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Seri, S.G.[Sai Geetha] Co Author Listing * Long-Range Automatic Detection, Acoustic Signature Characterization and Bearing-Time Estimation of Multiple Ships with Coherent Hydrophone Array

Seri, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Stitching algorithms for biological specimen images

Seriani, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Development of a Numerical Simulation Model to Support the Design of a Ship-Satellite Communication System for Autonomous Marine Navigation

Seric, L.[Ljiljana] Co Author Listing * Lost Person Search Area Prediction Based on Regression and Transfer Learning Models
* Vision based wildfire and natural risk observers
Includes: Seric, L.[Ljiljana] Šeric, L.[Ljiljana] Seric, L.

Serieys, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Text-guided visual representation learning for medical image retrieval systems
Includes: Serieys, G.[Guillaume] Sérieys, G.[Guillaume]

Serifoglu, C. Co Author Listing * Determining Stand Parameters From Uas-based Point Clouds
* Performance Evaluation Of Different Ground Filtering Algorithms For UAV-based Point Clouds

Serikawa, S.[Seiichi] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement for images in turbid water
* Multidimensional Deformable Object Manipulation Based on DN-Transporter Networks
* Pose Estimation of Point Sets Using Residual MLP in Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure
* Texture databases: A comprehensive survey
* Turbidity Underwater Image Restoration Using Spectral Properties and Light Compensation
* Underwater image enhancement method using weighted guided trigonometric filtering and artificial light correction
* Underwater image enhancement using guided trigonometric bilateral filter and fast automatic color correction
* VLD-45: A Big Dataset for Vehicle Logo Recognition and Detection
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Serikawa, S.C.[Seii Chi] Co Author Listing * Meta-seg: A survey of meta-learning for image segmentation
Includes: Serikawa, S.C.[Seii Chi] Serikawa, S.C.[Seii-Chi]

Serin, E.[Ekrem] Co Author Listing * Representational image generation for 3D objects

Serin, F.[Faruk] Co Author Listing * novel proximity graph: Circular neighborhood cell graph for histopathological tissue image analyzing, A

Serina, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Length of Stay Prediction for Northern Italy Covid-19 Patients Based on Lab Tests and X-ray Data

Seringaoglu, Y. Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach to inclusion and performance analysis of using extra information in bioelectric inverse problems, A

Serino, C. Co Author Listing * Use of 3D Technologies Within the Conservation of the Ancient Windows Of the Basilica of S. Sabina in Rome. Construction of Exhibition Stands In Carbon Composite On A Milled Structure

Serino, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * 3,4,5) Curvilinear Skeleton, The
* Approximating the Skeleton for Fine-to-Coarse Shape Representation
* Decomposing and Sketching 3D Objects by Curve Skeleton Processing
* Direction-Based Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels
* Distance-Driven Skeletonization in Voxel Images
* From 3D Discrete Surface Skeletons to Curve Skeletons
* From Discs to Parts of Visual Form
* From Linear Representations to Object Parts
* From skeleton branches to object parts
* From the Zones of Influence of Skeleton Branch Points to Meaningful Object Parts
* Linear representation of discrete surfaces in 3D
* New Set of Topology Preserving Removal Operations in the 3D Space, A
* new strategy for skeleton pruning, A
* Object Decomposition Via Curvilinear Skeleton Partition
* On the computation of the (3, 4, 5) curve skeleton of 3D objects
* parallel algorithm to skeletonize the distance transform of 3D objects, A
* Parallel Lowering of Digital Pictures by Topology Preserving Operations
* Partial Matching of Finger Vein Patterns Based on Point Sets Alignment and Directional Information
* Pruning the 3D Curve Skeleton
* Selecting Anchor Points for 2D Skeletonization
* Severe: Segmenting vessels in retina images
* Skeleton Pruning Based on Elongation and Size of Object's Limbs and Boundary's Convexities
* Skeletonization of labeled gray-tone images
* Using local convexities as anchor points for 3D curve skeletonization
* Using the Skeleton for 3D Object Decomposition
Includes: Serino, L.[Luca] Serino, L.
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Serio, C.[Carmine] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Techniques with Synthetic Aperture Radar Images: Experiments with Random Forests and Sentinel-1 Observations
* Multiple Aperture SAR Interferometry (MAI) Technique for the Detection of Large Ground Displacement Dynamics: An Overview, The
* Physical Retrieval of Land Surface Emissivity Spectra from Hyper-Spectral Infrared Observations and Validation with In Situ Measurements
* Proba-V cloud detection Round Robin: Validation results and recommendations
* TROPOMI NO2 Tropospheric Column Data: Regridding to 1 km Grid-Resolution and Assessment of their Consistency with In Situ Surface Observations
Includes: Serio, C.[Carmine] Serio, C.

Serir, A.[Amina] Co Author Listing * Block ridgelet and SVM based fingerprint matching
* Blotch detection in archived video based on regions matching
* CNN-based method for blotches and scratches detection in archived videos
* Fingerprint Identification using Radon Transform
* Histogram modelling-based no reference blur quality measure
* Image quality assessment based on wave atoms transform
* improved geometric descriptor associated with wavelet transform for aggressive human behaviour recognition, An
* Iris features extraction using wave atoms
* Joint enhancement-compression of handwritten document images through DjVu encoder
* Markovian Random Fields Energy Minimization Algorithms
* Multi-output speckle reduction filter for ultrasound medical images based on multiplicative multiresolution decomposition
* Multiplicative multiresolution decomposition for 2D signals: application to speckle reduction in sar images
* multiresolution DCT-based blind blur quality measure, A
* new automatic framework for document image enhancement process based on anisotropic diffusion, A
* No-reference blur image quality measure based on multiplicative multiresolution decomposition
* No-reference blurred image quality assessment
* Porting a H264/AVC Adaptive in Loop Deblocking Filter to a TI DM6437EVM DSP
* Robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm using non-parametric Bayesian estimation in wavelet transform domain for noisy MR brain image segmentation
* Spatio-temporal blotches detection and removal in archive video
* study on the usability of opinion-unaware no-reference natural image quality metrics in the context of medical images, A
* Wave atoms based compression method for fingerprint images
* Wavelet-based blind blur reduction
* Weber Binarized Statistical Image Features (WBSIF) based video copy detection
Includes: Serir, A.[Amina] Serir, A.
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Serizel, R. Co Author Listing * Machine listening techniques as a complement to video image analysis in forensics

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