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Ernst, A.[Andreas] * 2003: Fast Frontal-View Face Detection Using a Multi-path Decision Tree
* 2004: Face detection with the modified census transform
* 2006: Face detection and tracking in video sequences using the modified census transformation
* 2011: Fast face detection and species classification of African great apes
* 2013: Automated Chimpanzee Identification System Using Face Detection and Recognition, An
* 2021: Using Statistical Measures and Machine Learning for Graph Reduction to Solve Maximum Weight Clique Problems
Includes: Ernst, A.[Andreas] Ernst, A.

Ernst, C. * 2010: Automated Land Cover Mapping and Independent Change Detection in Tropical Forest Using Multi-Temporal High Resolution Data Set

Ernst, D. * 1992: Development of a Segment-Based Description of Events in Image Sequences
* 2006: Reinforcement Learning with Raw Image Pixels as Input State
* 2010: Small Format Digital Photogrammetry for Applications in the Earth Sciences
Includes: Ernst, D. Ernst, D.[Damien]

Ernst, F. * 2002: Dense Structure-from-Motion: An Approach Based on Segment Matching
* 2002: Reconstructing Depth from Spatiotemporal Curves
* 2004: From spatiotemporal curves to reconstructed depth
* 2004: Temporal stabilization of Video Object Segmentation for 3D-TV applications
* 2005: Application Specific Instruction-Set Processor Template for Motion Estimation in Video Applications
* 2005: Temporal stabilization of Video Object Segmentation for 3D-TV applications
* 2019: Efficient Registration of High-Resolution Feature Enhanced Point Clouds
* 2020: Human forehead recognition: a novel biometric modality based on near-infrared laser backscattering feature image using deep transfer learning
Includes: Ernst, F. Ernst, F.[Fabian] Ernst, F.[Floris]
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Ernst, F.B. * 2017: 3d Modeling of A Bazaar in Ancient Harran City Using Laser Scanning Technique
* 2017: New Master Plan for Harran University Based On Geodesign, A

Ernst, F.E. * 2001: Efficient Generation of 3-D Models out of Depth Maps

Ernst, G.W. * 1969: Learning patterns in terms of other patterns

Ernst, I. * 2005: New Approaches for Real Time Traffic Data Acquisition with Airborne Systems
* 2008: Mutual Information Based Semi-Global Stereo Matching on the GPU
* 2010: Real-time Dense Stereo Mapping For Multi-sensor Navigation
* 2012: IPS: A System for Real-time Navigation and 3d Modeling
* 2012: Memory Efficient Semi-Global Matching
* 2012: Real Time Data Processing for Optical Remote Sensing Payloads
* 2018: Visual Odometry and 3D Point Clouds Under Low-Light Conditions
* 2019: Automatic Calibration and Co-registration for a Stereo Camera System And a Thermal Imaging Sensor Using a Chessboard
* 2019: Automatic Camera System Calibration With a Chessboard Enabling Full Image Coverage
* 2019: Simulation Framework for a Visual-Inertial Navigation System
Includes: Ernst, I. Ernst, I.[Ines]
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Ernst, J.[Jorg] * 1996: Active Intrinsic Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* 1996: Active Intrinsic Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* 2002: Iris Recognition Homepage
* 2012: Discrete texture traces: Topological representation of geometric context
* 2017: Weakly Supervised Summarization of Web Videos
* 2018: End-to-End Learning of Keypoint Detector and Descriptor for Pose Invariant 3D Matching
* 2018: Learning Compositional Visual Concepts with Mutual Consistency
* 2018: Tell Me Where to Look: Guided Attention Inference Network
* 2018: Zero-Shot Deep Domain Adaptation
* 2020: Guided Attention Inference Network
Includes: Ernst, J.[Jorg] Ernst, J.[Jan] Ernst, J.
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Ernst, J.D.[Jurgen D.] * 2018: High-sensitivity analysis of polarization by surface reflection
Includes: Ernst, J.D.[Jurgen D.] Ernst, J.D.[Jürgen D.]

Ernst, J.M. * 2012: Maximum-Likelihood Acceleration Estimation From Existing Roadway Vehicle Detectors

Ernst, K.[Katharina] * 2010: Symmetry Enhanced Adaboost

Ernst, M.[Manfred] * 2004: Stack Implementation on Programmable Graphics Hardware

Ernst, M.O.[Marc O.] * 2005: Texture and haptic cues in slant discrimination: reliability-based cue weighting without statistically optimal cue combination

Ernst, R.[Rolf] * 2017: system-level FPGA design methodology for video applications with weakly-programmable hardware components, A
* 2018: Automated Driving: The Cyber-Physical Perspective
Includes: Ernst, R.[Rolf] Ernst, R.

Ernst, S. * 2000: Lane following combining vision and DGPS
* 2017: Statistical Atlases for Electroanatomical Mapping of Cardiac Arrhythmias
* 2018: Implications of Pixel Quality Flags on the Observation Density of a Continental Landsat Archive
* 2019: Mapping Cropping Practices on a National Scale Using Intra-Annual Landsat Time Series Binning
* 2019: Real-time Wildfire Detection From Space - a Trade-off Between Sensor Quality, Physical Limitations and Payload Size
Includes: Ernst, S. Ernst, S.[Sabine] Ernst, S.[Stefan]

Ernst, U.A.[Udo A.] * 2004: Algorithm for Fast Pattern Recognition with Random Spikes, An

Ernsta, C. * 2010: Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

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