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Espi, M. * 2009: Substitution of Vocal Folds for Voice Generation by Means of Intra-Oral Pulse Generator
* 2015: Acoustic Event Detection in Speech Overlapping Scenarios Based on High-Resolution Spectral Input and Deep Learning
Includes: Espi, M. Espi, M.[Miquel]

Espiau, B. * 1981: Edge Detection Using Sequential Methods for Change in Level - Part I: A Sequential Edge Detection Algorithm
* 1994: New Approach to Visual Servoing in Robotics, A
* 1999: On-line hand-eye calibration
* 2000: Controlling robots with two cameras: how to do it properly
* 2001: Visual Servoing from Lines
Includes: Espiau, B. Espiau, B.[Bernard]

Espie, S. * 2015: Powered Two-Wheeler Riding Pattern Recognition Using a Machine-Learning Framework
* 2018: Powered Two-Wheelers Critical Events Detection and Recognition Using Data-Driven Approaches
* 2020: Rider model identification: neural networks and quasi-LPV models
Includes: Espie, S. Espié, S. Espié, S.[Stéphane]

Espin Lopez, P. * 2020: Deformation Monitoring Using SAR Interferometry and Active and Passive Reflectors
Includes: Espin Lopez, P. Espín-López, P.

Espin Lopez, P.F. * 2019: Snowpack Monitoring Using a Dual-Receiver Radar Architecture
Includes: Espin Lopez, P.F. Espín-López, P.F.

Espina, G.[Gabriel] * 2020: UAS-Based 3D Image Characterization of Mozarabic Church Ruins in Bobastro (Malaga), Spain, The

Espinace, P.[Pablo] * 2008: Improving the selection and detection of visual landmarks through object tracking
* 2012: Adaptive hierarchical contexts for object recognition with conditional mixture of trees
* 2015: Visual Recognition to Access and Analyze People Density and Flow Patterns in Indoor Environments
Includes: Espinace, P.[Pablo] Espinace, P.

Espinal, A.[Andres] * 2014: Developing Architectures of Spiking Neural Networks by Using Grammatical Evolution Based on Evolutionary Strategy
Includes: Espinal, A.[Andres] Espinal, A.[Andrés]

Espinal, F. * 1998: Wavelet-Based Fractal Signature Analysis for Automatic Target Recognition
* 2000: Reaction-diffusion Systems for Hypothesis Propagation
Includes: Espinal, F. Espinal, F.[Fausto]

Espindola, G.[Giovana] * 2021: Urban Land Mapping Based on Remote Sensing Time Series in the Google Earth Engine Platform: A Case Study of the Teresina-Timon Conurbation Area in Brazil

Espino, E.R. * 2014: Alternative formulations to compute the binary shape Euler number

Espino, F.[Fernando] * 2020: Testing Side-Scan Sonar and Multibeam Echosounder to Study Black Coral Gardens: A Case Study from Macaronesia

Espino, J.G.R.[Jose Guadalupe Rico] * 2012: Vision System for 3D Reconstruction with Telecentric Lens
Includes: Espino, J.G.R.[Jose Guadalupe Rico] Espino, J.G.R.[José Guadalupe Rico]

Espinola, M. * 2015: Contextual and Hierarchical Classification of Satellite Images Based on Cellular Automata

Espinos Morato, H. * 2017: Combining Defocus and Photoconsistency for Depth Map Estimation in 3D Integral Imaging
Includes: Espinos Morato, H. Espinos-Morato, H.

Espinosa Aranda, J.L. * 2014: Monte Carlo Approach to Simulate the Stochastic Demand in a Continuous Dynamic Traffic Network Loading Problem, A
* 2018: Fight Recognition in Video Using Hough Forests and 2D Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Espinosa Aranda, J.L. Espinosa-Aranda, J.L.

Espinosa Chaurand, L.D.[Luis Daniel] * 2017: Environmental Variability and Oceanographic Dynamics of the Central and Southern Coastal Zone of Sonora in the Gulf of California
Includes: Espinosa Chaurand, L.D.[Luis Daniel] Espinosa-Chaurand, L.D.[Luis Daniel]

Espinosa Duro, V.[Virginia] * 2006: Hand Geometry Based Recognition with a MLP Classifier
* 2007: efficient face verification method in a transformed domain, An
* 2011: On the focusing of thermal images
* 2013: Multi-focus thermal image fusion
Includes: Espinosa Duro, V.[Virginia] Espinosa-Duro, V.[Virginia] Espinosa-Duró, V.[Virginia]

Espinosa Isidron, D.L.[Dustin L.] * 2008: Incremental nested partition method
* 2010: incremental nested partition method for data clustering, An
* 2010: New Dissimilarity Measure for Trajectories with Applications in Anomaly Detection, A
Includes: Espinosa Isidron, D.L.[Dustin L.] Espinosa-Isidron, D.L.[Dustin L.] Espinosa-Isidrón, D.L.[Dustin L.]

Espinosa Oviedo, J.J. * 2015: Single-Channel Separation Between Stationary and Non-stationary Signals Using Relevant Information
Includes: Espinosa Oviedo, J.J. Espinosa-Oviedo, J.J.

Espinosa Romero, A.[Arturo] * 2007: Graph-Based Methods for Retinal Mosaicing and Vascular Characterization
* 2009: robust Graph Transformation Matching for non-rigid registration, A
Includes: Espinosa Romero, A.[Arturo] Espinosa-Romero, A.[Arturo]

Espinosa, A. * 2017: GPU-Accelerated Real-Time Stixel Computation
* 2019: Slanted Stixels: A Way to Represent Steep Streets
Includes: Espinosa, A. Espinosa, A.[Antonio]

Espinosa, E.G.[Edison G.] * 2016: Virtual Reality Integration with Force Feedback in Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Espinosa, F. * 2012: FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding
* 2017: Detector of Electrical Discontinuity of Rails in Double-Track Railway Lines: Electronic System and Measurement Methodology
* 2019: Deep Learning for Segmentation Using an Open Large-Scale Dataset in 2D Echocardiography

Espinosa, H.G. * 2014: Surface Impedance Mapping Using Sferics

Espinosa, H.P.[Humberto Perez] * 2011: Bilingual acoustic feature selection for emotion estimation using a 3D continuous model

Espinosa, J.[Jairo] * 2014: Variational Regularization of 3D Data: Experiments with MATLAB®

Espinosa, J.E.[Jorge E.] * 2017: Vehicle Detection Using Alex Net and Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Models: A Comparative Study
* 2021: Detection of Motorcycles in Urban Traffic Using Video Analysis: A Review

Espinosa, K. * 2003: Online Handwritten Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Models
* 2004: Biometric Technology for Human Identification
* 2005: Off-line signature recognition based on dynamic methods
Includes: Espinosa, K. Espinosa, K.[Koldo]

Espinosa, S.[Sergio] * 2000: Behavior Analysis of Fractal Features for Texture Description in Digital Images: an Experimental Study
* 2019: SalGaze: Personalizing Gaze Estimation using Visual Saliency
* 2021: Computer Vision Analysis for Quantification of Autism Risk Behaviors
* 2021: Finite-Length Bounds on Hypothesis Testing Subject to Vanishing Type I Error Restrictions
Includes: Espinosa, S.[Sergio] Espinosa, S.[Steven] Espinosa, S. Espinosa, S.[Sebastian]

Espinosa, V. * 2003: MCYT baseline corpus: a bimodal biometric database

Espinosa, W.R.[W. Reed] * 2019: Laboratory Experiment for the Statistical Evaluation of Aerosol Retrieval (STEAR) Algorithms, A

Espinoza Molina, D. * 2013: Earth-Observation Image Retrieval Based on Content, Semantics, and Metadata
* 2017: Land-cover evolution class analysis in Image Time Series of Landsat and Sentinel-2 based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Includes: Espinoza Molina, D. Espinoza-Molina, D.

Espinoza Villar, R.[Raul] * 2020: Monitoring Wildfires in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the GEE Platform
* 2021: Monitoring Wildfires in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the GEE Platform
Includes: Espinoza Villar, R.[Raul] Espinoza-Villar, R.[Raul]

Espinoza, A. * 2016: UAV Monitoring For Enviromental Management In Galapagos Islands

Espinoza, A.T.[Antonio Teran] * 2021: On-Orbit Inspection of an Unknown, Tumbling Target using NASA's Astrobee Robotic Free-Flyers
Includes: Espinoza, A.T.[Antonio Teran] Espinoza, A.T.[Antonio Terán]

Espinoza, C.Z.[Carlos Zuniga] * 2017: High Resolution Multispectral and Thermal Remote Sensing-Based Water Stress Assessment in Subsurface Irrigated Grapevines
Includes: Espinoza, C.Z.[Carlos Zuniga] Espinoza, C.Z.[Carlos Zúñiga]

Espinoza, E. * 2014: Game cane: An assistive 3DUI for rehabilitation games

Espinoza, J.[Jhon] * 2018: Virtual Reality System for Children Lower Limb Strengthening with the Use of Electromyographic Sensors

Espinoza, R.[Raul] * 2017: Role of Climate Variability and Human Activity on Poopó Lake Droughts between 1990 and 2015 Assessed Using Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Espinoza, R.[Raul] Espinoza, R.[Raúl]

Espirito Santo, F.[Fernando] * 2020: Carbon Dynamics in a Human-Modified Tropical Forest: A Case Study Using Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data
Includes: Espirito Santo, F.[Fernando] Espírito-Santo, F.[Fernando]

Espirito Santo, M.M.[Mario M.] * 2019: MODIS and PROBA-V NDVI Products Differ when Compared with Observations from Phenological Towers at Four Tropical Dry Forests in the Americas
Includes: Espirito Santo, M.M.[Mario M.] Espírito-Santo, M.M.[Mário M.]

Espitia R., M.J.[Miguel J.] * 2018: Optical Recognition of Numerical Characters in Digital Images of Glucometers

Espitia, O. * 2017: High-resolution spectral image reconstruction based on compressed data fusion
* 2019: Spectral Image Fusion From Compressive Measurements
Includes: Espitia, O. Espitia, Ó.

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