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Odone, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Analysis on a Local Approach to 3D Object Recognition
* Appearance-based 3D object recognition with time-invariant features
* Ask the Image: Supervised Pooling to Preserve Feature Locality
* Background modeling through dictionary learning
* BMTDL for Scene Modeling on the SBI Dataset
* Building Kernels from Binary Strings for Image Matching
* Classification Architecture Based on Connected Components for Text Detection in Unconstrained Environments, A
* Combined Motion and Appearance Models for Robust Object Tracking in Real-Time
* Combining Retrieval and Classification for Real-Time Face Recognition
* compositional approach for 3D arm-hand action recognition, A
* Computer vision and deep learning meet plankton: Milestones and future directions
* Cross-view action recognition with small-scale datasets
* Detecting Spatio-Temporally Interest Points Using the Shearlet Transform
* Edges and Corners With Shearlets
* Effects of Data Sources: A Baseline Evaluation of the MoCA Dataset, The
* Efficient pedestrian detection with group lasso
* Efficient Unsupervised Learning for Plankton Images
* Efficient unsupervised learning of biological images with compressed deep features
* Enhancing Signal Discontinuities with Shearlets: An Application to Corner Detection
* FasterVideo: Efficient Online Joint Object Detection and Tracking
* Feature Selection with Nonparametric Statistics
* flexible algorithm for image matching, A
* Food Image Classification: The Benefit of In-domain Transfer Learning
* Gaze Estimation for Assisted Living Environments
* General Purpose Matching of Grey Level Arbitrary Images
* Geometrical and computational aspects of Spectral Support Estimation for novelty detection
* Hausdorff Kernel for 3D Object Acquisition and Detection
* Head pose estimation with uncertainty and an application to dyadic interaction detection
* HHP-Net: A light Heteroscedastic neural network for Head Pose estimation with uncertainty
* Histogram intersection kernel for image classification
* Humans in groups: The importance of contextual information for understanding collective activities
* iCub World: Friendly Robots Help Building Good Vision Data-Sets
* integrated artificial vision framework for assisting visually impaired users, An
* Investigating the Use of Space-Time Primitives to Understand Human Movements
* Keypoint-based Gaze Tracking
* Large Baseline Matching of Scale Invariant Features
* Learning common behaviors from large sets of unlabeled temporal series
* Learning dictionaries of kinematic primitives for action classification
* Multiview Matching of Articulated Objects
* Old fashioned state-of-the-art image classification
* On the Precision of Markerless 3d Semantic Features: An Experimental Study on Violin Playing
* One-Shot Learning for Real-Time Action Recognition
* Online Space-Variant Background Modeling With Sparse Coding
* Portable and fast text detection
* Positive technology for elderly well-being: A review
* Precise people counting in real time
* Prototype System for Unconstrained Face Verificatioin Based on Statistical Learning, A
* Regularized Approach to Feature Selection for Face Detection, A
* Regularized Framework for Feature Selection in Face Detection and Authentication, A
* Relative Pose Estimation for Planetary Entry Descent Landing
* Scale Invariant and Noise Robust Interest Points With Shearlets
* Semi-supervised learning of sparse representations to recognize people spatial orientation
* Single View Learning in Action Recognition
* Space-Time Signal Analysis and the 3D Shearlet Transform
* Sparsity-Enforcing Method for Learning Face Features, A
* Spatio-temporal constraints for on-line 3D object recognition in videos
* Spectral Graph Kernel and Its Application to Collective Activities Classification, A
* Structured Multi-class Feature Selection for Effective Face Recognition
* Structured multi-class feature selection with an application to face recognition
* system for face detection and tracking in unconstrained environments, A
* Top-tuning: A study on transfer learning for an efficient alternative to fine tuning for image classification with fast kernel methods
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* trainable system for face detection in unconstrained environments, A
* Trains of keypoints for 3D object recognition
* Uncertainty-Aware Gaze Tracking for Assisted Living Environments
* Unsupervised learning of behavioural patterns for video-surveillance
* Unsupervised Video Surveillance
* Video-based Markerless Body Machine Interface: A Pilot Study, A
* Vision-Based Navigation Facility for Planetary Entry Descent Landing, A
* Visual Learning of Weight from Shape Using Support Vector Machines
Includes: Odone, F.[Francesca] Odone, F.
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Odongo Braun, C.[Christelle] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1 SAR Backscatter Analysis Ready Data Preparation in Google Earth Engine
Includes: Odongo Braun, C.[Christelle] Odongo-Braun, C.[Christelle]

Odongo, V.O.[Vincent O.] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Tuz Gölü, Turkey as a Potential Radiometric Vicarious Calibration Site

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