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Eich, M.[Manfred] * 2006: Fast 3D-Vision System to Classify Metallic Coins by their Embossed Topography

Eichberg, S.[Sarah] * 2020: Predicting Spatial Crime Occurrences through an Efficient Ensemble-Learning Model

Eichel, J. * 2017: Non-local Deep Features for Salient Object Detection
* 2018: MIO-TCD: A New Benchmark Dataset for Vehicle Classification and Localization

Eichel, J.A.[Justin A.] * 2009: Novel Algorithm for Extraction of the Layers of the Cornea, A
* 2009: VizDraw: A Platform to Convert Online Hand-Drawn Graphics into Computer Graphics
* 2010: Automated 3D Reconstruction and Segmentation from Optical Coherence Tomography
* 2011: Precise High Speed Multi-Target Multi-Sensor Local Positioning System
* 2015: DREM: Decoupled region energy model for image segmentation
* 2015: Hidden Markov Model for Vehicle Detection and Counting, A
Includes: Eichel, J.A.[Justin A.] Eichel, J.A.

Eichel, P. * 1999: Compression of Complex-Valued SAR Images

Eichel, P.H.[Paul H.] * 1985: Sequential Edge Detection in Correlated Random Fields
* 1990: Quantitative Analysis of a Moment-Based Edge Operator

Eichelbaum, J.[Jeremias] * 2018: Classification of Icon Type and Cooldown State in Video Game Replays

Eichelberg, M. * 1995: European project RETAIN: new approach for IBC in teleradiology and PACS based on a full ATM network

Eichelberger, H.U.[Hans U.] * 2021: Satellite Measured Ionospheric Magnetic Field Variations over Natural Hazards Sites

Eichele, T. * 2013: Guest Editorial for Special Section on Multimodal Biomedical Imaging: Algorithms and Applications

Eichelmann, E.[Elke] * 2018: Field-Scale Assessment of Land and Water Use Change over the California Delta Using Remote Sensing
* 2019: Impact of Insolation Data Source on Remote Sensing Retrievals of Evapotranspiration over the California Delta

Eichenbergery, N.[Nicole] * 2015: Gradient-domain degradations for improving historical documents images layout analysis

Eichenseer, A. * 2014: Accelerated hybrid image reconstruction for non-regular sampling color sensors
* 2014: Coding of distortion-corrected fisheye video sequences using H.265/HEVC
* 2015: hybrid motion estimation technique for fisheye video sequences based on equisolid re-projection, A
* 2015: Hybrid super-resolution combining example-based single-image and interpolation-based multi-image reconstruction approaches
* 2016: Motion estimation for fisheye video sequences combining perspective projection with camera calibration information
* 2016: Multi-image super-resolution using a dual weighting scheme based on Voronoi tessellation
* 2019: Motion Estimation for Fisheye Video With an Application to Temporal Resolution Enhancement
Includes: Eichenseer, A. Eichenseer, A.[Andrea]
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Eichert, S.[Stefan] * 2021: Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Processing for Archaeology. Pipeline and QGIS Toolbox

Eichert, T.[Thomas] * 2015: Impact of different Leaf Surface Tissues on active 3D Laser Triangulation Measurements, The

Eichfuss, S.[Silas] * 2014: Estimating Biomass of Barley Using Crop Surface Models (CSMs) Derived from UAV-Based RGB Imaging
* 2015: Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Basic Geodata at Different Scale Levels for Improved Land Use Analyses
Includes: Eichfuss, S.[Silas] Eichfuss, S.

Eichhardt, I. * 2016: Improvement of camera calibration using surface normals
* 2017: Computer Vision Meets Geometric Modeling: Multi-view Reconstruction of Surface Points and Normals Using Affine Correspondences
* 2017: Image-guided ToF depth upsampling: a survey
* 2018: Affine Correspondences Between Central Cameras for Rapid Relative Pose Estimation
* 2018: differential geometry approach to camera-independent image correspondence, A
* 2019: Optimal Multi-View Surface Normal Estimation Using Affine Correspondences
* 2020: Relative Pose from Deep Learned Depth and a Single Affine Correspondence
Includes: Eichhardt, I. Eichhardt, I.[Iván] Eichhardt, I.[Ivan]
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Eichhorn, K.W.G.[Klaus W.G.] * 2010: Model-Based Approach to the Segmentation of Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus Boundaries, A
* 2011: Locally Deformable Statistical Shape Model, A

Eichhorn, M. * 2010: Video synchronization using bit rate profiles
* 2013: Fully Automatic and Frame-Accurate Video Synchronization Using Bitrate Sequences
* 2020: Retrieval of Aerodynamic Parameters in Rubber Tree Forests Based on the Computer Simulation Technique and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Eichhorn, M. Eichhorn, M.[Markus]

Eichhorn, M.P.[Markus P.] * 2015: Assessing Handheld Mobile Laser Scanners for Forest Surveys

Eichhorn, W. * 1988: Control Strategies in a Hierarchical Knowledge Structure

Eichi, V.R.[Vahid Rahimi] * 2018: Quantitative Estimation of Wheat Phenotyping Traits Using Ground and Aerial Imagery
* 2018: Quantitative Estimation of Wheat Phenotyping Traits Using Ground and Aerial Imagery
Includes: Eichi, V.R.[Vahid Rahimi] Eichi, V.R.[Vahid-Rahimi]

Eichinger, W.[William] * 2019: Retrieval of Vertical Mass Concentration Distributions: Vipava Valley Case Study

Eichinski, P. * 2015: Birdcall Retrieval from Environmental Acoustic Recordings Using Image Processing

Eichler, M. * 1994: Remote-Sensing of Vegetation Cover Along A Climatological Gradient

Eichler, N.[Nadav] * 2018: 3D motion capture system for assessing patient motion during Fugl-Meyer stroke rehabilitation testing
* 2020: Predicting Fall Probability Based on a Validated Balance Scale
Includes: Eichler, N.[Nadav] Eichler, N.

Eichler, T.W. * 2009: Unified Framework for Automated 3-D Segmentation of Surface-Stained Living Cells and a Comprehensive Segmentation Evaluation, A

Eichmann, D.[David] * 2010: Video Event Detection as Matching of Spatiotemporal Projection

Eichmann, G. * 1987: Vector Median Filters
* 1988: Topologically Invariant Texture Descriptors
* 1989: Pattern classification using a linear associative memory

Eichmann, M. * 2006: New Results on Efficient Optimal Multilevel Image Thresholding

Eichner, C.[Christian] * 2015: Interactive Presentation of Geo-Spatial Climate Data in Multi-Display Environments
* 2015: Novel Infrastructure for Supporting Display Ecologies, A

Eichner, M.[Marcin] * 2009: Better appearance models for pictorial structures
* 2010: We Are Family: Joint Pose Estimation of Multiple Persons
* 2011: Here's looking at you, kid. Detecting people looking at each other in videos
* 2012: 2D Articulated Human Pose Estimation and Retrieval in (Almost) Unconstrained Still Images
* 2012: Appearance Sharing for Collective Human Pose Estimation
* 2012: Has My Algorithm Succeeded? An Evaluator for Human Pose Estimators
* 2012: Human Pose Co-Estimation and Applications
* 2012: Video retrieval by mimicking poses
* 2014: Detecting People Looking at Each Other in Videos
Includes: Eichner, M.[Marcin] Eichner, M.
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Eichstadt, S.[Sascha] * 2016: Improved estimation of reflectance spectra by utilizing prior knowledge

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