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Abd Almageed, W.[Wael] Co Author Listing * Active Deformable Models Using Density Estimation
* AIRD: Adversarial Learning Framework for Image Repurposing Detection
* Bidirectional Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* BusterNet: Detecting Copy-Move Image Forgery with Source/Target Localization
* CapsuleGAN: Generative Adversarial Capsule Network
* CAT: Controllable Attribute Translation for Fair Facial Attribute Classification
* Density Estimation Using Mixtures of Mixtures of Gaussians
* Detection and Continual Learning of Novel Face Presentation Attacks
* Document-zone classification using partial least squares and hybrid classifiers
* EPAT: Euclidean Perturbation Analysis and Transform - An Agnostic Data Adaptation Framework for Improving Facial Landmark Detectors
* Explaining Face Presentation Attack Detection Using Natural Language
* Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations
* graphical model approach for matching partial signatures, A
* Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection via an End-to-End Deep Neural Network
* Image-to-GPS Verification Through a Bottom-Up Pattern Matching Network
* Information-Theoretic Bias Assessment Of Learned Representations Of Pretrained Face Recognition
* Large-Scale Signature Matching Using Multi-stage Hashing
* Learning Pose-Aware Models for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild
* Mixture models for dynamic statistical pressure snakes
* MUSCLE: Strengthening Semi-Supervised Learning Via Concurrent Unsupervised Learning Using Mutual Information Maximization
* Online, simultaneous shot boundary detection and key frame extraction for sports videos using rank tracing
* Page Rule-Line Removal Using Linear Subspaces in Monochromatic Handwritten Arabic Documents
* Partner-Assisted Learning for Few-Shot Image Classification
* Pedestrian Classification from Moving Platforms Using Cyclic Motion Pattern
* Real-Time Human Detection, Tracking, and Verification in Uncontrolled Camera Motion Environments
* Segmentation of Handwritten Textlines in Presence of Touching Components
* SIGN: Spatial-information Incorporated Generative Network for Generalized Zero-shot Semantic Segmentation
* Signature Matching Using Supervised Topic Models
* Silhouette-based gesture and action recognition via modeling trajectories on Riemannian shape manifolds
* SW-VAE: Weakly Supervised Learn Disentangled Representation via Latent Factor Swapping
* TrainFors: A Large Benchmark Training Dataset for Image Manipulation Detection and Localization
* Two-branch Recurrent Network for Isolating Deepfakes in Videos
* Weakly Supervised Invariant Representation Learning via Disentangling Known and Unknown Nuisance Factors
* Weighted Feature Pooling Network in Template-Based Recognition
Includes: Abd Almageed, W.[Wael] Abd-Almageed, W.[Wael] Abd-Almageed, W. Abd Almageed, W.
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Abd El Fattah, A.I. Co Author Listing * ensemble average classifier for pattern recognition machines, An
Includes: Abd El Fattah, A.I. Abd El-Fattah, A.I.

Abd El Hafiz, S.K. Co Author Listing * fractal-based image encryption system, A
Includes: Abd El Hafiz, S.K. Abd-El-Hafiz, S.K.

Abd El Kader, H.[Hatem] Co Author Listing * Long short term memory based patient-dependent model for FOG detection in Parkinson's disease
Includes: Abd El Kader, H.[Hatem] Abd El-Kader, H.[Hatem]

Abd El Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Player Detection Method Based on One-Class SVM, A
Includes: Abd El Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Abd El-Latif, A.A.[Ahmed A.]

Abd El Meguid, M.K. Co Author Listing * Fully automated recognition of spontaneous facial expressions in videos using random forest classifiers

Abd el Munim, H.E.[Hossam E.] Co Author Listing * Curve/Surface Representation and Evolution Using Vector Level Sets with Application to the Shape-Based Segmentation Problem
* Elastic Registration of the Corpus Callosum
* Elastic Shape Registration Using an Incremental Free Form Deformation Approach with the ICP Algorithm
* kidney segmentation approach from DCE-MRI using level sets, A
* Level Set Segmentation Using Statistical Shape Priors
* new shape based segmentation framework using statistical and variational methods, A
* Novel Approach for Lung Nodules Segmentation in Chest CT Using Level Sets, A
* novel probabilistic simultaneous segmentation and registration using level set, A
* Probabilistic shape-based segmentation method using level sets
* Probabilistic shape-based segmentation using level sets
* Shape Representation and Registration in Vector Implicit Spaces: Adopting a Closed-Form Solution in the Optimization Process
* Shape Representation and Registration using Vector Distance Functions
* Shape-Based Segmentation Approach: An Improved Technique Using Level Sets, A
* Variational approach for segmentation of lung nodules
* Variational Approach for Shapes Registration Using Vector Maps, A
Includes: Abd el Munim, H.E.[Hossam E.] Abd el Munim, H.E.
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Abd El Naby, M.M.[Mostafa M.] Co Author Listing * Long short term memory based patient-dependent model for FOG detection in Parkinson's disease
Includes: Abd El Naby, M.M.[Mostafa M.] Abd El-Naby, M.M.[Mostafa M.]

Abd El Samie, F.E.[Fathi E.] Co Author Listing * Cancelable multi-biometric recognition system based on deep learning
Includes: Abd El Samie, F.E.[Fathi E.] Abd El-Samie, F.E.[Fathi E.]

Abd El Wahed, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Multisensor Satellite Data and Field Studies for Unravelling the Structural Evolution and Gold Metallogeny of the Gerf Ophiolitic Nappe, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Includes: Abd El Wahed, M.[Mohamed] Abd El-Wahed, M.[Mohamed]

Abd Elaziz, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Geospatial Object Detection Based on Shallow-Deep Feature Extraction

Abd Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.] Co Author Listing * On Cluster Validity Indexes in Fuzzy and Hard Clustering Algorithms for Image Segmentation
Includes: Abd Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.] Abd-Elhafiez, W.M.[Walaa M.]

Abd Elhaleem, S.[Sameh] Co Author Listing * Improved Power Management Under Uncertain Driving Conditions for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles via Intelligent Controller
Includes: Abd Elhaleem, S.[Sameh] Abd-Elhaleem, S.[Sameh]

Abd Elhamid, H.F.[Hany F.] Co Author Listing * Historical Trend Analysis and Forecasting of Shoreline Change at the Nile Delta Using RS Data and GIS with the DSAS Tool
Includes: Abd Elhamid, H.F.[Hany F.] Abd-Elhamid, H.F.[Hany F.]

Abd Ellah, M.K.[Mahmoud Khaled] Co Author Listing * TPUAR-Net: Two Parallel U-Net with Asymmetric Residual-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation
Includes: Abd Ellah, M.K.[Mahmoud Khaled] Abd-Ellah, M.K.[Mahmoud Khaled]

Abd Elmoniem, K. Co Author Listing * Real Time Adaptive Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Coherence Enhancement
Includes: Abd Elmoniem, K. Abd-Elmoniem, K.

Abd Elmoniem, K.Z. Co Author Listing * Incompressible Deformation Estimation Algorithm (IDEA) From Tagged MR Images
Includes: Abd Elmoniem, K.Z. Abd-Elmoniem, K.Z.

Abd Elmotaal, H.A.[Hussein A.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Groundwater Sustainability in the Arabian Peninsula and Its Impact on Gravity Fields through Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Measurements
Includes: Abd Elmotaal, H.A.[Hussein A.] Abd-Elmotaal, H.A.[Hussein A.]

Abd Elnaby, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * comparative analysis of deep neural network architectures for the dynamic diagnosis of COVID-19 based on acoustic cough features, A
Includes: Abd Elnaby, M.[Mohammed] Abd-Elnaby, M.[Mohammed]

Abd Elrahman, A.[Amr] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Low-Cost Lidar Scanners: An Analysis of the Velodyne HDL-32E and Livox Mid-40's Temporal Stability
* Automated Canopy Delineation and Size Metrics Extraction for Strawberry Dry Weight Modeling Using Raster Analysis of High-Resolution Imagery
* Automated High-Resolution Bathymetry from Sentinel-1 SAR Images in Deeper Nearshore Coastal Waters in Eastern Florida
* Building Extraction from High Resolution Space Images in High Density Residential Areas in the Great Cairo Region
* De-striping hyperspectral imagery using wavelet transform and adaptive frequency domain filtering
* Deep and Machine Learning Image Classification of Coastal Wetlands Using Unpiloted Aircraft System Multispectral Images and Lidar Datasets
* Design and Development of a Multi-Purpose Low-Cost Hyperspectral Imaging System
* Geometric Targets for UAS Lidar
* Georeferencing oblique PhenoCam imagery
* Improving Strawberry Yield Prediction by Integrating Ground-Based Canopy Images in Modeling Approaches
* Incorporation of Fused Remote Sensing Imagery to Enhance Soil Organic Carbon Spatial Prediction in an Agricultural Area in Yellow River Basin, China
* Incorporation of satellite remote sensing pan-sharpened imagery into digital soil prediction and mapping models to characterize soil property variability in small agricultural fields
* Modeling strawberry biomass and leaf area using object-based analysis of high-resolution images
* Monitoring the Efficacy of Crested Floatingheart (Nymphoides cristata) Management with Object-Based Image Analysis of UAS Imagery
* Object-Based Image Analysis Method for Enhancing Classification of Land Covers Using Fully Convolutional Networks and Multi-View Images of Small Unmanned Aerial System, An
* Prediction of Strawberry Dry Biomass from UAV Multispectral Imagery Using Multiple Machine Learning Methods
* Radiative Transfer Image Simulation Using L-System Modeled Strawberry Canopies
* Remote Sensing and Machine Learning in Crop Phenotyping and Management, with an Emphasis on Applications in Strawberry Farming
Includes: Abd Elrahman, A.[Amr] Abd-Elrahman, A.[Amr] Abd-Elrahman, A.
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Abd Elrahman, S.E.S.E.[Salah Eldin S. E.] Co Author Listing * Cancelable multi-biometric recognition system based on deep learning

Abd Latif, Z. Co Author Listing * Albedo Pattern Recognition And Time-series Analyses In Malaysia
* Urban Vegetation Classification with NDVI Threshold Value Method With Very High Resolution (vhr) Pleiades Imagery

Abd Rabbou, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Linear Filtering for Precise Point Positioning GPS/INS integration

Abd Rahman, M.Z. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Approach for Landslide Activity Assessment and Mapping Based on Vegetation Anomalies
* Mapping of Highly Heterogeneous Urban Structure Type for Flood Vulnerability Assessment
* New Method for Individual Tree Delineation and Undergrowth Removal from High Resolution Airborne Lidar, A
* Spatial Database Development for Oil Spills Pollution Affecting Water Quality System in Niger Delta
* Spatial Prediction Models for Landslide Activity Mapping Using Vegetation Anomalies
* Tree Crown Delineation from High Resolution Airborne Lidar Based on Densities of High Points
* Vulnerability Mapping And Analysis: An Implementation In Geohazard Areas In Sabah
Includes: Abd Rahman, M.Z. Abd Rahman, M.Z.[Muhammad Zulkarnain]
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Abd Razak, N. Co Author Listing * Development of Mobile Application for Gated and Guarded Community Management
* Towards 3d Smart Campus Via 3d City Modelling

Abd Samad, S.[Salina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vertebral Fracture Assessment System (AVFAS) for Spinal Pathologies Diagnosis Based on Radiograph X-Ray Images

Abd, M.H.[Mariam H.] Co Author Listing * Synchronization of Monostatic Radar Using a Time-Delayed Chaos-Based FM Waveform

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