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Duarr, Y.[Yueqi] Co Author Listing * Bridge-Prompt: Towards Ordinal Action Understanding in Instructional Videos

Duarte Abdala, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Definition of Management Zones Through Image Processing for Precision Agriculture

Duarte Carvajalino, J.M.[Julio M.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Semi-Implicit Schemes for Nonlinear Diffusion in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Evaluating Late Blight Severity in Potato Crops Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Machine Learning Algorithms
* Learning to Sense Sparse Signals: Simultaneous Sensing Matrix and Sparsifying Dictionary Optimization
* Multiscale Representation and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Geometric Partial Differential Equations and Algebraic Multigrid Methods
Includes: Duarte Carvajalino, J.M.[Julio M.] Duarte-Carvajalino, J.M.[Julio M.] Duarte-Carvajalino, J.M.

Duarte Villasenor, M.M.[Miriam Monica] Co Author Listing * Nested Dichotomies Based on Clustering
Includes: Duarte Villasenor, M.M.[Miriam Monica] Duarte-Villaseñor, M.M.[Miriam Mónica]

Duarte, A.[Amanda] Co Author Listing * Cross-modal Embeddings for Video and Audio Retrieval
* Detection of Longhorned Borer Attack and Assessment in Eucalyptus Plantations Using UAV Imagery
* How2Sign: A Large-scale Multimodal Dataset for Continuous American Sign Language
* Importance of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Improved Hydrological Simulations of a Mediterranean Forested Catchment, The
* Improving image segmentation quality through effective region merging using a hierarchical social metaheuristic
* Influence of DEM Resolution on the Hydrological Responses of a Terraced Catchment: An Exploratory Modelling Approach
* Multi-dimensional visual tracking using scatter search particle filter
* Sign Language Translation from Instructional Videos
* Sign Language Video Retrieval with Free-Form Textual Queries
* Software-Based Solution for Distributing and Displaying 3D UHD Films, A
Includes: Duarte, A.[Amanda] Duarte, A.[André] Duarte, A.[Abraham] Duarte, A.
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Duarte, D.[Diogo] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment and Comparison of National, European and Global Land Use Land Cover Maps at the National Scale: Case Study: Portugal
* Automatic Extraction and Filtering of OpenStreetMap Data to Generate Training Datasets for Land Use Land Cover Classification
* coincidence detection perspective for the maximum mean discrepancy, A
* Multi-Resolution Feature Fusion for Image Classification of Building Damages with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Structural Building Damage Detection with Deep Learning: Assessment of a State-of-the-Art CNN in Operational Conditions
* Towards Real-Time Building Damage Mapping with Low-Cost UAV Solutions
* Uav-based Structural Damage Mapping - Results From 6 Years of Research In Two European Projects
* UAV-Based Structural Damage Mapping: A Review
Includes: Duarte, D.[Diogo] Duarte, D.[Dami] Duarte, D.
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Duarte, E.[Edson] Co Author Listing * Empirical comparison of cross-validation and internal metrics for tuning SVM hyperparameters
* Monitoring Approach for Tropical Coniferous Forest Degradation Using Remote Sensing and Field Data
Includes: Duarte, E.[Edson] Duarte, E.[Efraín]

Duarte, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Survey of Deep Learning for Autonomous Surface Vehicles in Marine Environments
Includes: Duarte, F.[Fabio] Duarte, F.[Fábio]

Duarte, F.B.[Fernando B.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of financial indices by means of the windowed Fourier transform
* Application of continuous wavelet transform to the analysis of the modulus of the fractional Fourier transform bands for resolving two component mixture

Duarte, F.J.F.[Fernando Jorge F.] Co Author Listing * Constraint Acquisition Method for Data Clustering, A

Duarte, G. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Feedback Impacts on Eco-Driving Behavior and Influential Variables in Fuel Consumption in a Lisbon Urban Bus Operator

Duarte, G.M.[Goncalo Monteiro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of financial indices by means of the windowed Fourier transform
Includes: Duarte, G.M.[Goncalo Monteiro] Duarte, G.M.[Gonçalo Monteiro]

Duarte, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Going Back to Basics on Volumetric Segmentation of the Lungs in CT: A Fully Image Processing Based Technique

Duarte, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Graph-Constrained Vectorized Floorplan Generation with Panoptic Refinement
* Evaluation of Smoothing and Remeshing Techniques to Represent the Evolution of Real-World Phenomena, An
* Identifying regions of interest for discriminating Alzheimer's disease from mild cognitive impairment
Includes: Duarte, J.[Jose] Duarte, J.[José] Duarte, J.[Joao]

Duarte, J.M.M.[Joao M.M.] Co Author Listing * Constraint Acquisition Method for Data Clustering, A
Includes: Duarte, J.M.M.[Joao M.M.] Duarte, J.M.M.[João M.M.]

Duarte, K. Co Author Listing * CapsuleVOS: Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation Using Capsule Routing
* Found a Reason for me? Weakly-supervised Grounded Visual Question Answering using Capsules
* Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
* Modeling Multi-Label Action Dependencies for Temporal Action Localization
* Multimodal Clustering Networks for Self-supervised Learning from Unlabeled Videos
* PLM: Partial Label Masking for Imbalanced Multi-label Classification
* Toward a Motor Theory of Sign Language Perception
* Visual-Textual Capsule Routing for Text-Based Video Segmentation
Includes: Duarte, K. Duarte, K.[Kevin] Duarte, K.[Kyle]
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Duarte, K.T.N.[Kaue T. N.] Co Author Listing * Adding GLCM Texture Analysis to a Combined Watershed Transform and Graph Cut Model for Image Segmentation
* Segmenting white matter hyperintensities in brain magnetic resonance images using convolution neural networks
Includes: Duarte, K.T.N.[Kaue T. N.] Duarte, K.T.N.[Kauê T. N.] Duarte, K.T.N.[Kauê T.N.]

Duarte, L.[Lia] Co Author Listing * Development of a QGIS Plugin to Obtain Parameters and Elements of Plantation Trees and Vineyards with Aerial Photographs
* Distributed Temperature Measurement in a Self-Burning Coal Waste Pile through a GIS Open Source Desktop Application
* Evaluation of Spatial Thinking Ability Based on Exposure to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Concepts in the Context of Higher Education
* New Methodology for Intertidal Seaweed Biomass Estimation Using Multispectral Data Obtained with Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles
* Open Source GIS Application for Spatial Assessment of Health Care Quality Indicators, An
* Radio Astronomy Demonstrator: Assessment of the Appropriate Sites through a GIS Open Source Application
* Remote Sensing in Human Health: A 10-Year Bibliometric Analysis
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Duarte, L.T.[Leonardo T.] Co Author Listing * Change Detection in UWB SAR Images Based on Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Interpreting the Contribution of Sensors in Blind Source Extraction by Means of Shapley Values
* Multicriteria decision support employing adaptive prediction in a tensor-based feature representation
* On the Sparsity-Based Identification and Compensation of Hammerstein Systems
* Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Method Based on Image Stack through Robust Principal Component Analysis, A
* Z-Images
Includes: Duarte, L.T.[Leonardo T.] Duarte, L.T.[Leonardo Tomazeli] Duarte, L.T.

Duarte, M.F. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Compressive Sensing for Background Subtraction
* Direction of Arrival Estimation for Complex Sources Through L_1 Norm Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Hyperspectral Band Selection From Statistical Wavelet Models
* Joint Manifolds for Data Fusion
* Kronecker Compressive Sensing
* Masking Strategies for Image Manifolds
* Masking Strategies for Image Manifolds
* Multiscale Random Projections for Compressive Classification
* Out-of-Sample Extension for Dimensionality Reduction of Noisy Time Series
* Semisupervised Endmember Identification in Nonlinear Spectral Mixtures via Semantic Representation
* Sparsity and Structure in Hyperspectral Imaging: Sensing, Reconstruction, and Target Detection
* Tailoring non-homogeneous Markov chain wavelet models for hyperspectral signature classification
* Universality of wavelet-based non-homogeneous hidden Markov chain model features for hyperspectral signatures
Includes: Duarte, M.F. Duarte, M.F.[Marco F.]
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Duarte, M.H.V. Co Author Listing * Multiscale recurrent patterns applied to stereo image coding
* Stereo image coding using multiscale recurrent patterns

Duarte, M.T.[Margarida Taborda] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Meso Textures of Geomaterials Through Haralick Parameters

Duarte, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Geostatistics for Context-Aware Image Classification

Duarte, N.F.[Nuno Ferreira] Co Author Listing * Action Alignment from Gaze Cues in Human-Human and Human-Robot Interaction
* Gaze Dialogue Model: Nonverbal Communication in HHI and HRI, The

Duarte, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * r-Regularity
* Rapid building damage assessment workflow: An implementation for the 2023 Rolling Fork, Mississippi tornado event
* Smoothness of Boundaries of Regular Sets
Includes: Duarte, P.[Pedro] Duarte, P.[Paulo]

Duarte, R. Co Author Listing * Learning Network Architectures of Deep CNNs Under Resource Constraints

Duarte, R.P.[Rui Policarpo] Co Author Listing * Review of Synthetic-Aperture Radar Image Formation Algorithms and Implementations: A Computational Perspective, A

Duarte, S.N.[Sergio N.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Latest IMERG Products in a Subtropical Climate: The Case of Paraná State, Brazil

Duarte, V.[Valdete] Co Author Listing * Mapping Burned Areas of Mato Grosso State Brazilian Amazon Using Multisensor Datasets

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