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Stee, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere

Steeb, W.H.[Willi Hans] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Interpolation For Image Compression
Includes: Steeb, W.H.[Willi Hans] Steeb, W.H.[Willi-Hans]

Steed, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Non-Acted Affective Postures
* Design and implementation of an immersive virtual reality system based on a smartphone platform
* effect of target size and force feedback on 3D selection within a co-located visual-haptic immersive virtual environment, The
* Preserving gaze direction in teleconferencing using a camera array and a spherical display
Includes: Steed, A. Steed, A.[Anthony]

Steed, C.[Chad] Co Author Listing * Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data

Steedly, D.[Drew] Co Author Listing * Efficiently Registering Video into Panoramic Mosaics
* Fast Poisson blending using multi-splines
* Novel Skeletal Representation for Articulated Creatures
* Out-of-Core Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction
* Piecewise Planar Stereo for Image-based Rendering
* Propagation of Innovative Information in Non-Linear Least-Squares Structure from Motion
* Pushing the Envelope of Modern Methods for Bundle Adjustment
* Spectral partitioning for structure from motion
* Structure from motion for scenes with large duplicate structures
Includes: Steedly, D.[Drew] Steedly, D.
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Steeg, E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Three-Dimensional Protein Images

Steeg, G.V.[Greg Ver] Co Author Listing * Failure Modes of Domain Generalization Algorithms
* Information-Theoretic Clustering of Neuroimaging Metrics Related to Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

Steegers Theunissen, R.P.M.[Regine P. M.] Co Author Listing * Towards Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of the Human Embryonic Brain Using Deep Learning for Atlas-based Registration
Includes: Steegers Theunissen, R.P.M.[Regine P. M.] Steegers-Theunissen, R.P.M.[Régine P. M.]

Steeghs, S. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Automated Driving for Various Traffic Scenarios: Experimental Validation in the GCDC 2016

Steel, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Applicability of the MultiTemporal Coherence Approach to Sentinel-1 for the Detection and Delineation of Burnt Areas in the Context of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service

Steel, D. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Model for Segmenting and Measuring Retinal Vessels, An
* Measurement of Retinal Vessel Widths from Fundus Images Based on 2-D Modeling
* Optic Nerve Head Segmentation
* Painting analysis using wavelets and probabilistic topic models
Includes: Steel, D. Steel, D.[David]

Steel, D.H.W. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Segmentation and Surface Fitting for Measuring 3-D Macular Holes

Steele Dunne, S.[Susan] Co Author Listing * Crop Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 Data: A Case Study from The Netherlands
* Impact of Bias Correction Methods on Estimation of Soil Moisture When Assimilating Active and Passive Microwave Observations
* Sentinel-1 Backscatter Time Series for Characterization of Evapotranspiration Dynamics over Temperate Coniferous Forests
* Sentinel-1 Cross Ratio and Vegetation Optical Depth: A Comparison over Europe
* Towards Monitoring Waterlogging with Remote Sensing for Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture
Includes: Steele Dunne, S.[Susan] Steele-Dunne, S.[Susan] Steele-Dunne, S.

Steele Dunne, S.C. Co Author Listing * Impact of Diurnal Variation in Vegetation Water Content on Radar Backscatter From Maize During Water Stress
* Improving ASCAT Soil Moisture Retrievals With an Enhanced Spatially Variable Vegetation Parameterization
* Response of Subdaily L-Band Backscatter to Internal and Surface Canopy Water Dynamics
* Sentinel-1 SAR Backscatter Response to Agricultural Drought in The Netherlands
* Towards Including Dynamic Vegetation Parameters in the EUMETSAT H SAF ASCAT Soil Moisture Products
* Towards Understanding the Influence of Vertical Water Distribution on Radar Backscatter from Vegetation Using a Multi-Layer Water Cloud Model
Includes: Steele Dunne, S.C. Steele-Dunne, S.C. Steele-Dunne, S.C.[Susan C.]

Steele, B.G.[Bethel G.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Lake Water Clarity: Performance and Transferability of Both Historical Algorithms and Machine Learning

Steele, B.M.[Brian M.] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiple Classifiers. An Application Using Spatial and Remotely Sensed Information for Land Cover Type Mapping
* Toward estimation of map accuracy without a probability test sample

Steele, C. Co Author Listing * generalized Gabor transform, The
* Post-Segmentation Swallowing Accelerometry Signal Trimming and False Positive Reduction
* Vegetation Index Differencing for Broad-Scale Assessment of Productivity Under Prolonged Drought and Sequential High Rainfall Conditions

Steele, C.M.[Caitriana M.] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Remote Sensing from Unmanned Aircraft: Image Processing Workflows and Applications for Rangeland Environments
* Translation-tolerant mask matching using noncoherent reflective optics
Includes: Steele, C.M.[Caitriana M.] Steele, C.M.

Steele, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for automatic disk head/slider inspection
* Color Inference from Semantic Labeling for Person Search in Videos
* Enhance Categorisation Of Multilevel High-Sensitivity Cardiovascular Biomarkers From Lateral Flow Immunoassay Images Via Neural Networks And Dynamic Time Warping
* Fast Algorithm for MDL-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation, A
* Foreground/background segmentation of color images by integration of multiple cues
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
* Segmenting and Representing Background in Color Images
* Unsupervised image segmentation using the minimum description length principle
Includes: Steele, D. Steele, D.[David]
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Steele, H.[Heather] Co Author Listing * Review of Data Analytics for Condition Monitoring of Railway Track Geometry

Steele, J.E.[Jessica E.] Co Author Listing * Predicting Near-Future Built-Settlement Expansion Using Relative Changes in Small Area Populations
* Relighting Forest Ecosystems
Includes: Steele, J.E.[Jessica E.] Steele, J.E.[Jay E.]

Steele, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation-Based Deep Learning for Automated Tumor Cell (TC) Scoring and Survival Analysis on PD-L1 Stained Tissue Images

Steele, K.L.[Kevin L.] Co Author Listing * Correspondence Expansion for Wide Baseline Stereo
* Histogram Matching for Camera Pose Neighbor Selection
* Minimum Spanning Tree Pose Estimation

Steele, K.M.[Katherine M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Infants with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type-I Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Steele, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Comparison of GHRSST SST Analysis in the Arctic Ocean and Alaskan Coastal Waters Using Saildrones
* Evaluation and Intercomparison of SMOS, Aquarius, and SMAP Sea Surface Salinity Products in the Arctic Ocean
* Temporal Means and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Melt and Freeze Season Climate Indicators Using a Satellite Climate Data Record
* Using Saildrones to Validate Arctic Sea-Surface Salinity from the SMAP Satellite and from Ocean Models

Steele, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Examining the Consistency of Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Concentration in Arctic Satellite Products

Steele, R. Co Author Listing * Embedding Data into Pictures by Modulo Masking
* Transmission of subband-coded images via mobile channels

Steele, R.M.[R. Matt] Co Author Listing * Center-of-mass variation under projective transformation
* Color calibration of multi-projector displays through automatic optimization of hardware settings
* Dynamic shadow removal from front projection displays
* Feature Uncertainty Arising from Covariant Image Noise
* Learning the Probability of Correspondences without Ground Truth
* Monitoring and Correction of Geometric Distortion in Projected Displays
* Open Development Environment for Evaluation of Video Surveillance Systems, An
* Overconstrained Linear Estimation of Radial Distortion and Multi-view Geometry
Includes: Steele, R.M.[R. Matt] Steele, R.M.[Robert M.] Steele, R.M.
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Steele, S.C. Co Author Listing * Multi-task multiple kernel machines for personalized pain recognition from functional near-infrared spectroscopy brain signals

Steele, W.R. Co Author Listing * Neural Processing of Targets in Visible Multispectral IR and SAR Imagery

Steels, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * Identifying Centres of Interest in Paintings Using Alignment and Edge Detection

Steen Larsen, H.C.[Hans Christian] Co Author Listing * Determination of the Snow Optical Grain Diameter and Snowmelt Area on the Greenland Ice Sheet Using Spaceborne Optical Observations, The
* Retrieval of Snow Properties from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
Includes: Steen Larsen, H.C.[Hans Christian] Steen-Larsen, H.C.[Hans Christian]

Steen, E. Co Author Listing * Image filtering techniques and VLSI architectures for efficient data extraction in shell rendering

Steen, F.F.[Francis F.] Co Author Listing * Automated Facial Trait Judgment and Election Outcome Prediction: Social Dimensions of Face
* Visual Persuasion: Inferring Communicative Intents of Images

Steenbeek, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Towards Real-Time Building Damage Mapping with Low-Cost UAV Solutions

Steenbruggen, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Integration of Traffic Information into the Path Planning among Moving Obstacles

Steenburgh, M.[Malcolm] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring dwell time of objects in an environment

Steendam, H.[Heidi] Co Author Listing * low resolution multi-camera system for person tracking, A

Steenhaut, K. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Internet of Things and Sensors Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Connected Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Steenkamp, A.[Andries] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Domains with Algebraic Boundaries from Generalized Polarization Tensors

Steenkamp, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Mapping and Monitoring Fractional Woody Vegetation Cover in the Arid Savannas of Namibia Using LiDAR Training Data, Machine Learning, and ALOS PALSAR Data
* Validation of the Two Standard MODIS Satellite Burned-Area Products and an Empirically-Derived Merged Product in South Africa

Steenkamp, K.C.[Karen C.] Co Author Listing * Rapid Land Cover Map Updates Using Change Detection and Robust Random Forest Classifiers

Steenkiste, P. Co Author Listing * Improving the On-Vehicle Experience of Passengers Through SC-M*: A Scalable Multi-Passenger Multi-Criteria Mobility Planner

Steenland, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru

Steensen, T. Co Author Listing * Mapping Biomass Availability to Decrease the Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Steenstrup Pedersen, K. Co Author Listing * Computing optic flow by scale-space integration of normal flow
* Data-Driven Importance Distributions for Articulated Tracking
* Field of Particle Filters for Image Inpainting
* Finding the Best Feature Detector-Descriptor Combination
* Gaussian-Like Spatial Priors for Articulated Tracking
* Generic Maximum Likely Scale Selection
* Hausdorff Dimension and Scale-Space Normalisation of Natural Images, The
* Hausdorff Dimension and Scale-Space Normalization of Natural Images, The
* Image Inpainting by Cooling and Heating
* Interesting Interest Points: A Comparative Study of Interest Point Performance on a Unique Data Set
* Natural metrics and least-committed priors for articulated tracking
* On a Kernels, Lévy Processes, and Natural Image Statistics
* On Recall Rate of Interest Point Detectors
* Predicting Articulated Human Motion from Spatial Processes
* Second Order Structure of Scale-Space Measurements
* Spatial Measures between Human Poses for Classification and Understanding
* Stick It! Articulated Tracking Using Spatial Rigid Object Priors
* Three Dimensional Monocular Human Motion Analysis in End-Effector Space
* Unscented Kalman Filtering for Articulated Human Tracking
Includes: Steenstrup Pedersen, K. Steenstrup Pedersen, K.[Kim]
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Steenstrup, M.E.[Martha E.] Co Author Listing * Determination of Rotational and Translational Components of a Flow Field using a Content Addressable Parallel Processor

Steenvoorden, G.K. Co Author Listing * Design Considerations for a Range Image Sensor Containing a PSD Array and an On-Chip Multiplexor
* High Speed Acquisition of Range Images

Steephen, J.E. Co Author Listing * HED-ID: An Affective Adaptation Model Explaining the Intensity-Duration Relationship of Emotion
* HED: A Computational Model of Affective Adaptation and Emotion Dynamics
Includes: Steephen, J.E. Steephen, J.E.[John E.]

Steer, B.S.C.[Benjamin S. C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Phytophthora pluvialis Outbreaks in Radiata Pine Plantations Using Multi-Scene, Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery

Steer, M.A.[Michael Alan] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Data Fusion Using a Particle Filter in the Application of Face Recognition

Steer, M.B. Co Author Listing * Cole-Cole Dispersion Models for Aqueous Gelatin-Syrup Dielectric Composites

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