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Ghodasara, G.V. Co Author Listing * Some new product cordial graphs

Ghoddoosian, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Action Duration Prediction for Segment-Level Alignment of Weakly-Labeled Videos
* Hierarchical Modeling for Task Recognition and Action Segmentation in Weakly-Labeled Instructional Videos
* Weakly-Supervised Online Action Segmentation in Multi-View Instructional Videos

Ghodhbani, E. Co Author Listing * Close Approximation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Sparse Source Retrieval
* Depth-based color stereo images retrieval using joint multivariate statistical models

Ghodhbani, R.[Refka] Co Author Listing * efficient pass-parallel architecture for embedded block coder in JPEG 2000, An

Ghodousi, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Optimized Location-Allocation of Earthquake Relief Centers Using PSO and ACO, Complemented by GIS, Clustering, and TOPSIS

Ghodrati, A. Co Author Listing * ActionBytes: Learning From Trimmed Videos to Localize Actions
* Actor and Action Video Segmentation from a Sentence
* Coupling video segmentation and action recognition
* DeepProposal: Hunting Objects by Cascading Deep Convolutional Layers
* DeepProposals: Hunting Objects and Actions by Cascading Deep Convolutional Layers
* FrameExit: Conditional Early Exiting for Efficient Video Recognition
* Is 2D Information Enough For Viewpoint Estimation?
* Modeling video evolution for action recognition
* Online Action Detection
* Rank Pooling for Action Recognition
* Recognizing Compressed Videos: Challenges and Promises
* SALISA: Saliency-Based Input Sampling for Efficient Video Object Detection
* Towards Automatic Image Editing: Learning to See another
Includes: Ghodrati, A. Ghodrati, A.[Amir]
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Ghodrati, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Deep shape-aware descriptor for nonrigid 3D object retrieval
* Localization of noncircular iris boundaries using morphology and arched Hough transform
* new accurate noise-removing approach for non-cooperative iris recognition, A

Ghodrati, S.[Sajjad] Co Author Listing * How accurately do different computer-based texture characterization methods predict material surface coarseness? A guideline for effective online inspection

Ghodratnama, S.[Samaneh] Co Author Listing * Toward semantic content-based image retrieval using Dempster-Shafer theory in multi-label classification framework

Ghods, A.H. Co Author Listing * Efficient Optimization Approach to Real-Time Coordinated and Integrated Freeway Traffic Control, An

Ghods, V.[Vahid] Co Author Listing * Effect of delayed strokes on the recognition of online Farsi handwriting
* Feature Extraction for Online Farsi Characters

Ghodsi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Dictionary Learning in Texture Classification
* Discovery Radiomics via a Mixture of Deep ConvNet Sequencers for Multi-parametric MRI Prostate Cancer Classification
* Discriminant component analysis via distance correlation maximization
* Discriminative functional analysis of human movements
* Fast Spectral Clustering Using Autoencoders and Landmarks
* Guided Locally Linear Embedding
* Rare Class Classification by Support Vector Machine
* Semi-supervised Dictionary Learning Based on Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion
* Supervised principal component analysis: Visualization, classification and regression on subspaces and submanifolds
* Supervised Texture Classification Using a Novel Compression-Based Similarity Measure
* Tangent-Corrected Embedding
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Ghodsi, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous joint and object trajectory templates for human activity recognition from 3-D data

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