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Fuse, M.[Megumi] Co Author Listing * Automated Behavioral Phenotype Detection and Analysis Using Color-Based Motion Tracking

Fuse, T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Parameter Estimation of Person Recognition Model in a Stochastic Human Tracking Process
* Applicability Evaluation Of Object Detection Method To Satellite And Aerial Imageries
* Change Detection of Time-series 3d Point Clouds Using Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Comparative Analysis of Digital Elevation Model Generation Methods Based on Sparse Modeling
* Development of a Change Detection Method with Low-Performance Point Cloud Data for Updating Three-Dimensional Road Maps
* Development of a self-localization method using sensors on mobile devices
* Development Of Image Selection Method Using Graph Cuts
* Development of Integration and Adjustment Method for Sequential Range Images
* Development of Multi-view Stereo Considering Accuracy of Exterior Orientation Elements
* Development of Shoreline Extraction Method Based on Spatial Pattern Analysis of Satellite SAR Images
* Image Selection for 3D Measurement Based on Network Design
* Multi-target Detection From Full-waveform Airborne Laser Scanner Using PHD Filter
* Multiple Human Tracking In Complex Situation By Data Assimilation With Pedestrian Behavior Model
* Preface: Technical Commission II
* Self-Localization Method by Integrating Sensors
* Sensitive Analysis of Observation Model for Human Tracking Using a Stochastic Process
* SHAP-Based Interpretable Object Detection Method for Satellite Imagery
* Statistical Anomaly Detection for Monitoring of Human Dynamics
* Statistical Anomaly Detection in Human Dynamics Monitoring Using a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model
* Verification of Image Based Augmented Reality for Urban Visualization
Includes: Fuse, T. Fuse, T.[Takashi]
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Fuse, Y.[Yotaro] Co Author Listing * Robot Model That Obeys a Norm of a Human Group by Participating in the Group and Interacting with Its Members, A

Fusek, R. Co Author Listing * Affiliation possibility map filtering for image segmentation improvement
* Distance-Based Descriptors and Their Application in the Task of Object Detection
* Energy transfer features combined with DCT for object detection
* Energy-transfer features and their application in the task of face detection
* Energy-Transfer Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Gradient-DCT (G-DCT) descriptors
* Hierarchical Blurring Mean-Shift
* Hierarchical evolving mean-shift
* Hierarchical Fast Mean-Shift Segmentation in Depth Images
* Hierarchical Layered Mean Shift Methods
* Improvement of Energy-Transfer Features Using DCT for Face Detection, An
* Iris Center Localization Using Geodesic Distance and CNN
* Layered Mean Shift Methods
* Layered RC Circuit Model for Background Subtraction
* Layered RC circuit with dynamic resistances for background subtraction
* Pupil Localization Using Geodesic Distance
Includes: Fusek, R. Fusek, R.[Radovan]
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