundary Preserving Estimate of Optical Flow
* Finding Edges in Natural Textures
* Finding image distributions on active curves
* Gibbsian Kohonen Network for Online Arabic Character Recognition, A
* Image partioning by level set multiregion competition
* Image partitioning with kernel mapping and graph cuts
* Image Segmentation as Regularized Clustering: A Fully Global Curve Evolution Method
* Image Segmentation by Conventional and Information-Integrating Techniques: A Synopsis
* Image segmentation in a kernel-induced space
* incremental rigidity scheme for structure from motion: The line-based formulation, The
* Inferring Local Surface Orientation with the Aid of Grid Coding
* Interpretation of Optical Flow by Rotational Decoupling
* Interpretation of Optical Flow Correspondence
* Interpretation of Straight Line Correspondences Using Angular Relations
* Interpretation of Structure and Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Interpreting the Straight Line Using Angular Relations
* Joint Dense 3D Interpretation and Multiple Motion Segmentation of Temporal Image Sequences: A Variational Framework with Active Curve Evolution and Level Sets
* Joint Multiregion Segmentation and Parametric Estimation of Image Motion by Basis Function Representation and Level Set Evolution
* Joint optical flow estimation, segmentation, and 3D interpretation with level sets
* Joint Space-Time Motion-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences with Level Set PDES
* Knowledge Based Image Interpretation System, A
* Level Set Curve Evolution Partitioning of Polarimetric Images
* Line-Based Computation of Structure and Motion Using Angular Invariance
* Merging Active Contours
* MITES: A Model Driven, Iterative Texture Segmentation Algorithm
* Motion compensated super-resolution of video by level sets evolution
* Motion-based figure-ground segmentation by maximum motion separation
* Multiple Sensor Integration/Fusion through Image Processing: A Review
* Multiregion competition: A level set extension of region competition to multiple region image partitioning
* Multiregion Image Segmentation by Parametric Kernel Graph Cuts
* Multiregion Level-Set Partitioning of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Multisensor Knowledge Systems: Interpreting 3D Structure
* new representation of character shape and its use in on-line character recognition by a self organizing map, A
* new representation of shape and its use for high performance in online Arabic character recognition by an associative memory, A
* On Combining Points and Lines in an Image Sequence to Recover 3D Structure and Motion
* On Combining Range and Intensity Data
* On Combining Stereopsis And Kineopsis For Space Perception
* On comparing the performance of object recognition systems
* On convergence of the Horn and Schunck optical-flow estimation method
* On Kineopsis and Computation of Structure and Motion
* On Smoothness of a Vector Field: Application to Optical Flow
* On-line handwritten digit recognition based on trajectory and velocity modeling
* On-line recognition of handwritten Arabic characters using a Kohonen neural network
* Optical Flow 3D Segmentation and Interpretation: A Variational Method with Active Curve Evolution and Level Sets
* Partition Constrained Minimization Scheme for Efficient Multiphase Level Set Image Segmentation, A
* Pattern classification by a Gibbsian Kohonen neural network with an application to Arabic character recognition
* PDE-Based Region Tracking without Motion Computation by Joint Space-Time Segmentation
* Polarimetric Image Segmentation via Maximum-Likelihood Approximation and Efficient Multiphase Level-Sets
* Real-Time Motion Estimation by Object-Matching for High-Level Video Representation
* Reconnaissance en-Ligne de Caractères Arabes Manuscrits par un Réseau de Kohonen
* Region Merging Prior for Variational Level Set Image Segmentation, A
* Region tracking via local statistics and level set PDEs
* Regularised differentiation for image derivatives
* Reliable and fast structure-oriented video noise estimation
* Representation and Tracking of Point Structures Using Stereovision
* Robust Background Subtraction Using Geodesic Active Contours in ICA Subspace for Video Surveillance Applications
* Rule-based real-time detection of context-independent events in video shots
* SAR Image Segmentation with Active Contours and Level Sets
* Segmentation and estimation of image motion by a robust method
* Selective image diffusion: application to disparity estimation
* Spatial/Joint Space-Time Motion Segmentation of Image Sequences by Level Set Pursuit
* Spatio-temporal motion segmentation via level set partial differential equation
* Spatiotemporal Motion Boundary Detection and Motion Boundary Velocity Estimation for Tracking Moving Objects With a Moving Camera: A Level Sets PDEs Approach With Concurrent Camera Motion Compensation
* Structure and Motion from Images
* Structure and Motion from Images Fact and Fiction
* Theoretical Analysis of Edge Detection in Textures
* Three-Dimensional Space from Optical Flow Correspondence
* Tracking Human Motion in an Indoor Environment
* Tracking Modelled Objects Using Binocular Images
* Tracking moving objects as spatio-temporal boundary detection
* Tracking with simultaneous camera motion substraction by level set spatio-temporal surface evolution
* Unsupervised Variational Image Segmentation/Classification Using a Weibull Observation Model
* Using Constancy of Distance to Estimate Position and Displacement in Space
* Variational and Level Set Methods in Image Segmentation
* Variational Unsupervised Segmentation of Multi-Look Complex Polarimetric Images using a Wishart Observation Model
Includes: Mitiche, A. Mitiche, A.[Amar]
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Mitiche, L.[Lahcene] Co Author Listing * Effective hybrid genetic algorithm for removing salt and pepper noise
Includes: Mitiche, L.[Lahcene] Mitiche, L.[Lahcène]

Mitici, M. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Models for Air Traffic Conflict and Collision Probability Estimation

Mitidieri, F. Co Author Listing * Mapping small reservoirs in semi-arid regions using multitemporal SAR: Methods and applications
* Sentinel-1 for Monitoring Reservoirs: A Performance Analysis
Includes: Mitidieri, F. Mitidieri, F.[Francesco]

Mitiran, J. Co Author Listing * SVM approximation for real-time image segmentation by using an improved hyperrectangles-based method

Mitishita, E.[Edson] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvements in the Orientation of ALOS PRISM Images Using IOP Estimation and UCL Kepler Platform Model
* Aerotriangulation Supported By Camera Station Position Determined Via Physical Integration Of Lidar And SLR Digital Camera
* ATSS Deep Learning-Based Approach to Detect Apple Fruits
* Benefits of Combining ALOS/PALSAR-2 and Sentinel-2A Data in the Classification of Land Cover Classes in the Santa Catarina Southern Plateau
* Calibration Of Low Cost Digital Camera Using Data From Simultaneous Lidar And Photogrammetric Surveys
* Influence of On-Site Camera Calibration with Sub-Block of Images on the Accuracy of Spatial Data Obtained by PPK-Based UAS Photogrammetry
* influence of the in situ camera calibration for direct georeferencing of aerial imagery, The
* Photogrammetric mapping using unmanned aerial vehicle
* Photogrammetric Model Orientation Using LIDAR Dataset
* Remote Sensing Time Series Analysis Aimed At Detecting and Monitoring Brazilian Iron Ore Mining Disasters
* Study of stability analysis of the interior orientation parameters from the smallformat digital camera using on-the-job calibration
* Study of the Integration of Lidar And Photogrammetric Datasets By In Situ Camera Calibration And Integrated Sensor Orientation
Includes: Mitishita, E.[Edson] Mitishita, E.
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Mitishita, E.A.[Edson A.] Co Author Listing * Influence of Sub-Block Position on Performing Integrated Sensor Orientation Using In Situ Camera Calibration and Lidar Control Points, The
* TLS and Short-range Photogrammetric Data Fusion for Buildings 3d Modeling
Includes: Mitishita, E.A.[Edson A.] Mitishita, E.A.

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