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Adhikari, A.[Avishek] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis on an Image Scrambling Encryption Scheme Based on Pixel Bit
* Enhancing quality of knowledge synthesized from multi-database mining
* Essential secret image sharing scheme with small and equal sized shadows
* Mining conditional patterns in a database
* New Scrambling Evaluation Scheme Based on Spatial Distribution Entropy and Centroid Difference of Bit-Plane, A
* On the Robustness of Visual Cryptographic Schemes
* Synthesizing heavy association rules from different real data sources
Includes: Adhikari, A.[Avishek] Adhikari, A.[Animesh]
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Adhikari, B.[Bishwo] Co Author Listing * Iterative Bounding Box Annotation for Object Detection
* Privacy-Aware Edge Computing System For People Tracking
Includes: Adhikari, B.[Bishwo] Adhikari, B.

Adhikari, B.R.[Basanta Raj] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Machine Learning Methods for Debris Flow Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study in the Sichuan Province, China
* Dynamic Characteristics of Vegetation Change Based on Reconstructed Heterogenous NDVI in Seismic Regions

Adhikari, G. Co Author Listing * fast template matching algorithm for aerial object tracking, A

Adhikari, H.[Hari] Co Author Listing * Determinants of Aboveground Biomass across an Afromontane Landscape Mosaic in Kenya
* Forest Cover Change Pattern after the Intervention of Community Forestry Management System in the Mid-Hill of Nepal: A Case Study

Adhikari, J.[Jhimli] Co Author Listing * Measuring influence of an item in a database over time
* Three-dimensional photogrammetric mapping of cotton bolls in situ based on point cloud segmentation and clustering
Includes: Adhikari, J.[Jhimli] Adhikari, J.[Jeevan]

Adhikari, K. Co Author Listing * Activity recognition for indoor fall detection using convolutional neural network
* Digital Mapping of Toxic Metals in Qatari Soils Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data
* Exact Solution for Sparse Sampling for Optimal Detection of Known Signals in Gaussian Noise, An
* Influence of Land Use and Topographic Factors on Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Their Spatial and Vertical Distribution
* Optimal Sparse Sampling for Detection of a Known Signal in Nonwhite Gaussian Noise
* Use of Multi-Seasonal Satellite Images to Predict SOC from Cultivated Lands in a Montane Ecosystem
Includes: Adhikari, K. Adhikari, K.[Kabindra] Adhikari, K.[Kaushallya]

Adhikari, L. Co Author Listing * Bounded sparse photon-limited image recovery
* Initial Assessment of the COSMIC-2/FORMOSAT-7 Neutral Atmosphere Data Quality in NESDIS/STAR Using In Situ and Satellite Data
* Inverting COSMIC-2 Phase Data to Bending Angle and Refractivity Profiles Using the Full Spectrum Inversion Method
* Nonconvex reconstruction for low-dimensional fluorescence molecular tomographic poisson observations
Includes: Adhikari, L. Adhikari, L.[Loknath] Adhikari, L.[Lasith]

Adhikari, M.[Mainak] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Logistic Traffic Management System Using Empirical Intelligent XGBoost Technique in Vehicular Edge Networks
* Edge-Centric Secure Service Provisioning in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems

Adhikari, N.K.[Navin Kumar] Co Author Listing * Real-Time, Accurate, and Consistent Video Semantic Segmentation via Unsupervised Adaptation and Cross-Unit Deployment on Mobile Device

Adhikari, P.P.[Partha Pratim] Co Author Listing * Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using Kalman filter technique

Adhikari, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic delineation of macular regions based on a locally defined contrast function
* Impact Assessment of Mikania Micrantha On Land Cover And Maxent Modeling to Predict Its Potential Invasion Sites
* Performance Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Network Using Synthetic Medical Data Augmentation Generated by GAN
Includes: Adhikari, R. Adhikari, R.[Ramesh]

Adhikari, S.[Shrijwal] Co Author Listing * Planning for Sustainable Cities in Africa: Experiences, Challenges and Prospects of Monitoring Geospatial Indicators
* Pocformer: A Lightweight Transformer Architecture for Detection of Covid-19 Using Point of Care Ultrasound
* Simulating Forest Cover Changes of Bannerghatta National Park Based on a CA-Markov Model: A Remote Sensing Approach
Includes: Adhikari, S.[Shrijwal] Adhikari, S.[Srikar] Adhikari, S.

Adhikari, S.K.[Sudip Kumar] Co Author Listing * Convolution of 3D Gaussian surfaces for volumetric intensity inhomogeneity estimation and correction in 3D brain MR image data
* nonparametric method for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MRI brain images by fusion of Gaussian surfaces, A
* spatial fuzzy C-means algorithm with application to MRI image segmentation, A
Includes: Adhikari, S.K.[Sudip Kumar] Adhikari, S.K.

Adhikari, S.P.[Shyam Prasad] Co Author Listing * Distance Weighted Loss for Forest Trail Detection Using Semantic Line
* Guided Soft Attention Network for Classification of Breast Cancer Histopathology Images
Includes: Adhikari, S.P.[Shyam Prasad] Adhikari, S.P.

Adhikarla, V.K.[Vamsi Kiran] Co Author Listing * Analysis and optimization of pixel usage of light-field conversion from multi-camera setups to 3D light-field displays
* Fast and efficient data reduction approach for multi-camera light field display telepresence systems
* Freehand interaction with large-scale 3D map data
* Overview of the applicability of H.264/MVC for real-time light-field applications
* Real-time adaptive content retargeting for live multi-view capture and light field display
* Subjective evaluation of Super Multi-View compressed contents on high-end light-field 3D displays
* Towards a Quality Metric for Dense Light Fields
* View synthesis for lightfield displays using region based non-linear image warping
Includes: Adhikarla, V.K.[Vamsi Kiran] Adhikarla, V.K.
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Adhikary, A.R.[Avik Ranjan] Co Author Listing * Constructions of Binary Signature Sets With Optimal Odd Total Squared Correlation and Their Application to Device Activity Detection
* Direct Construction of Q-Ary Even Length Z-Complementary Pairs Using Generalized Boolean Functions, A
* Discrete space reinforcement learning algorithm based on twin support vector machine classification
* Generalized Constructions of Complementary Sets of Sequences of Lengths Non-Power-of-Two
* New Class of Optimal Z-Complementary Code Sets
* New Sets of Even-Length Binary Z-Complementary Pairs With Asymptotic ZCZ Ratio of 3/4
* New Sets of Quadriphase Cross Z-Complementary Pairs for Preamble Design in Spatial Modulation
* Optimal Binary Periodic Almost-Complementary Pairs
Includes: Adhikary, A.R.[Avik Ranjan] Adhikary, A.R.
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Adhiyaman, M.[Manickam] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint matching and correlation checking using level 2 features

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