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Mirza Aghazadeh Attari, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * practical artificial intelligence system to diagnose COVID-19 using computed tomography: A multinational external validation study, A
Includes: Mirza Aghazadeh Attari, M.[Mohammad] Mirza-Aghazadeh-Attari, M.[Mohammad]

Mirza Mohammadi, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Contextual-Guided Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Multi-class Object Categorization
Includes: Mirza Mohammadi, M.[Mehdi] Mirza-Mohammadi, M.[Mehdi]

Mirza, A.[Alina] Co Author Listing * Federated learning based nonlinear two-stage framework for full-reference image quality assessment: An application for biometric
* Impact of Pre-Processing on Recognition of Cursive Video Text
* OCR Post-Correction Approach Using Deep Learning for Processing Medical Reports, An
* Recognition of cursive video text using a deep learning framework
Includes: Mirza, A.[Alina] Mirza, A.[Ali] Mirza, A.[Asim]

Mirza, A.A.[Ayub Anwar] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Flood-Prone Areas Utilizing GIS Techniques and Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Mirza, A.M.[Anwar M.] Co Author Listing * Gender Recognition from Face Images with Dyadic Wavelet Transform and Local Binary Pattern
* Gender Recognition Using Fusion of Local and Global Facial Features
* hybrid image restoration approach: Using fuzzy punctual kriging and genetic programming, A
* Modified Histogram Based Fuzzy Filter

Mirza, J.[Jawad] Co Author Listing * Transmit and Reflect Beamforming for Max-Min SINR in IRS-Aided MIMO Vehicular Networks

Mirza, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Disentangling Factors of Variation for Facial Expression Recognition
* Generative Adversarial Networks
* Optical imaging with scanning MEMS mirror: A single photodetector approach
Includes: Mirza, M.[Mehdi] Mirza, M.[Mohammad]

Mirza, M.A.[Muhammad Ayzed] Co Author Listing * Vehicular Communication Network Enabled CAV Data Offloading: A Review

Mirza, M.J.[M. Jehanzeb] Co Author Listing * Efficient Domain-Incremental Learning Approach to Drive in All Weather Conditions, An
* information theoretic robust sequential procedure for surface model order selection in noisy range data, An
* Norm Must Go On: Dynamic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Normalization, The
* Performance Evaluation of a Class of M-Estimators for Surface Parameter Estimation in Noisy Range Data
* Robust Sequential Estimator: A General-Approach and Its Application to Surface Organization in Range Data, The
Includes: Mirza, M.J.[M. Jehanzeb] Mirza, M.J.

Mirza, S.M.[Sikandar Majeed] Co Author Listing * Cortex-inspired multilayer hierarchy based object detection system using PHOG descriptors and ensemble classification
* Determination of optimal number of projections and parametric sensitivity analysis of operators for parallel-ray transmission tomography using hybrid continuous genetic algorithm
* Hybrid Diversification Operator-Based Evolutionary Approach Towards Tomographic Image Reconstruction
Includes: Mirza, S.M.[Sikandar Majeed] Mirza, S.M.[Sikander M.] Mirza, S.M.

Mirzaalian, H. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Comparison of Anatomical Landmark Detection Methods for Cephalometric X-Ray Images: A Grand Challenge
* Explaining Face Presentation Attack Detection Using Natural Language
* graph-based approach to skin mole matching incorporating template-normalized coordinates, A
* Hair Enhancement in Dermoscopic Images Using Dual-Channel Quaternion Tubularness Filters and MRF-Based Multilabel Optimization
* Iterative segmentation and motion correction for dynamic PET images based on radioactive tracer kinetics
* Learning features for streak detection in dermoscopic color images using localized radial flux of principal intensity curvature
* Vessel scale-selection using MRF optimization
Includes: Mirzaalian, H. Mirzaalian, H.[Hengameh]
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Mirzadeh, I.[Ida] Co Author Listing * Filtering Malicious Messages by Trust-Aware Cognitive Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Mirzadeh, S.I.[Seyed Iman] Co Author Listing * CL-Gym: Full-Featured PyTorch Library for Continual Learning
* Dropout as an Implicit Gating Mechanism For Continual Learning
Includes: Mirzadeh, S.I.[Seyed Iman] Mirzadeh, S.I.

Mirzadeh, S.M.J.[Sayyed Mohammad Javad] Co Author Listing * Canadian Wetland Inventory using Google Earth Engine: The First Map and Preliminary Results
* Spatial-Temporal Changes of Abarkuh Playa Landform from Sentinel-1 Time Series Data

Mirzaea, S.[Sayeh] Co Author Listing * Detection of Cortical Demantia in MRI Images Using Convolutional Autoencoder Neural Network

Mirzaee, J. Co Author Listing * Sum-Rate Maximization for Active Channels

Mirzaee, S. Co Author Listing * Landslide Monitoring Using INSAR Time-series and GPS Observations, Case Study: Shabkola Landslide In Northern Iran

Mirzaee, S.M.A.[S. Mohammad Ali] Co Author Listing * variational method for designing adaptive bandlimited wavelets, A

Mirzaei, A.[Abdolreza] Co Author Listing * Combining hierarchical clusterings using min-transitive closure
* Creating Discriminative Models for Time Series Classification and Clustering by HMM Ensembles
* Diffusion wavelet embedding: A multi-resolution approach for graph embedding in vector space
* Hierarchical graph embedding in vector space by graph pyramid
* LaTeRF: Label and Text Driven Object Radiance Fields
* Neural Network String Matcher, A
* self-adaptive local metric learning method for classification, A
* Shape Recognition and Retrieval: A Structural Approach Using Velocity Function
Includes: Mirzaei, A.[Abdolreza] Mirzaei, A. Mirzaei, A.[Ashkan]
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Mirzaei, F. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Sugarcane Harvest Using Remote Sensing

Mirzaei, F.M.[Faraz M.] Co Author Listing * Optimal estimation of vanishing points in a Manhattan world

Mirzaei, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Gaussian-Based Hue Descriptors
* Metamer Mismatching and Its Consequences for Predicting How Colours are Affected by the Illuminant
* Metamer mismatching in practice versus theory
* Novel Multi-view Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm Based on Ensemble of Partitions on Different Views, A
* Object-color-signal prediction using wraparound Gaussian metamers

Mirzaei, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Vehicle Velocity From Updated Dynamic Model for Control of Anti-Lock Braking System
* Combining Total Variation Regularization with Window-Based Time Delay Estimation in Ultrasound Elastography
* Eco-Friendly Estimation of Heavy Metal Contents in Grapevine Foliage Using In-Field Hyperspectral Data and Multivariate Analysis
* new image processing strategy for surface crack identification in building structures under non-uniform illumination, A
* Optimal Spectral Wavelengths for Discriminating Orchard Species Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques
* Transboundary Basins Need More Attention: Anthropogenic Impacts on Land Cover Changes in Aras River Basin, Monitoring and Prediction
* Urban Heat Island Monitoring and Impacts on Citizen's General Health Status in Isfahan Metropolis: A Remote Sensing and Field Survey Approach
Includes: Mirzaei, M.[Mehdi] Mirzaei, M. Mirzaei, M.[Mohsen]
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Mirzaei, M.A.[M. Ali] Co Author Listing * Improvement of the real-time gesture analysis by a new mother wavelet and the application for the navigation inside a scale-one 3D system
* New motherwavelet for pattern detection in IR image
Includes: Mirzaei, M.A.[M. Ali] Mirzaei, M.A.

Mirzaei, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual speech recognition techniques in augmented reality environments

Mirzaei, M.S. Co Author Listing * Active collaborative ensemble tracking
* Adversarial Semi-supervised Multi-domain Tracking
* AnimGAN: A Spatiotemporally-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Network For Character Animation
* Information-Maximizing Sampling to Promote Tracking-By-Detection
* Leveraging Tacit Information Embedded in CNN Layers for Visual Tracking
* Long and Short Memory Balancing in Visual Co-Tracking Using Q-Learning
Includes: Mirzaei, M.S. Mirzaei, M.S.[Maryam Sadat]

Mirzaei, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * powerful probabilistic model for noise analysis in medical images, A

Mirzaei, S.[Sayeh] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image classification using Non-negative Tensor Factorization and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Jini service to reconstruct tomographic data, A
Includes: Mirzaei, S.[Sayeh] Mirzaei, S.

Mirzaeitalarposhti, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Digital Soil Texture Mapping and Spatial Transferability of Machine Learning Models Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Terrain-Derived Covariates

Mirzahossein, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * hybrid deep and machine learning model for short-term traffic volume forecasting of adjacent intersections, A

Mirzaie, M.[Mona] Co Author Listing * On the Choice of Data for Efficient Training and Validation of End-to-End Driving Models

Mirzaii, Z. Co Author Listing * INSAR Time Series Investigation of Land Surface Deformation in Azar Oil Field

Mirzakuchaki, S. Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of an Image CoProcessor
* Geometric modelling of the wavelet coefficients for image watermarking using optimum detector
* Infrared dim small target detection with high reliability using saliency map fusion
* IR small target detection based on human visual attention using pulsed discrete cosine transform
* Real Time Infrared Imaging System Based on DSP and FPGA, A
* Robust image watermarking using dihedral angle based on maximum-likelihood detector
Includes: Mirzakuchaki, S. Mirzakuchaki, S.[Sattar]

Mirzapour, F. Co Author Listing * Integrating Hierarchical Segmentation Maps With MRF Prior for Classification of Hyperspectral Images in a Bayesian Framework
* Regularised IHS-based pan-sharpening approach using spectral consistency constraint and total variation
Includes: Mirzapour, F. Mirzapour, F.[Fardin]

Mirzazade, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Workflow for Off-Site Bridge Inspection Using Automatic Damage Detection-Case Study of the Pahtajokk Bridge

Mirzazadeh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * ATCON: Attention Consistency for Vision Models

Mirzov, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Benchmarking of Spatially Enabled RDF Stores for the Next Generation of Spatial Data Infrastructure

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