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9101 * *International Symposium on Intelligent Robotics
* 3D Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering: Application to Scanner Images
* Analytical Model of Earth Observational Remote Sensing Systems, An
* Apparatus for enhancing and thresholding scanned microfilm images and methods for use therein
* Apparent Opacity Affects Perception of Structure from Motion
* Characterizing Three-Dimensional Surface Structure from Visual Images
* Commentary on the Paper by Jain and Binford, A
* Computer Vision Needs More Experiments and Applications
* Computing Occluding Contours Using Spherical Images
* Constraints for Interpretation of Line Drawings under Perspective Projection
* Dialogue: Ignorance, Myopia, and Naivete in Computer Vision Systems
* Estimation of Three-Dimensional Motion of Rigid Objects from Noisy Observations
* General Methods for Determining Projective Invariants in Imagery
* Image interpolator for an image display system
* Intelligence without Representation
* Inter-frame predictive encoding system with encoded and transmitted prediction error
* Multiscale coding of images
* Nonlinear Analog Networks for Image Smoothing and Segmentation
* On the Deformation of Image Intensity and Zero-Crossing Contours under Motion
* On Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Methods
* Optimal Morphological Pattern Restoration from Noisy Binary Images
* Orthogonal Multiprocessor Sharing Memory with an Enhanced Mesh for Integrated Image Understanding
* Parameter Tradeoffs for Imaging Spectroscopy Systems
* Passive ranging system especially for use with an electro-optical imaging system
* Perspective View of Three Points, The
* Region and Edge Segment Based Stereo Analysis
* Residual Analysis for Feature Detection
* Response to Ignorance, Myopia, and Naivete in Computer Vision Systems by R. C. Jain and T. O. Binford, A
* Revolutions and Experimental Computer Vision
* Rigid Body Motion from Range Image Sequences
* Robust Contour Decomposition Using a Constant Curvature Criterion
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method 2. Point Features in 3D Motion
* Shape Representation by Multiscale Contour Approximation
* Synthesis of Visual Modules from Examples: Learning Hyperacuity
* Techniques for Disparity Measurement
* Today the Earwig, Tomorrow Man?
* Trinocular Stereo Vision for Robotics
* Understanding Evidential Reasoning
* Video coder
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